Phil Tilley - Alcatel Lucent - Carrier Ethernet and MEF


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Broadband World Forum 2011 - Phil Tilley - Alcatel Lucent - Carrier Ethernet and MEF

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Phil Tilley - Alcatel Lucent - Carrier Ethernet and MEF

  1. 1. Phil TilleyGlobal Marketing Senior Director, Co-Chair European Marketing, IPD 1
  2. 2. Session Topics• Ten Years of Achievements – Impact of Carrier Ethernet and the Work of the MEF – Carrier Ethernet Fundamentals & Applications – MEF Community 2
  3. 3. Carrier Ethernet Defined The MEF has defined Carrier Ethernet as A ubiquitous, standardized, carrier-class Service and Network defined by five attributes that distinguish it from familiar LAN based EthernetIn the IT and Enterprise Communities,Carrier Ethernet is often referred to asEthernet Business Services 3
  4. 4. Impact of Carrier Ethernet & Work of the MEFRobust Business Services Specifications &Highest Growth Market  On track for $50bn revenues  Global adoption of more than 30 MEF Specifications  Supporting broad range of applications and vertical markets  Ethernet is the access of choice for IP servicesPreferred Solution Mobile BackhaulCarrier Ethernet as a Transport Infrastructure  Global adoption Supporting Residential, Business and Mobile Traffic 4
  5. 5. MEF: Defining Body of Carrier Ethernet Accelerating the Global Adoption of Carrier Ethernet Networks and Services Standards Education Compliance • 182 Member Companies • 86 Service Providers • Global Representation 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. Carrier Ethernet Service Types E-Line Service Type for UNI Point-to-Point EVC • Virtual Private Lines (EVPL)Features • Ethernet Private Lines (EPL) • Ethernet Internet Access• Low latency UNI• Predictable QoS E-LAN Service Type for Multi-point to Multi-point EVC UNI• 1 mbps to 10 gbps • Multipoint L2 VPNs • Transparent LAN Service• Standardized UNI UNI • Multicast networks• Reliable• Manageable E-Tree Service Type for UNI • Rooted multi-point L2 VPNs UNI Rooted• Multipoint EVC Optimal Line Usage • Broadcast networks• Low cost • Telemetry networks UNI E- Access Service Type* for Point-to-Point EVC UNI ENNI • Wholesale Access Services UNI • Access EPL Carrier Ethernet Carrier Ethernet Access Network • Access EVPL Service Provider 7
  8. 8. Ethernet Business ServicesCarrier Ethernet is ideal for all key applications • Site-to-site access, server consolidation, business continuity/disaster recovery, Software as a Service, Cloud computing, Internet access, VoIP, distributed imaging, streamed/interactive video, distributed storage area networks, L2-VPNs, virtualization, IP transport 8
  9. 9. Brings significant benefits to mission critical applications• Top Market Sectors • Finance, Healthcare, Education, Government, IT, Retail, Real Estate, Legal, Media, etc…• Benefits • Scalability, control, reliability, performance, data center & server consolidation, expedites and enables new applications • Cost reduction, revenue acceleration 9
  10. 10. Carrier Ethernet Basics Simple, Cost Effective Services EVC “In a Carrier Ethernet End User Subscriber Service Provider End User Subscriber network, data is transported Site Site across Point-to-Point and Carrier Ethernet Multipoint-to-Multipoint Network Ethernet Virtual Connections CE CE (EVCs) according to the UNI UNI attributes and definitions of Internet Hosted Applications the E-Line, E-LAN and E- Tree services”Delivered over the widest variety of access media Best delivered using MEF certified services and products EVC: Ethernet Virtual Connection UNI: User Network Interface 10
  11. 11. Carrier Ethernet Locally, Regionally, Globally Reaching company offices anywhere in the world with the same Carrier Ethernet service EVCEnd User End UserSubscriber Service Provider 1 Subscriber Service Provider 2Site Carrier Site Ethernet Exchange UNI Carrier Ethernet ENNI UNI ENNI Carrier Ethernet Network Network CE CE – MEF defines common standards for all providers – Provides a common connection between providers – Making the Carrier Ethernet a standard for the world ENNI: External Network to Network Interface; the physical demarcation point between the responsibility of the two Service Providers 11
  12. 12. Multiple Classes of Service in ActionCOMPANY UNI Carrier Ethernet Service Provider Application EVPL Profiles, Sample CoS Objectives HQ Committed Excess Frame Frame Information Information Delay Loss Metro Fiber Ethernet Virtual Private Line Services Priority Rate Rate Ratio VoIP calls 0 10 mbps 0 5ms 0.1% Interactive 1 100 mbps 0 5ms 0.01% business and consumer video programming Telepresence 2 50 mbps 0 25ms 0.1% Streamed HD 3 40 mbps 0 N/A 0.01% live content Content distributed. Development and 4 0 500 mbps N/A 1% non-real time deliveryImplementation Guidance• The above bandwidth profiles and related Performance metrics are a small set of those available.• New MEF Specifications recommend performance objectives based on both distance and application types (MEF 23.1 is described in the technical sessions, later)Impact for Providers and Enterprises• Ability to tune Carrier Ethernet services to exactly match wide variety of changing applications requirements creates a highly responsive network that reacts well to bursts of high priority data. 12
  13. 13. Delivered Over Variety of Access MediaCarrier Ethernet provides consistent services delivered tousers connected over the widest variety of access networks Ethernet Ethernet Direct Fiber Ethernet over COAX Fixed Wireless MSO/ Cable Direct Fiber Bonded Copper Ethernet Carrier 1 Ethernet SONET/ SDH TDM WDM PON Fiber Ethernet Carrier 2 Fiber DS3/E3 Bonded T1/E1 Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet 13
  14. 14. UNI ENNI UNIEnd User Service Provider Service Provider End User
  15. 15. MEF Worldwide Community Vibrant Active Worldwide Community • 25 Technical and Marketing calls each week! • Global and regional focus • 1000s of technical contributions • Large community of active on-line Carrier Ethernet experts at the Ethernet Academy MEF Quarterly MeetingsAttended by 200+ of the world best and brightest Carrier Ethernet professionalsProduct Managers, Marketing - Engineers, Architects - Business Managers17 new technical projects in progress. Liaisons with other industry bodies 15
  16. 16. Daniel Bar-LevDirector, Certification Programs 16
  17. 17. What’s New – What’s Next?: Session Topics • MEF Certification Program Latest • Carrier Ethernet Cloud Service Delivery • Optimizing Mobile Backhaul • New Wholesale Access Services – A New MEF Service Type • 18 Additional Technical Projects 17
  18. 18. Three MEF Certification ProgramsMEF certified MEF certified MEF certifiedservices earn buyers’ equipment is used professionals havetrust by conforming to by service providers to the proven knowledgeMEF standards of build fully compliant and skills to supportquality and high performance the growth of Carrierperformance Carrier Ethernet Ethernet around the services globe 18
  19. 19. Worldwide Deployment in 100+ Countries52 MEF Certified Providers Offering 195 Services Supported by 81 Certified Vendors: and Offering 790 Systems MERICA Compliance 19
  20. 20. MEF Certification Program Benefits Strengthens market  Strengthens market • Professional presence and presence and achieves career recognition recognition advancement Builds buyer  Builds buyer through knowledge confidence confidence recognition Reinforces product  Accelerates • Employer simplifies launches deployment of new the choice of Supports responses systems candidates to customer RFPs  Reinforces product • Industry grows via launches access to better  Accelerates responses trained to customer RFPs professionals 20
  21. 21. MEF Professional Certification MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional  First of a series from the MEF Examinees  Carrier Ethernet technical marketing, technical sales and engineering professionals Exam  Administered online by MEF in home, office or approved test facility  80 multiple choice questions in 1h 45m  Cost: US$350 22
  22. 22. MEF on the GoMEF’s First Mobile App• Valuable study information • MEF-CECP Test Objectives cross-referenced with source materials from • MEF • IETF • ITU-T • IEEE• Easy document download and annotations• Links to training resources• Available for free on iPad from Apple App Store (Android versions scheduled late 2011) 23
  23. 23. Fulfilling the True Potential to Automation Simple Integration Operate On DemandApplications, Applications Mobile Backhaul Business Services Backbone Cloud Carrier Transport 24
  24. 24. Carrier Ethernet as Ethernet Cloud Carrier• The MEF is engaged in new developments that addresses key issues for Cloud Providers and Cloud Consumers alike: The secure, business-class delivery of cloud-based applications to businesses• This work opens up significant new markets for Cloud Providers and Cloud Carriers 25
  25. 25. Cloud Service Delivery to Business … • The network is critical to performance of cloud services but there has been little focus by Cloud Community • Enterprise acceptance of cloud services delivered via the Internet is challenged by lack of security, performance, privacy, data governance and compliance • Of specific concern is delivery of mission critical Private Cloud applications via the Internet Internet Delivery Cloud Provider(s) Insecure, Unpredictable, Internet Erratic performance, Regulatory issuesEnterprise Uncontrolled by ITCloudConsumers 26
  26. 26. Cloud Service Delivery via Carrier Ethernet• Ideal for delivering applications to Enterprises – Initially for  Private Cloud Applications and  Internet and later  as integrated – Not a replacement for all Internet delivery• Removes Cloud Provider & Enterprise roadblocks• Generates new incremental on-demand revenue Public User Independent Cloud Providers (Cloud Consumers) Internet Secure,   Deterministic Ethernet Cloud Carrier QoS enabled Per application SLA No regulatory issues  Enterprise IT Manageable Private Cloud Consumers Cloud 27
  27. 27. Summary• Carrier Ethernet as Cloud Delivery Service will have impact on all parties – Enterprises: Puts IT in control • Predictable, high performance, secure and controlled access to mission critical cloud applications – Cloud Providers: dramatically increases scalability • Normalized access to millions of Enterprise Cloud consumers from one standardized interface – Carrier Ethernet Cloud Carriers: a massive value added service for the future • Creates architecture for long term customer retention as direct and indirect supplier of key cloud applications 28
  28. 28. Optimizing Mobile Backhaul with Carrier Ethernet Implementations with single class of service Delay-sensitive Bursty, delay & loss real time data tolerant data Access Mobile Provider Data from all calls, applications, provisioned as one class Operator Result/Impact • Extremely costly – needs massive overbuild to accommodate delay and loss sensitive traffic • Does not scale - recipe for going out of business Optimization with Carrier Ethernet Multi-CoS Access Delay-sensitive real time data High Priority Provider Bursty, delay & loss Low Priority tolerant data Mobile Operator Only real time data provisioned as real time - optimized use of bandwidth, fully without loss of quality • More Revenue for same cost • More users supported with much more responsive QoS • Avoids over-building network to ensure integrity, QoSResult/Impact • Low priority Internet traffic (80% of volume) candidate for discard in very high peak times • Squeezes best performance from the network to maximize profitabilityRecommended Prioritization by CoS -1. Network control, signaling 2. Interactive voice, video, 3, business data, 4 Internet data, streamed video
  29. 29. MEF Ethernet Access Services • Establishes industry standard for deploying, buying and selling Ethernet Access Services • The E-Access Service Type is defined to normalize and accelerate provisioning of Off-Net Ethernet Access services • Key for local, regional and global adoption of Carrier Ethernet • New definitions for UNI-ENNI Carrier Ethernet Access Services Service Type Port-Based Service VLAN-Aware Service (at the UNI) (at the UNI) E-Access Access EPL Access EVPL Ethernet Private Line Ethernet Virtual Private Line Carrier Ethernet Service Provider (Providing Wholesale/Off-Net Access Service) End-User UNI ENNI Carrier Ethernet Service Providers, Carrier Ethernet Exchanges, etc. E-Access UNI Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) 2012 Technical Specifications targeted for completion 1/12. 30
  30. 30. MEF Sessions Summary10 Years of Achievement – Defined new services – Launched certification – Worldwide adoptionJust the Beginning ... – Important new work identified – Work on key areas of simplification, automation, interconnection and dynamic services for Cloud and Mobile Backhaul 31
  31. 31. Thank you! For MEF presentations please visit: Please visit and 32