Breakout session day 2 ftth content applications tore kristoffersen


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FTTH Conference Milan 2011 Day 2

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Breakout session day 2 ftth content applications tore kristoffersen

  1. 1. Why services needFTTH, and viceversa• FTTH conference 2011, Milan, Italy 9-10 February.• Tore Kristoffersen, CTO Altibox AS
  2. 2. Today, Altibox supplies services viafiber optics to more than 200000homes and businesses
  3. 3. Altibox at home INTERNET From 10 to 400 Mbit/s, MOBILE PHONE both ways SERVICES Same rate, no matter who you call DIGITAL TV Choose between 150 TV channels, IP TELEPHONY film rental and more. No charges to landlines in Scandinavia ALARM SERVICES Alarm monitoring centre. Direct alarm connection to the fire brigade.
  4. 4. Always up to date!Technology
  5. 5. FILM RENTAL TV-GUIDETv A complete overview Choose from 1000 titles for your TV evening Now in HD too FOOTBALL The whole Premier League and Tippeligaen (Norwegian football pools league) NEWS Up to date local news
  6. 6. Interactive services
  7. 7. Test winner HD-PVR dekoder
  8. 8. SHALL WE,SHAN’T WE? Products
  9. 9. From triple play to multiplay
  10. 10. Customer requirementsand the demands of the market Markedly growing need for The customer is mobile The customer wants storing digital content simplicity and security Internet comes to the TV The customer wants to The customer wants content choose when, what and how that suits her he or she consumes content
  11. 11. Next generation mobile services
  12. 12. Convergence... we aim to makefurther innovative advances
  13. 13. Thank you.