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This is a web-crendentials presentaiton by Phonethics. Phonethics is a leading digital agency. It is the only India Digital agency shortlisted at Cannes2012

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Phonethics - web development

  2. 2. Web Development Projects • E-commerce Websites • Youwecan • Goodwyn • Autocop • Madhuri Dixit Nene • Nissan Micra • Nissan Sunny • Jetking
  3. 3. Our Creative Director, Vishal Kashyap,designed a brand identity that is full of hope and youthfulkeeping with the brand ambassador Yuvraj Singh
  4. 4. An interactive multimedia piece outliningYuvraj’s journey as a superstar sportspersonupto his fight with Cancer.
  5. 5. Active Donations collected online that goes for the early detection of cancer
  6. 6. To build in virality we designed a virtual t shirt that allows people to be a part of team YouWeCan and share the virtual t shirt on their FB walls, Twitter etc. The amount collected through this activity (Rs. 10 per Tshirt) also forms a part of the donations collected.
  7. 7. Youwecan has collaborated with who has sponsored the Merchandise section of the website.
  8. 8. ChallengeSimplify the online tea buying process to a more clutter-free user interface.
  9. 9. Buying tea is now possible right from the Home Page in a few clicks.
  10. 10. The buyer’s shopping cart
  11. 11. User Registration page before purchasing the products
  12. 12. Product segregation further simplified the entire process of purchasing
  13. 13. A clutter-free HomePage highlighting the product range
  14. 14. An exhaustive list of productsfeatured in the ‘Products’ section
  15. 15. Category-wise comparison of products
  16. 16. Online purchasing of their products.
  17. 17. *Pre-launch Website
  18. 18. Challenge Establish a world class web presence for Bollywood Diva The Madhuri Dixit.The Web presence should Scale to other activities being undertaken by the group.
  19. 19. Our Technology Team Skinned a scalable web platform like Wordpress Allow easy addition of content categories and types Namely, images, videos etc.]Of the Fans, for the Fans, by the Fans
  20. 20. The official app for MadhuriDixit Nene for iOS. Soon to beextended on Android devices. Home Page
  21. 21. Master Navigation
  22. 22. Swipe Navigation
  23. 23. In Section
  24. 24. InSection
  25. 25. Nissan was relatively unknown Entity in India. The digital presence needed to beefficient, accessible & inspire trust
  26. 26. Integrated a game on Nissan Micra website called ‘Chamatcar’. The objective behind this project was to engage the users on the website for a longer period of time & thereby increase the brand recall value.
  27. 27. • Successfully handling the brand since launch• Over 70% Test Drive enquiries generated through digital Channels.• Innovations such as Gamified Social presence, Integration of website on the Facebook channel.
  28. 28. A playful yet informative Teaser - site
  29. 29. Website Focused on giving Maximum space to the images of the CAAAR…
  30. 30. Nissan NEON App for iOS Home Page
  31. 31. Brand Information Home Page
  32. 32. ToolsInterstitial Page
  33. 33. ToolsAccess Page
  34. 34. My Car Page
  35. 35. Tips Page
  36. 36. Minimalistic form Crisp Course InformationA light hearted viral video depicting the delimma of a student.No Language Barriers - Click Here to view the video
  37. 37. Jetking• Inspired by the success of our Online Campaign, Jetking franchisees were wanted to market themselves online and make their presence felt in the digital space. – Challenge • How do we ensure that digital marketing efforts of over 100 training centers (Franchisees) are consistent with over all brand communication?
  38. 38. Jetking• Solution – LMS: • A robust Lead Management system, with capability of collecting Student information (Leads) from various sources – Landing pages, 100 microsites, call centers, walkins, PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc irrespective of the technology being used at the sources. – Microsites: • While the headquarter controlled section ensured that the communication on all the micro sites is synergetic to brand communication, the section controlled by franchisee provided them with enough real estate and features to leverage their skills, experienced faculty & alumini at large.
  39. 39. Jetking Branding Franchisee Branding & info Franchisee Alumini Highlights Registration formFranchisee on HPCourse Info
  40. 40. StrategyWe designed and implemented a lead management system that truly reflects the Purchase funnel. Before TAT: 7 days After TAT: 1 day • User fills the form • User fills the form on landing page 1 1 • HO segregates the Leads Franchisee • Lead received by HO & Franchisee wise 2 Simultaneously 2 • Franchisee/Call Center Connects with • Sends across the Leads to HO 3 Students 3 • Feeds Feedback/Reports in LMS • Franchisee connects with Lead 4 4 • HO gets Real time Reports from 100 5 Franchisees • Fills up feedback + Reports for the Leads 5 • Sends Across Reports to HO 6 • HO Consolidates All Reports 7 • HO Acesses Report 8