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Magic Link Case Studies


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Deliver high quality video via SMS, allow people to share with their social networks or simply sending a SMS !

Mobile Virals made simple

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Magic Link Case Studies

  1. 1. Magic Link Reaching on-the-go customers Phonethics Mobile Media
  2. 2. Magic Link – Single URL that can be promoted on social media and accessed on mobiles – Optimized experience for the user on PC & mobiles (any screen size) – Detailed reports & tracking – Viral impact - Harness the power of social media and mobile
  3. 3. One link to unite them all.. Deliver Manage Content Viral, TV Commercials, Jingles Contests: 2 way sms, email response, data Distribute Coupons special offers, discounts, group coupons, limited edition trials, loyalty programs etc
  4. 4. Applications of Magic Link • Branding • Lead generation • Brand community creation • Product launches • Customer education • Time bound promos • Branded media channel • Loyalty programs • Consumer Survey & pre-testing of ads / new launches • Brand activation at events
  5. 5. Case Study l : Bajaj Pulsar 135LS • Brand Background: – Brand Pulsar was extending into the 135 cc segment after establishing leadership in 150,180 and 220 CC. • ASK: – Derive higher visibility through the hugely popular ‘ MTV Pulsar Stunt Maniacs’ Shaiir N Func Video • Solution: – Send out two product Avs to consumers. • The stunt Maniacs video was sent to a 2.5 Lakh bike enthusiasts. • A specific Product AV was sent to consumers who filled in a lead generation form
  6. 6. Campaign Reporting Module
  7. 7. Campaign Reporting Module
  8. 8. Analytics & Number – Essentials • Bajaj Pulsar 135LS • SMS Message : watch the Pulsar Maniacs doing amazing bike stunts on your mobile. Click here to watch the video now- SMS Distribution 2.5 Lakhs Video Clicks 3317 CTR 1.32%
  9. 9. Case study ll – 5 Star Background: 5 star – ‘Jo Khaye kho jaye’ contest at Moodi Festival (IIT Mumbai). Activity involved submission of ‘kho jaye’ entries (image/videos) from students through branded bluetooth kiosks across the campus. • Ask: Connect with the participants, and share their entries back with them. Also, enable the participant to share it with his/her friends. • Solution: Participant receives his/her entry in form of MAGICLINK through SMS, which he/she can forward as an SMS or upload on Facebook/twitter.
  10. 10. Campaign Reporting Module
  11. 11. Individual MAGICLINK data
  12. 12. Thank You