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Commercial Real Estate High Yield Investment Strategy


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Commercial Real Estate High Yield Investment Strategy

  1. 1. ==== ====For more tips on Safe Mortgage Investing go ====Its getting tough just to pay for simple necessities like gas for your car. Under thesecircumstances you may find it hard to concentrate on investing but can you afford not to? How canyou invest in your future? Do you have an investment strategy? Do you want one? If so, listencarefully to the information that Im about to share with you. Youre about to learn how we as asociety, got ourselves into this mess and one way that you can get out of it.For many, the financial future looks grim. A global economy makes the cost of goods and labor inother countries more attractive for business owners in the states. In some parts of the world therethere are no regulations safeguarding the paychecks of workers and no minimum wage.Employees in the United States have high standards and expectations like medical benefits andunemployment insurance. Employers want labor thats affordable so jobs are moving overseas.Companies are no longer willing to foot the bill for your retirement. Social Security and Medicareare going bankrupt and 401k and IRAs are not true retirement plans. Simply put, theyre savingsaccounts. The difference is that retirement plans dont run out of money but savings accounts do.And anyway, Americans as a whole dont save, we spend. Some have no idea if their investmentstrategies are even working. Some dont even know the meaning of investment performance. Sothe millions of Americans who think theyre going to retire comfortably with benefits are in for ashock.The middle class is shrinking. Theyve lost their representation in congress but the wealthy areheavily represented and they represent with money! Money talks and therefore the rich get richer.The US is becoming a society of rich and poor, haves and have nots. So what can we do about it?Sell something or solve a problem? But what, what do people need?No matter what you do, have done, or are thinking of doing, youll do it on real estate. People willalways need housing. Commercial real estate offers a unique private equity investment strategy.More specifically, multi family real estate is a tangible asset that allows you to leverage the powerof other peoples money and other peoples effort. One group of 14 investors used $15,000 fromeach of their IRA or 401k respectfully, for the down payment on a 200 unit apartment complex.With an occupancy rate of 92% the investors currently gross over $2.2 Million every year. Anothergentleman used his savings to purchase a 16 unit apartment complex for $45,000. It needed verylittle work. And he was able to get others to invest minimally to make it fit for residents. He and hisinvestors now gross over $300,000 annually with no mortgage. They keep their day jobs while theproperty management company keeps it all running smoothly.But what if youre not familiar with real estate as an investment? Dont worry well show you how.The Real Estate Investors Hub will handle the transaction for you and we wont charge you apenny to do it. Youre probably thinking its too good to be true. Despite what you may have heard
  2. 2. this is a safe, lucrative investment that produces high returns, provides security and liquidity.Most people put their money into traditional investments like CDs, mutual funds and stocks thatare controlled by banks brokerages and accounting firms. Havent we learned the hard way thatstock market investments are just too risky? Success leaves clues. More millionaires have beenmade through real estate investing than any other investment. Just look at the Forbes lists.With real estate investing you have a tangible asset backing up your investment. You control theinvestment, not a board of directors. And youre not at the mercy of the whims of the market.Ill continue to write about many different businesses and providing great tips. My intention is tohelp take your company and ultimately your lifestyle to the next level. Personally, I prefer realestate to other investment growth strategies because I understand why its the only thing thatsreferred to as "real" property. You were born on someones property and youll be buried onsomeones land.Ill expound more on my website at Thereyoull find a much more comprehensive version on this topic. I want you to be rich in Life, love andbusiness. email: richelle@m-powermove.comArticle Source: ====For more tips on Safe Mortgage Investing go ====