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Carry Abbenhues


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Carry Abbenhues, Vice-Governor, Province of Overijssel
“Fibre to Every Home in Overijssel”

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Carry Abbenhues

  1. 1. Fiber to every home in Overijssel Carry Abbenhues – vice governor, province of Overijssel, the Netherlands
  2. 2. Where is Overijssel?
  3. 3. Province of Overijssel f l 1.1 million inhabitants 500,000 in towns 400,000 400 000 homes Mostly rural area
  4. 4. Regional government
  5. 5. Goal: f b to every home in Overijssel l fiber h l connect every address new services to every home, farm and business ready for the future Roll out: as soon as possible!
  6. 6. Whose responsibility? h bl Market or government? Market or government?
  7. 7. Subsidize and intervene? b d d Government role subsidies Subsidies? unprofitable profitable Intervention? intervention market See Handouts
  8. 8. Market responsibility - f l k bl failing Rural areas less profitable to connect
  9. 9. Shared responsibility h d bl Cable companies and g p government
  10. 10. Dilemma Wait for the market Or Intervene?