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The perfect listing process


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Listing Process

Published in: Real Estate
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The perfect listing process

  1. 1. 7 steps to getting every listing (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  2. 2.  Prequalification script  Cma  Marketing plan  Listing Agreement  Seller’s Disclosure  Net Sheet ( is a good source)
  3. 3.  Before going on the appointment, call the prospect and use the "Pre-qualifying the Listing Script. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  4. 4. (c) Tankersley Training Inc Before I come out … there are a number of questions I need to ask you … OK? 1. If what I say makes sense … and you feel comfortable and confident that I can … sell your home … are you planning to list your home with me when I come out on __________? 2. Are you planning to interview more than one agent for the job of selling your home? 3. Tell me again … where are you moving to? 4. How soon do you have to be there? 5. When I see you … how much do you want to list your home for? As a professional real estate agent, I study homes and prices every day, therefore I assume you’ll list with me … at a price that will cause your home to sell … correct? So … what price won’t you go below? 6. How much do you owe on the property? 7. Have you ever thought about selling it yourself? 8. Will you help finance the home for the buyer … or do you want your cash out? 9. Would you please describe your home for me? 10. I’ll be sending over a package of information … will you take a few moments and review it? 11. Do you have any questions before I arrive? 12. So you know … our meeting should only take between five and twenty-five minutes … is that OK? I’ll look forward to seeing you on _________ at ____________.
  5. 5.  Use the pre-listing presentation feature on ToolkitCMA and email it to the prospect. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  6. 6.  When you arrive at the home, ask for a tour and take notes about the good, bad and ugly features of the home. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  7. 7.  Find a place in the home (preferably the kitchen table) where there is a place to sit at a table with no distractions. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  8. 8.  Remember FBT (Feature/Benefit/Tie-Down) Get 5 yes's and go for the close "So here's what happens next..." (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  9. 9.  Go over the CMA and NET SHEET with seller and agree on a price. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  10. 10.  Nothing left to do but sign the contract.  Overcome any lingering objections. (c) Tankersley Training Inc