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Shu Huade - ZTE - Optimize Backhaul Architecture for Mobile Network Evolution


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Broadband World Forum 2011 - Shu Huade - ZTE - Optimize Backhaul Architecture for Mobile Network Evolution

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Shu Huade - ZTE - Optimize Backhaul Architecture for Mobile Network Evolution

  1. 1. Optimize Backhaul Architecture for Mobile Network EvolutionBBWF, Paris, 27th-29th Sep. 2011Huade
  2. 2. Mobile network evolution GSM GPRS EDGE E-EDGE TD- MC-HSPA TDD TDD LTE HSDPA LTE SCDMA AdvancedTDM MBMS (TDD) ATM IP/ETH IP WCDMA HSDPA HSUPA HSPA+ R99/R4 R5 R6 R7/R8 FDD FDD LTE LTE Advanced CDMA 2000 EV-DO EV-DO CDMA 1x CDMA 2000 EV-DO Rev. A Rev. B PDH/SDH SDH/MSTP Packet Switching Network
  3. 3. Backhaul architecture for LTE, not the revolution $ MME S-GW MME S-GW S1 S1 S1 S1 NodeB RNC HD Mobile Banking Monitorin S1-MME S1- S1-U -U M S1 Video g S1 S1 S1 ME S1 S1-M ME S1-U -U S1-M S1 HeNB GW ME X2 E-UTRAN S1 aGW S1 X2 X2 eNBPosition System E-book Online eNB eNB Music eNB Clock/Time More mobile applications Mesh topology of LTE HeNB Synchronization HeNB HeNB
  4. 4. How bandwidth changes transport network architecture 40x BandwidthSource: Ovum Microwave’s critical role in North American backhaul 2010
  5. 5. Reducing TCO is challenging The value of traditional service keeps decreasing User Value ($) Data (Content Service) Data (Access and ICT) Voice M2M etc. Time1980 Voice traffic 2002 Operator 2010 Non-voice traffic content conversion User’s ARPU value is going down Bandwidth 400 450 400 330 350 300 230 250 200 140 150 70 100 50 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Data ARPU($) Voice ARPU($) CAPEX decrease cannot match traffic Growth!
  6. 6. Backhaul network architecture optimization  Reuse legacy metro network and/or access network Legacy  Provide clock synchronization for mobile serviceNetwork Reuse  Provide service offloading capability from retired network  Support mesh architecture for LTE service New Services  Support service transport for fixed line Support  Support bandwidth expansion for LTE & FMC  Optimize network architecture to reduce CAPEX Low TCO  Simplify E2E operation architecture to reduce OPEX  Optimize technology selection saving OPEX Transport Node Architecture Optimization !
  7. 7. Backhaul architecture optimizationReuse metro Ethernet network TDM E1 BTS BSC IMA E1 NodeB Metro Ethernet Network RNC FE NodeB aGW (HSPA) Core end site FE/GE gateway node Cell site eNB gateway node  One network implements FMC and full-service operation with less investment  Make full use of the legacy metro network resources  End to end traffic tunnel, protection, QoS and OAM by overlay mode
  8. 8. Backhaul architecture optimizationReuse legacy metro network ATM/Eth/IP FE Network BSC NodeB DSLAM FE/GE BRAS (HSPA) FE/GE RNC N*E1 eNB Legacy SDH or aGW E1/STM-N Leased Line  Cost-efficient transport for high value and low value traffic, fast service provision  Make the full use of legacy metro network resources  End to end traffic tunnel, protection, QoS and OAM by overlay mode
  9. 9. Service supportBackhaul architecture for 2G/3G transport
  10. 10. Service supportArchitecture for LTE transport Base Station Access Layer Aggregation Layer Core Layer POC3 POC2 POC2 POC1 eNB MME L2 VPN VRRP eNB S-GW VLAN X2 S1 BFD for VRRP POC3 POC2 POC2 POC1 eNB MME L2 VPN / L3 VPN L3 VPN eNB S-GW
  11. 11. Reduce costBandwidth vs. Optimizing optical transport network architecture IP/MPLS Core xPON aGW NodeB eNB DSLAM Cost C par i si on PTN D / O vs. PTN O M om +W M TN +R AD 1. 40 1. 20 1. 00 DWDM/OTN Metro DWDM/OTN Core R io 0. 80 at 0. 60 0. 40 0. 20 0. 00 0 100 200 300 400 Bandw dt h (Gb/s) i PTN PTN + WDM/OTN PTN + ROADM
  12. 12. Reduce costBandwidth vs. Optimizing last mile network architecture Access Aggregation Core MGCF CSCF SGSN BSC Newly Built IP Core GMSCe Network RNC MSCe STM-1 GGSN
  13. 13. Reduce costOptimize operation & maintenance architecture  E2E service management  Simplified deployment  Easy network expansion  Zero-touch management  Easy network re-optimization  Batch operation for upgrade
  14. 14. Reduce costOptimize transport node architecture Service Bandwidth Support 2G/3G/LTE Embedded WDM layer for service, and FMC bandwidth expansion Low TCO Scenario Support diverse scenario Support diverse media
  15. 15. Optimized transport node architecture MNS Metro Core 10GE/40GE/100GE Metro Edge GE/10GE DSLAM/OLT Access MW GPON/xDSL LTE/WIMAX BTS/NodeB VPN BTS NodeB LTE/WIMAX Cost per bit reduction with diverse access media optimizing for different network Network deployment simplicity with flexible architecture optimizing for different legacy network Better scalability for fixed line service with capabilities evolving toward future network