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Chris holden


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FTTH Conference 2013

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Chris holden

  1. 1. FTTH in the UK Chris Holden Chair Policy & Regulation Committee FTTH Council Europe
  2. 2. FTTH in to edit Click Header the UK Master title style Last year an analyst estimated it would take more than 300 years until every household has a fibre connection. Now, one year later, we review a number of different approaches being taken in the UK to build NGA networks. Dr. Ranulf Scarbrough, BT Group -- “Superfast Cornwall: The UKs Most Extensive Deployment of FTTH” Dana Tobak, Hyperoptic -- “The Market Opportunity for Hyper-Fast Broadband in the UK” Prof Barry Forde, B4RN -- “Broadband for the Rural North” Mark Collins, CityFibre Holdings -- “An Alternative Approach to an Incumbent is Real, Achievable and Supported” Malcolm Corbett, Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA) -- “Competition in next generation broadband delivery”2/25/2013 2
  3. 3. Dr. Click to edit Master Header Scarbrough Ranulf title styleSuperfast Cornwall, The UK’s Most Extensive Deployment of FTTHProgramme Director, Superfast Cornwall, BT Group• Ranulf jointly conceived and now leads Superfast Cornwall on behalf of BT• Has 10 years experience with State Aid funding and public private partnerships for broadband deployment• Spent 8 years in the city with Reuters PLC and time with technology startups Radianz Inc and FutureTv Inc in the UK and internationally involving strategy, technology and marketing• A chartered electrical engineer, with an MSc from University College London and a doctoral degree from Oxford University• Ranulf sits on BT’s South West regional board and is a board govenor of Plymouth University2/25/2013 3
  4. 4. Click to Dana Tobak Header edit Master title styleThe Market opportunity for Hyper-fast Broadband in the UKManaging Director, Hyperoptic• Co-founder and director of Hyperoptic• Was joint founder and Managing Director of Be Un limited, the record-breaking 24 Meg broadband provider of 2005 taking the business from start to launch in just six months.• Has been building successful global businesses for over 20 years• Dana brings expertise in commercial agreements, financial business practice and purchasing, with an unshakeable vision for Hyperoptics success.• Believes in placing the consumer at the heart of success and generally refusing to take no for an answer,2/25/2013 4
  5. 5. Prof. Barry to edit Click Forde Header Master title styleBroadband in the rural north (B4RN)CEO B4RN• Barry is the CEO of Broadband 4 the Rural North Ltd (B4RN), a not for profit, community benefit society, a form of co-operative answerable to the community rather than its shareholders.• Moved to a programming post at Lancaster University in 1979 where he established the networking team becoming Head of Technical Services and Deputy Director before taking early retirement in 2009.• Was responsible for establishing the regional HE and Research network (C&NLMAN) and also the Regional network for schools (CLEO) and a number of similar large scale networks.• He holds a Professorial Fellowship in Computer Networking at the Department of Computing, Lancaster University.2/25/2013 5
  6. 6. Click to Mark Collins Header edit Master title styleAn Alternative Approach to an incumbent is Real, Achievable and SupportedDirector, Policy and Regulation, CityFibre Holdings• Mark is a founder and director of CityFibre• Current role in CityFibre focuses on public policy & corporate development• Has been in telecoms industry for over 20 years• Specialises in the formation & growth of alternative networks• Was founder and CEO of Equador Consulting specialising in early stage telecom companies including Esat, Versatel, NTL and Completel2/25/2013 6
  7. 7. Malcolm to edit Click Header Corbett Master title styleCreating a competitive market for FTTH in the UKCEO, Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA)• Malcolm is the founder and CEO of the Independent Networks Co-operative Association• Prior to setting up INCA in 2010, Malcolm ran the Community Broadband Network which he founded in 2004 to support local broadband initiatives through mentoring, advice and consultancy.• He was a director of the early ISP Poptel, and has also been active in social enterprise helping to create Social Enterprise London and the national Social Enterprise Coalition.• Malcolm has a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Surrey.2/25/2013 7
  8. 8.