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Day 1-t4-1430 eduardo-sanchez-20120523


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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012
Day 1

Published in: Technology, Business
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Day 1-t4-1430 eduardo-sanchez-20120523

  1. 1. Existing Mobile Service Trends Voice Revenue Model Crisis OTT Players eroding Service Provider’s revenue Commerce voice SMS Entertain Contents -ment Data VoIP SMS Connectivity
  2. 2. Voice Service Comparison at a Glance 2G/3G Voice has provided “good enough” quality of experience for voice serviceHowever, VoLTE provides Service Provider’s with GSM UMTS VoLTE - Speech : AMR, AMR-WB GSM FR, GSM HR, GSM EFR, AMR, AMR- Codec - Video : H.263, H.264 AMR, AMR-WB WB - Real-time Text : T.140 Network Controlled QoS by QCI Dedicated QoS Dedicated Channel - IMS speech : QCI 1 Channel - IMS signaling : QCI 5 Required - Legacy TDM : TRAU, MSC MSC Server, IMS Subsystem Components - IP based : MSC server, MGW MGW
  3. 3. New Services for Rich Communications RCS is … Combined solution for new way of communication in messaging, chatting, sharing and network storage based on presence and group information Supported by OMA and GSMA RCS Spec. Instant SMS, Messaging MMS Integral solution with Network Address Book Rich Contents Presence Communication Sharing MMBOX Video Chatting
  4. 4. VoLTE Realization Strategy Market Agreed Phased Approach for Complete VoLTE Basic LTE Data Service 1st Phase Without Voice eNodeB EPS IMS MGC National LTE Coverage MGW 2nd Phase With Basic mVoIP Service IMS Server SBC HSS PCRF 2G/3G Legacy IMS Centralized Service IWF 3rd Phase With Integrated PS Service HeNB GW, Pico/Femto eNB SeGW, ePDG w/ WiFi
  5. 5. Benefit of VoLTE with Rich Multimedia Service VoLTE and RCS can fulfill the demands for the connected web user • More than 70% of traffic will be Multimedia type of data by 2015. Rich • UCC is the most popular contents • Key enabler of Google Communications • Mash-up : On of Top10 trends Apple and major ‘ You can not afford to ignore ’ Telco’s ‘SMART’ business Contents & User Generated Applications are Services & Contents Driving the Market • 70M connected M2M • Mobile : One of Top 10 Devices by 2014 (Berg Insight) internet trends (KPCB) • A trillion connected Devices in 10-15 years “ (Economist) Mobility Pervasive In Work & Life Networking
  6. 6. Need to work for New Revenues 4G Service: with differentiateddownlink service speeds by using a tiered approach Premium Revenue New Revenue “Dumb Bit Pipe” data service will not guarantee revenue for very long
  7. 7. Experience from KoreaOperator 3G LTE All you can eat data Tiered pricing ~ 47 $ ~ 53 $ ~ 85 $ (most popular) (most popular) (top end)KT 300 mins voice 350 mins voice 1050 mins voice 350 SMS 350 SMS 1050 SMS Unlimited data 5 GB data 18 GB dataSKT 300 mins voice 350 mins voice 1050 mins voice 250 SMS 350 SMS 1050 SMS Unlimited data 6 GB data 20 GB dataLG-U+ 300 mins voice 350 mins voice 1200 mins voice 300 SMS 350 SMS 1000 SMS Unlimited data 6 GB data 20 GB data
  8. 8. Early VoLTE Commercial Plans VoLTE commercial in Q3 2012, SRVCC VoLTE commercial in October 2012 Nationwide VoLTE commercial in October 2012 Turn off CDMA in 2015 and only VoLTE for voice
  9. 9. VoLTE - Challenges & SolutionsChallenge in VoLTE : quality degradation in boundary areaVoLTE performance enhancement via Samsung Smart LTE Networks Performance Smart LTE A Conventional LTE Enhancement Channel Quality B C Average Cell A B C Performance 1.8 times
  10. 10. Samsung SynergyEarlier service introduction, earlier and better optimization Mobile & IT Solution Telecom Systems Media Solution Center
  11. 11. Conclusions