Breakout session day 2 ftth in italy giorgio tosi beleffi


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FTTH Conference Milan 2011 Day 2

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Breakout session day 2 ftth in italy giorgio tosi beleffi

  1. 1. FTTH Council Europe Conference: “Creating a brighter future” p g g 9‐10 February Milan ‐ Italy “Broadband Green Infrastructures Broadband Green Infrastructures  and New Generation Services: the  ISCTI research perspective”Presentation by: Eng. Giorgio Maria Tosi Beleffi, PhD y g g ,Ministry of Economic DevelopmentCommunication
  2. 2. Outline• Today situation• Motivation and aims• Broadband diffusion policies• ISCOM approach / EU approach ISCOM approach / EU approach• Conclusions
  3. 3. Hot Topics Hot Topics• Today the international agenda is driven by three main topics: • Global Economic Crisis (subprime bubble) , still alive. • Global Warming, keep going. • Global social turbulences, that means security needs.• These concepts, being global, have an influence on the entire world changing locally our lifestyle and modifying the social cohesion.• In which way ICT/TLC can influence or be influenced in this complex scenario?
  4. 4. World is h i W ld i changing Energy consumption Source:  EIA IEO 2010 Reference Case Co2 emissionsPopulation is growingSource:  UN report, Urban and Rural Areas‐07 Source:  EIA IEO 2010 Reference Case
  5. 5. Advanced S i Ad d Services proliferation lif ti• The market globalization and the raise of new access technologies static (FTTH) and/or nomadic (HSDPA+/LTE) nomadic are changing the business models.• Services “on the top” becomes fundamental: – MoD – Remote Storage – E‐Sport=Gaming (“gaming has made Korea the most wired country in the world” FTTHCAP Seoul Conf). – P2P and user generated content (Bit Torrent, PPStream,  Flickr, YouTube) – Cloud Computing – G S i Gov Services – Immersive Services (Healt/Education) – Surveillance and security – VPN Ser ices VPN Services
  6. 6. Strategic Technologies Top TenSt t i T h l i T T 2010 2011 Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Mobile Applications and Media Tablets Advanced Analytics Social Communications and Collaboration: Social Communications and Collaboration: Client Computing •Social networking •Social collaboration IT for Green •Social publishing •Social feedback Reshaping the Data Center Reshaping the Data Center Video Social Computing Next Generation Analytics Security Social Analytics Context‐Aware Computing Flash Memory Storage Class Memory Virtualization for Availability Ubiquitous Computing Mobile Applications Fabric‐Based Infrastructure and Computers Source: Gartner Study October 2010
  7. 7. Future Networks Specs F t N t k S Ecosustaneability Lower dissipation li i Holistic approachh Al i i Alternative energies Devices reduction Optical level functionalities IntelligentICT European Space EfficientCoesione and  social InclusionProtection in the cyber space Protected Multiple business models applications Future  Low cost Low cost Networks
  8. 8. BB Converged Networks, We have it! Resilience against fibre cut Extended reach (100Km) and number of homes (>1000) Full compatibility with new 10G XGPON Truly passive T l i Better fibre utilization and smooth scalability a transparent solution to metro‐access convergenceProject leader: Josep Prat (UPC) [ShowRoom Booth 10]
  9. 9. NATIONAL BROADBAND PLAN ARE NEEDED NATIONAL BROADBAND PLAN ARE NEEDEDAustria By 2013 100% of population will be provided with access speeds of  at least 25 MbpsBelgium By 2015 90 % of families to have broadband and 50 per cent of  By 2015 90 % of families to have broadband and 50 per cent of residents to be using the mobile InternetDenmark By 2013: • at least 80 % of all households and businesses should have access  to speeds of 50 Mbit/s DS and 10 Mbit/s US p • all – or almost all – households and businesses should have  access to a speed of 10 Mbit/s DS and 5 Mbit/s USFrance By 2012 at least 4 million subscriptions to very high speed  broadband (100 Mbps)Germany By 2014 75% of households will have download speeds of 50 MbpsItaly By 2012 all Italians to have access to the Internet at between 2 and  20 MbpsJapan By 2015, fibre optic highways will be completed enabling every  household to enjoy a broadband service.Korea By 2010 to provide broadband multi‐media services to 12M HH and  23M wireless subscribers. By 2012 to raise average speeds to 10  Mbps with a maximum of 1 Gbps.Luxemburg By 2015 FTTH to every HH and By 2020 1Gbps to every HH Source OECD 17 November 2010
  10. 10. Government Regulation Industrial  bodies Entities COORDINATED  ACTIONStandardization  Research  bodies Centers School System Sharing these best practises at a global level Armonization is need to do not create distorsions
  11. 11. Aggregation capacity. We have it!• Building the Future Optical Network in Building the Future Optical Network in Europe (FP7‐Call 1 – NoE); FP7 NoE• BONE is a Network: BONE is a Network: Duration: 01/01/2008 – 28/02/2011 Total Cost: € 4 793 853.60 – 592 researchers EC Contribution: € 3 752 800.00  – 49 partners  – 17 countries 17 countries – 15+ links to EU Projects of Excellence: – 751+ international publications; 751+ international publications; – 321+ joint papers; – 129 research Mobility Actions; – BONE people as international key players. BONE people as international key playersProject leader: Peter Van Daele (IBBT)
  12. 12. 22 November COM 2010 (673) Main EU Actions Dec. 2007, on the EU internal security strategy 19th April 2010, Ministers of Communications Lisbon Strategy gy Granada March 2005, 2005 adopted approve the Lisbon Strategy 2009 (406) Digital Agenda:March 2000, Lisbon revision. 3% GP for CE on the GAS broadband for all within 2013 and ultrabroadband (100 Mbps)European Council meeting. research and development within 2020 for the 50% of emission reductionDefined the Lisbon within 2010. by 2020 population.Strategy to boost thecompetitiveness up to 2010.Job for all within 2010 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mid 2007, 2002, Launched the revision 2007-2013 g y Regulatory process of the Launched the FP7 Package Regulatory program with 53B€ adoption. Package and budget: approval in December •FP •Structural Funds 3th March 2010, EU 2009. EU Regulatory Agency, g y Functional •Cohesion Funds Commission launch the Europa •Innovation and Innovation Separation, NgN Competiteviness 2020 strategy to answer Investments, one day the global crisis boosting the innovation number portability…. at all levels and defining the Digital Agenda.
  13. 13. Ministro On.  Ministro On Ministro dello Sviluppo Economico pp Paolo Romani ISCOM ACTIVITIES Ufficio per gli Affari Generali e per le Risorse Dipartimento per  Dipartimento per Capo DipCapo Dip. Dipartimento per  lo sviluppo e la  Dipartimento per  limpresa e  lDr. Roberto Sambuco le comunicazioni coesione  lenergia linternazionaliz‐ economica zazione Direzione generale per la  Direzione generale per la politica  Direzione generale per le risorse  Di i l l i Direzione generale per la politica  Direzione generale per la politica pianificazione e la gestione dello  regionale unitaria comunitaria minerarie ed energetiche industriale e la competitività spettro radioelettrico Direzione generale per la  Direzione generale per la lotta  Direzione generale per i servizi di  Direzione generale per politica  sicurezza  alla contraffazione ‐ Ufficio  comunicazione elettronica e di  regionale unitaria nazionale dellapprovvigionamento e le  Italiano Brevetti e Marchi radiodiffusione radiodiffusione  infrastrutture energetiche  Direzione generale per  Direzione generale per il  Direzione generale per la  lincentivazione delle attività  mercato, la concorrenza, il  regolamentazione del settore  imprenditoriali Direzione generale per lenergia  consumatore, la vigilanza e la  postale  nucleare, le energie rinnovabili e  normativa tecnica lefficienza energetica  Istituto Superiore delle  Direzione generale per le piccole  Direzione generale per le piccoleDirettore Comunicazioni e Tecnologie dell  e medie imprese e gli enti  Informazione. cooperativiDr. Rita Forsi ISCTI Direzione generale per la politica  commerciale internazionale Direzione generale per le  politiche di  internazionalizzazione e la  promozione degli scambi
  14. 14. Conclusions C l i• The diffusion of Fiber based technologies is today e d us o o be tec o og es s fundamental.• Based and applied research represent a corner stone but is b i nothing if not connected with the real world. hi d ih h l ld• Thus a deepley coordinations between the actors, both public and private is needed private, needed.• The European Commision approach is going towards the right direction. g• In order to reinvent ourself and to grow as Community we need now to enforce this approach and to open us to the international actors. t th i t ti l t
  15. 15. In honor of Prof. Benedetto Daino 21/08/1935‐12/01/2011