ALL FOR BROADBAND Conference Budapest 3 march 2011 EC Society and Media


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ALL FOR BROADBAND Conference Budapest 3 march 2011 EC Society and Media

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ALL FOR BROADBAND Conference Budapest 3 march 2011 EC Society and Media

  1. 1. High Level International Conference “All for Broadband – Broadband for all” Budapest, 3 March 2011“How to reach the broadband targets of the Digital Agenda” Bernd Langeheine(*) European Commission Directorate-General Information Society and Media (*) Any views expressed are those of the author
  2. 2. The Digital Agenda for Europe Ambitious targets to promote social inclusion and competitiveness By 2013, basic broadband coverage for all EU citizensBroadband targets By 2020, fast broadband coverage at 30 Megabits per second available to all EU citizens By 2020, half of European households subscribing to broadband access at 100 Megabits per second
  3. 3. The Digital Agenda for Europe Concrete actions to ensure basic broadband for all and facilitate investment in ultra-fast networks Adopt a Broadband CommunicationEuropean Propose a European Spectrum Policy ProgrammeCommission Issue a Recommendation on NGA networks Investigate new funding for high-speed broadband Develop and make operational national broadband plansMember Measures to facilitate broadband investmentStates Use fully the Structural and Rural Development Funds Implement the European Spectrum Policy Programme
  4. 4. European Actions: The Broadband Package Measures to deliver fast and ultra-fast broadband in Europe Adopted by the European Commission on 20th September 2010Commission Regulatory certainty - appropriate balanceRecommendation on between the need to encourage investmentregulated access to NGA and the need to safeguard competitionnetworksProposal for a Decision Efficient radio spectrum management -to establish a Radio sufficient spectrum to be available by 2013 forSpectrum Policy wireless broadbandProgramme Encourage public and private investment inBroadband fast and ultra- fast broadband networksCommunication
  5. 5. The NGA Recommendation• NRAs should: • Be able to grant a risk premium when setting regulated ex ante access prices • Not impose remedies in case of co- investment if certain exceptional conditions are met • Consider additional pricing mechanism resulting in more flexibility for access to the unbundled loop in an FTTH setting: • Long-term commitment contracts • Volume pricing
  6. 6. European Actions: Financial instruments• The EIB already lends €2bn each year to broadband projects.• However, smaller investors or PPPs have problems getting access to financing• In 2011, the Commission in co-operation with the EIB will set out concrete proposals for financing instruments to complement existing resources for the financing of broadband infrastructure.• Such instruments could be of debt, guarantee or equity type or a combination thereof.
  7. 7. Member State Actions: National Broadband Plans• Set national targets and adopt operational plans• Commission support through DAE High Level Group• Review of national plans in 2011
  8. 8. Member State Actions: Facilitate broadband investment• Costs of civil engineering (80% of total costs) can be cut using: – Town planning – clearing rights of way; coordination of civil works, etc – Access to passive infrastructure• Also direct investment in line with state aid rules• Commission support through guidance and exchange of best practice
  9. 9. Member State actions: Use EU Funds• Structural and Rural Development funds underspent• Funds available for infrastructure and demand side actions• Commission guidance on state aid rules• Bilateral co-operation launched and European broadband portal upgraded
  10. 10. How to reach the targets• Regulatory framework in place to encourage investment – now is the time to implement• Private investment is the key• Must be supported by co- ordinated national and local action• Appropriate EU level backing
  11. 11. Fixed Broadband Penetration Fixed broadband penetration, July 201045,0%40,0% 38,7% 38,2%35,0% 33,2% 31,9% 31,3%30,0% 31,1% 30,6% 30,1% 29,1% 28,5%25,0% 26,0% 25,6% 23,6% 23,3% 23,5% 22,9% 22,5%20,0% 21,3% 20,4% 19,7% 19,6% 19,1% 18,8% 18,6%15,0% 15,5% 14,9% 13,9% 13,7%10,0%5,0%0,0% RO BG PL SK EL LV PT LT HU CZ IT ES IE CY AT SI EU EE MT FI BE UK FR DE SE LU DK NL
  12. 12. Fixed Broadband lines by speed Fixed broadband lines by speed, July 2010100,0% 90,0% 80,0% 70,0% 60,0% 50,0% 40,0% 30,0% 20,0% 10,0% 0,0% BE BG CZ DK DE EE EL ES FR IE IT CY LV LT LU HU MT NL AT PL PT RO SI SK FI SE UK EU Above 144 Kbps and below 2 Mbps 2 Mbps and above and below 10 Mbps 10 Mbps and above
  13. 13. Mobile Broadband Penetration Mobile broadband penetration - dedicated data service cards/modems/keys only, July 201025,0% 21,5%20,0% 16,7%15,0% 14,0% 13,4% 12,1%10,0% 10,6% 8,5% 7,5% 6,9% 6,5% 6,1% 5,0% 5,4% 5,4% 5,2% 4,4% 4,2% 3,6% 3,7% 3,3% 1,5% 2,0% 2,1% 2,2% 2,3% 2,3% 2,6% 3,1% 0,0% CY LV EL BE SI BG MT EE RO CZ FR HU DE LT NL SK EU PL UK ES IT IE PT DK SE AT FI
  14. 14. National Actions• National plans – workshop 23 March 2011• Facilitate Investment – Bottom-up Broadband• Absorption of EU funds – Bilateral meetings
  15. 15. Digital Agenda for Europe agenda