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Film crew - a creative workshop on Film designed by Phonethics


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Films, Clay animation and mobile filmmaking workshops created by Phonethics.

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Film crew - a creative workshop on Film designed by Phonethics

  1. 1. FilmCrewA Digital Media Workshop
  2. 2. Why FilmCrewA report conducted by Annabel Jackson Associates for the UK FilmCouncil, Impact Analysis of First Light (November 2004) details thefollowing benefits of Filmmaking activity on young minds:• It’s a great leveler.• It motivates, empowers and increases confidence .• Improved Behavior.• Filmmaking fosters a range of transferable skills including:Concentration, Conceptual Thinking, Communication, Team work,Commitment and Planning
  3. 3. Genesis• Saregama HMV launched a new album ‘The -Underground’• Competition for Film Schools to prepare the music videos for the album.• Inquiry from R. N. Podar School to conduct digital media workshop.So, the inception of FilmCrew - A Vocational Course on FilmMaking and Audio – Visual Production for students of RN PodarSchool.Focus• Briefing on facets of Film Making as well as ‘On the Job’ training in theform of producing MUSIC VIDEOS for PROFESSIONAL BANDS.
  4. 4. Underground projectStudents learnt the basics of new media and went on to DIRECT, SHOOTandPRODUCE the 5 music videos themselves.• Documentary filmmaker and Ex – BBC director Sumit Osmond ShawRadio Mirchi veteren SiddharthaAce Photographer Ajay HiraniFTII Pune Grad – Cinematographer Shanti Bhushan& New media Evangelist Parmesh ShahaniProject: 5 bands - 5 music videos• Grand Finale: Honorary MP Priya Dutt distributed proficiency certificatesto students.• The Making of Music Videos
  5. 5. Mobile Filmmaking Workshop(Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University)• BackgroundPhonethics conducted a one-day workshop as part of the JournalismFestival, on the ‘Aesthetics of Mobile-Filmmaking’.• Activity- Rigorous theory session to understand the opportunities and challengesof shooting films using the mobile phone- Created one-minute films that were showcased at the Inter-CollegeFestival in Delhi University.
  6. 6. Clay 2 PlayClaymation Workshop• Presently conducting 15 session (3 month) long workshop with studentsat R.N. Podar School.• Broader aspects of the workshop:– Learning– Creation– Publishing & distribution (Social Media)• Key Subjects: design characters, create environment, story board,Shooting, post production & Releasing
  7. 7. Way Ahead•Partnership with Hobby Centres•Web based presence –Features: students can upload their material,share and interact with people.•Present inquiries from the 2 leading schoolsof Mumbai.
  8. 8. Market• Lack of formal media education where students can use, learnand innovate and produce media through tools available ingeneral consumer space.• Scope for Social Media Knowledge dispersal.
  9. 9. THANK YOUNishantm:9323939494e: