Media Buying in India


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Media Buying in India

  1. 1. PhonethicsMedia buying
  2. 2. Index Client Product genreNissan Europe New Star of India Bollywood / Youth Centric Jetking IT Training Courses Education Nissan India Nissan Sunny Automobile Goodwyn Tea FMCG MET Management Courses Education
  3. 3. New Star of IndiaThe brief: Nissan wanted to reach out to the Youth of India, the Car buyers of tomorrow. The main objective was to familiarize the youth of India with brand Nissan. And hence we were all set to mash up Bollywood, Cars & Facebook to create the ‘World’s First Bollywood Movie Auditioned on Facebook’ Co-staring Ranbir Kapoor called ‘New Star of India’
  4. 4. New Star of IndiaThe Strategy: Since the campaign was targeted to the youth of India To reach out the audience we narrowed down on the following variables. Psychographics: Get-going adopter, Progressive, Flamboyant Flamingoes (loves to Dance), value oriented. Demographics: Of age 15 – 24, living in metros, tier-2 cities, access to digital medium (PC and/or Mobile).
  5. 5. New Star of IndiaThe Strategy: Platforms used: Times of India Bollywood hungama Daily motion Facebook
  6. 6. Nsoi - Creative
  7. 7. New Star of IndiaScreenshotsFacebook
  8. 8. New Star of IndiaScreenshotsBollywood Pre-rolls : HPDaily video Hungamahead BannerTOI : Expandable banners Spotlight Motion : Mast
  9. 9. New Star of IndiaOutcome Reached more than 40 Mn people online Impression used : over 300 Mn, CTR of 0.3% 40 Mn People Over 5.5 lac fans on Facebook fan page reached Over 1.5 Lac views on Youtube. Became the biggest fan page with highest interaction rate. Campaign got shortlisted @Cannes2012
  10. 10. Jetking BRIEF Infotrain ltd JETKINGJetking wanted a campaign with high ROI from Apr’12 to Jul’12when maximum admissions in the education sector takes place.One of the challenges was high decibel online marketing by its competitorsThe objective was to market courses & get interested students to fill up the enquiry form.
  11. 11. Jetking STRATEGY Infotrain ltd JETKINGPurchase Funnel - User Experience - Alumini - Reinstate Kuch ban kar niklo‘Highlight testimonials from Jetking Alumini who have made a mark in the society. Target students who are preferably at the Preference stage or Purchase stage for High ROI.
  12. 12. Jetking EXECUTION Infotrain ltdPlatformsUsed: JETKING Google searchA Seperate Landing page was created specially for the SEM campaignhaving following components1) Prominent banners of Jetking Alumini with their Designation & SalaryPackage and one liners from them saying how Jetking made this possiblefor them.2) Minimalist fields in the enquiry form3) UX: Clutter free Course information, Drop downs in forms, popups, etc Contd…
  13. 13. Jetking EXECUTION Infotrain ltd5) Careful Choice of keywords - Technical, With Purchase Intent. JETKING6) Geographically Targeted: Jetking although has a national presence,the campaign was targetted only to cities where Jetkingbranches/franchises existed.7) Ad Copy:- The Text Ads only contained two Things:- Localised Content& Clear Call to Action.
  14. 14. JETKING The Screenshots JETKING
  15. 15. JETKING The Screenshots JETKING
  16. 16. JetkingOUTCOME Infotrain ltd JETKING 10% Coversion Rate Over 10% conversion rate.CPA reduced from Rs. 280 in 2011 to Rs. 210 in 2012. More than 21,000 Leads collected.
  17. 17. BRIEF Goodwyn Tea Goodwyn teaGoodwyn a Kolkata based tea manufacturing startup wanted to spread awareness about the brand &collect orders online for their range of direct tohome tea.USP: Goodwyn Tea is freshly packed and shippedacross to the consumer straight from the factory.
  18. 18. STRATEG Goodwyn Tea Goodwyn teaYAs a start up the budgets were constrained so wedecided to use only performance based platforms. Google Search Facebook ads Google Display networkWe also revamped their website to attain a certainbrand elevation & implemented a 3 step purchaseprocess on their website.
  19. 19. CREATIVE Goodwyn Tea Goodwyn teaS
  20. 20. OUTCOME Goodwyn Tea Goodwyn tea 0.3% CTR Website traffic Jumped by 200 % Over 1000 monthly subscriptions/bookings
  21. 21. The Brief: Nissan Sunny Launch – MET Mumbai, one of the top 10 management colleges in Maharashtra wanted to reach out to their audience via the MET digital medium & inform them about the Post graduation courses available. – Generate interest and drive registrations
  22. 22. The Strategy Sunny Launch Nissan – Hyper geo targeting for age group between 20 – 24 within – Interest – Marketing, Brand Building, Finance and more MET – City - Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Thane – Platforms used: • Youtube • Orkut • Facebook
  23. 23. The Creative Sunny Launch Nissan MET
  24. 24. Screenshots Nissan Sunny Launch MET
  25. 25. Screenshots Nissan Sunny Launch MET
  26. 26. Screenshots Nissan Sunny Launch MET
  27. 27. The Outcome Sunny Launch Nissan – Campaign served more than 60 Mn impressions – Campaign Avg CPC less than Rs. 13 MET – Over 2500 registrations from in two months Over 2.5K registrations in 2 months
  28. 28. The Brief: NISSAN SUNNY Nissan Sunny Launch Nissan Sunny to be launched in India. One of the top three models ever sold world wide. Highlight the trust that millions of customers across the world have put in the brand NISSAN SUNNY. Create a distinct voice in a cluttered segmentThe TG: Aged 24 to 40, living in metros, tier 2 & 3cities. Either the family already has a car, or is looking to own one
  29. 29. The Strategy Sunny Launch NISSAN SUNNY Nissan Leave Foot prints on as many web properties where the TG Dwells. Websites from the following genres were used: News, Lifestyle, Finance, E-commerce, Ticketing, Travel, Gateway portals, Video, Search.
  30. 30. The Creative The Creative NISSAN SUNNY
  31. 31. Screenshots NISSAN SUNNYTOI : Homepage Interstitial
  32. 32. Screenshots NISSAN SUNNYTOI : Homepage InterstitialRediff : Interactive bannerIBNlive : Homepage Take over
  33. 33. Screenshots NISSAN SUNNYRediff : Interactive banner
  34. 34. Screenshots NISSAN SUNNYIBNlive : Homepage Take over
  35. 35. Screenshots NISSAN : Homepage Take over
  36. 36. Screenshots NISSAN : Homepage Take over
  37. 37. Screenshots NISSAN SUNNYFirstpost : Homepage Take over
  38. 38. Screenshots NISSAN SUNNYZigwheels : Homepage Take over
  39. 39. Outcome NISSAN SUNNY Nissan Sunny Ranked No. 1 on Search Trends for 1 Whole Week Over 120 Mn impressions booked More than 7,000 test drive leads collected in a month. Conversion of more than 2.5% 0.7% ctr
  40. 40. Thanks!
  41. 41. De code the briefNote limitations of CreativeIdentify platforms with the right audienceCross Check traffic & Audience insights using radian 6, google adplanner, etcChecklist the best platforms interms of audienceShortlist platfroms based on previous performanceAllocate Budgets to platformsConnect with platforms & get pricingDevise an Optimised Media PlanApproval by clientGo Live