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Something of value


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Marketing guide for Real Estate agents in San Antonio, TX. Could be used mostg places. A few programs are "area specific." I am sure that there area alternatives in any area.

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Something of value

  1. 1. Something of ValueGuide to Building Your Progressive eMarketing System Rick Tankersley Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentsPreface 3Pipeline Builder or Bucket Carrier? 4Introduction to Internet Marketing 5Google is a Neccessity 6Your Personal Website 8 -Free IDX Solution 8 - Essential Elements 9Create Your Site (diagram) 11Lead Capture Forms 15Create IDX Search for Site 18Domain Names 21Google Keyword Tool 25Online Storage 28Online Reputation 33Facebook Banners/Timeline 34Video Marketing 39Uploading Video 42QR Codes 46Real Estate based Searches 50Online Classifieds 52Single Property Websites 53Mobile Marketing 54Realtor.Com Showcase 54Listing Syndication 55Virtual Tours 56Short Sale Listings 57Just Listed/Sold Prospecting 62Public Library Criss Cross Directory 62FSBO Listings 65Find FSBOS on Craigslist 66Expired Listings 67Craigslist Lead Generation 68Avoid Craigslist Pitfallls 77Google Voice 78Zipform Online 84Docusign 84Online Marketing Presentation 86 2
  3. 3. PREFACEI believe that to be competitive and successful in business you must beable to provide “something of value.” For an item or service to bevaluable, a consumer/client/customer must perceive it as such.In the real estate business the services provided, in many ways, havebecome diluted by complacency. Many agents continue to conduct“business as usual” and provide the exact same services, the same oldway in the very fashion that the competition does. There is really nothingfor the clients to be excited about or anything that they can perceived asparticularly valuable, hence, the subject “something of value.”Using progressive strategies and technology is the answer. However, manyagents do not begin to employ new techniques because of perceiveddifficulty or expense. However, neither is the case. You can become “techsavvy” and build a fantastic PROGRESSIVE MARKETING STRATEGY withminimal difficulty and on a very small budget.I have been to countless seminars, classes and strategy sessions where theideas were great but the follow through was very vague. I believe thatmany agents are like and would like to see tech marketing strategiesbroken down into layman‟s terms and given step-by-step implementationinstructions. This is my purpose in compiling this training manual.Using this manual, you will be able to offer many different services to yourclients:  Appeal to more sellers  Obtain more listings by differentiating yourself from the competition  Attract more Buyers through aggressive lead capture strategies  Build your online reputationIt is my hope that as you read and implement the strategies in this manual,you will soon build the perception that you are a highly Progressive andSuccessful Online Marketing Strategist able to offer great value. 3
  4. 4. Are you a Pipeline Builder or Bucket Carrier?Below is an excerpt from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert KiyosakiOnce upon a time there was this quaint little village. It was a great placeto live except for one problem. The village had no water unless it rained.To solve this problem once and for all, the village elders decided to putout to bid the contract to have water delivered to the village on a dailybasis.Two people volunteered to take on the task and the elders awarded thecontract to both of them. They felt that a little competition would keepprices low and ensure a backup supply of water.Self-Employed ThinkingThe first of the two people, Ed, immediately ran out, bought twogalvanized steel buckets and began running back and forth along thetrail to the lake which was a mile away.He immediately began making money as he labored morning to duskhauling water from the lake with his two buckets. He would empty theminto the large concrete holding tank the village had built.Each morning he had to get up before the rest of the village awoke tomake sure there was enough water for the village when it wanted it. Itwas hard work, but he was very happy to be making money and forhaving one of the two exclusive contracts for this business.Business Owner ThinkingThe second winning contractor, Bill, disappeared for a while, which madeEd very happy since he had no competition. Ed was making all themoney.Instead of buying two buckets to compete with Ed, Bill had written abusiness plan, created a corporation, found four investors, employed apresident to do the work, and returned six months later with a constructioncrew.In a while, his team had built a large volume stainless steel pipeline, whichconnected the village to the lake. The water was cleaner, in vast supplyand available 24/7. 4
  5. 5. Bill was now working less than Ed but making a LOT more money. Thesystem he put in place in the beginning may have taken a little more timebut was well worth it.Pipeline Builder or Bucket Carrier?Internet Marketing is overwhelming to many because it seems as thoughthere is “just so much to do.” The bucket carrier will continue to dobusiness as usual. He will work harder and harder while striving to keep upwith the pipeline builders. Unfortunately, this is a formula for „burn-out.‟Bucket carriers will never achieve the level of success they desire. Failurewill not be from lack of effort, but from lack of taking some time to planand build a system that will make reduce work load and increaseproduction.My goal in this manual, is to give you the knowledge to build a marketingsystem from scratch that will make life easier and produce great results.However, it will take some time to achieve.Follow the check list. Implement each strategy using the checklistprovided. A plan of action and sample daily schedule are also included.Don‟t be a bucket carrier. Use this guide to build your pipeline to internetmarketing success!Introduction to Internet MarketingInternet marketing, also known as digital marketing, web marketing,online marketing, search marketing or e-marketing, is the marketing(generally promotion) of products or services over the Internet.Internet marketing is considered to be broad in scope because it not onlyrefers to marketing on the Internet, but also includes marketing done viae-mail and wireless media. Digital customer data and electronic customerrelationship management (ECRM) systems are also often groupedtogether under internet marketing.Real Estate professionals in particular, have experienced a marketingrevolution which has 90% of potential home buyers searching online. Withsuch a large segment of the market utilizing the internet to find real estate,it behoves real estate agents to know how to reach them. 5
  6. 6. Google is the First NecessityBefore we can really get started, you must set up a GOOGLE account.This is necessary for some of the items we will be covering. It is alsobeneficial due to the power of Google business application andaccessibilty.Although not every item will be discussed, below is a short list of GOOGLEbenefits for real estate agents:REALTORS® can benefit and grow their business through Google services,features, and experiments. Learn and implement the simple yet powerfultools provided by Google and it is all FREE.FREE- Dynamic email with less SPAMFREE-Sync all Microsoft Documents to Google and access anywhere in theworld. Create and share Word documents, Power Point Presentations,Excel Spreadsheets, PDF files and forms online. Google gives you thesoftware to create and edit them online just for attending, with nomonthly or recurring fees to use the software.FREE-One custom number to follow you anywhere while transcribing themessage to text and emailing with an audible message.FREE- Schedule your life and business in Google Calendars. Receive emailsand texts of upcoming events and action items. Share your calendar withothers as you wish.FREE Keyword Tool to aid in driving online trafficFREE Google MapsFREE Google AlertsFREE Website AnalyticsFREE-Create and host web sites 6
  7. 7. 1. Go to google .com 2. Sign Up for a New Google Account3. Complete information 7
  8. 8. Your Personal WebsiteIs it necessary in today‟s Social Media driven environment to have abusiness website.Of course it is! If for no other reason than to serve as proof that you are alegitimate business. Although anyone can build/buy a website, it is muchbetter to have one than not.If you have a website (free or paid provider) you are going to want tomake sure that it is more than a storefront. The idea is to get visitors andultimately capture their contact information. A site that provides greatinformation, free offers and allows a visitor to leave contact info inexchange for your free offer is a LEAD CAPTURE WEBSITE.When your site is fully functioning as a lead capture website, it may alsobe referred to as a LANDING PAGE ( a destination to which ads will directtraffic) or a SQUEEZE PAGE ( a landing page that forces visitors to providecontact information.Essentials of Lead Capture SiteProperty Search (IDX)The IDX (Information Data Exchange) allows an agent to place a propertysearch on a website where ALL MLS PROPERTIES will be available. YourMLS provider will allow access to a link that you must provide to yourWebmaster to have it framed on your site.You MUST have an IDX property search on your site to give visitors areason to visit your site, stay on your site and return to your site.A Free IDX Solution is available with an online based program calledREALBIRD. The Property Search is powered by OODLE and will have most ifnot all MLS listings both local and nationwide. Once your sign up for thisfree service, you can find instructions to obtain the Property Searches inseveral forms.Now that you have a Property search, the next step is to make sure thatyou have RELEVANT INFORMATION that will interest your TARGET MARKET.Your website should have several pages. Each page should have its ownclearly labeled tab, great information, a “give-away” item and a lead 8
  9. 9. capture form.Here are some examples tab headings, information and offers that youmay want to include on your websiteInformation and offers Homebuyer page Home buyer Handbook Lead capture form. Must Provide Name and email Homes seller page Sellers Guide Lead capture form. Must Provide Name and email Stop foreclosure page Free Evaluation Lead capture form. Must Provide Name and email Foreclosure Listings Page Free List Lead capture form. Must Provide Name and email New Construction Page List of Builder Specials Lead capture form. Must Provide Name and emailNOTE: IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW PRETTY OR FANCY YOUR SITE APPEARS. IF ITDOES NOT CAPTURE LEADS THEN IT IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY OR TIME YOUWILL SPEND.BLOGGERBlogging platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger make greatalternatives to paid services. Both are good sites, however, I feel thatBlogger offers a user-friendly platform and in my opinion is preferable forthose just starting out in digital marketing.In this illustration segment, you will find STEP BY STEP instructions for buildinga LEAD CAPTURE SITE from scratch.Your website may look like some variation of this: 9
  10. 10. CALLS TO ACTIONBe sure to include prominent “calls to action” on your site like “click here”,“go”, etc.Examples of CALLS TO ACTION:EXAMPLE OF A LEAD CAPTURE FORM 10
  11. 11. CREATE YOUR SITE 1. Log in to to with your Google Account 2, Choose template and click continue 3. Start Blogging 11
  12. 12. EDIT MAIN PAGE1. Fill in Headline 2. Write Article 3. Click “compose” to use standard word processor to edit your text, insert pics, urls 4. Click “publish post” 12
  13. 13. ADD ITEMS TO THE SIDEBAR OF YOUR PAGE 1. Choose Design Tab 2. Choose “add a gadget” 3. Choose item you wish to upload and follow the directions 13
  14. 14. CREATE PAGES FOR YOUR SITE1.Choose Posting Tab 2. Choose “edit pages”3. Choose “NEW PAGE” 4. Fill in Title of Page and add information/ items using the word processor 5. Choose “Publish Page” 14
  15. 15. Lead Capture Forms JotForm is the first and easiest Web-Based Drag & Drop Form Builder. You can create any kind of forms from contact, payment, lead generation, application, survey etc. You just create the form in 5 -10 minutes and get the embed code and paste it to your site and your form is ready to use. Once you have the form in place, any lead that is captured is immediately sent to your email. STEPS TO CREATE LEAD CAPTURE FORMS 1. Go to and create a an account2. Click on items in FormTools to add to yourform 15
  16. 16. 3. Edit the Text in your form heading 5. Make the desired fields required4. Do the same withthe text boxes you add 16
  17. 17. STEPS TO POST FORMS ON YOUR SITE 1. Example of form 2. Choose Embed Form 3. Choose BLOGGER 4. Copy Html Code 5. Paste in Posts or Created Pages on your Site 17
  18. 18. USING REALBIRD TO CREATE FREE IDX HOME PAGE SEARC 1. Go to realbird .com and click “register for free” 2. Complete profile 3. Choose Property Search 18
  19. 19. 4. Fill in Area, Distance, Property Type Choose “embed in webpage or blog” Copy the HTML created by realbird 19Go back your blogger site
  20. 20. Great Real Estate Domain NamesEveryone wants a great domain. It‟s probably one of the most importantsteps in building your online presence the right way. But like many things inlife, the most valuable things are the most difficult to acquire or find.Landing a great domain name through your own search using tools likeGoDaddy and Network Solutions is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, with both of your hands tied behind your back. There are manyfactors to consider:1. Is it short?2. Is it easy to remember?3. Does it contain keywords?4. Does it relate to your branding and specialty?5. Are the .com, .net, and .org variations of the name all available?6. Are common misspellings and variations of the name all available?Godaddy.comThis site is so easy to navigate, there is no reason for a diagram. 1. Go to 2. Check availability of desired domain name. 3. Secure the name as .com, .org and .net 4. Go to “domain manager” 5. Choose “forward” 6. Paste your website default url in the field provided 7. Choose “advanced forwarding options” 8. Choose “FORWARD WITH MASKING” 20
  21. 21. 2. Click My Account 21
  22. 22. 3. Click on the domain name youwish to use 4. Click Forward Domain 22
  23. 23. 5. Choose FORWARD WITHMASKING and fill in the fields 23
  24. 24. DRIVING TRAFFICOnce you have a fully-functioning, lead-capturing website, the goal is toDRIVE TRAFFIC. Of course we will market the site through craigslist, socialmedia and other avenues to attract visitors. You will also want to makeyour site as searchable as possible. This is called Search EngineOptimization.Basically, search engine optimization, or SEO , is making your site and thesites individual pages visible and relevant to both search engines andsearch engine users.Keywords and Phrases : Make Your Site Search-Engine FriendlyKeywords are simply targeted words that determine which category yoursite will be listed under in search engines and directories,as well as wordsthat searchers input to search engines in order to find relevant sites. If youdont do your homework and select targeted key phrases, you are missinga significant portion of potential traffic.GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOLThis is a tool to determine the keywords and phrases that are actuallyworking to attract visitors. This tool will help you determine text for metatags, articles, website text, ad verbiage, video descriptions, photocaptions and anywhere else there is an opportunity to place text. (Theemphasis, of course, is on your website)Step 1 - www.googlekeywardtoolcomStep 2 - sign inStep 3 - Uncheck “broad” and click “exact”Step 4 – Type in a desired word or phrase (ie San Antonio Real Estate)Step 5- Click “SEARCH”Step 6 – View Keywords and Numbers of viewsNot only will the tool provide the number of views attracted by yourdesired keyword, it will also give you Keyword ideas. Knowing whichwords and phrases are searched more often will help you determinekeywords for your SEO efforts. 24
  25. 25. 1. Go to 2. Type in desired keyword or phrase is San Antonio Real Estate3. Choose “exact” under MatchTypes 25
  26. 26. You will see how often your chosenphrase is being searched and getsuggestion for other keywords 26
  27. 27. ONLINE STORAGESimplify your life by storing important items “in the cloud.”Heres what Wikipedia has for a definition of "cloud computing:"computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resourcesare provided as a service over the Internet. To simplify, we use onlinesolutions instead of onboard software to run our business. We log in toservers on the Internet to do what we are used to doing on our owncomputer or our in-house networkThe more you learn to use online based programs and “cloud computing”the less you will be tied to an office.The advent of iPads and other tablets have made accessing files from theinternet easy. A slew of online programs can be used tohelp in yourbusiness,Zipforms Online – prepare contracts from any location with internetaccessDocusign – eliminate paper and send out contracts to be signed fromanywhere…anytime.Dropbox – a free online storage program that can be accessed fromanywhere (great place for any and all saved files, photos, documentsand other items that you may – File storage and sharing. Send links with downloadable files. (Iuse this to store free giveaways such as buyer and seller guides) – Upload any powerpoint or pdf to create onlineaccessibiltySliderocket – Upload and edit slick presentation to share with anyonethrough unique – create professional ebooks and presentations for onlinesharingThe list goes on and on. The next section will give a practical “real world”example of one of these programs. 27
  28. 28. BOX.NETAs stated in the website section, you must provide something of value onyour site in order to capture leads. Using the “cloud” program, you canprovide instant access to reports, llsts, photos ot ebooks. 1. Create a account 2. Upload a “homebuyer guide” 3. You will have the option to “share” with a link 4. Copy the link and send it to anyone you wish 5. post the link in ads and websitesHere is how to make it work on your website 1. Offer a „Free Homebuyer Guide” on your site 2. Create a jotform lead capture form (see above) 3. Customize the thank you page to direct to URL 4. Place the box,net url in the jotform field Sign up for free account with 28
  29. 29. Upload files from your computer tobe stored online 29
  30. 30. Click to “share” the uploaded file and you will get a link Go back to your Jot forms and open up a form or create a new oneClick “thank you: in the tool bar 30
  31. 31. Choose Custom URLPaste the link into thefield and click “finish” 31
  32. 32. SOCIAL MEDIAAs real estate agents we cannot afford to ignore the power of socialmedia for generating buyer leads and marketing homes. Buyers and Sellerboth view social media (especially facebook) as a means ofcommunicating. They expect agents to use these social avenues tomarket listings and attract buyers.The power of Social Media allows us to do more,reach more and be more to more people in less time and for less money.ONLINE REPUTATIONWhen consumers see your name everywhere, the perception is that youmust be an expert in your field.Keys to Building Your Online Reputation  PROVIDE USEFUL INFORMATION.  BE PROFESSIONAL  BE CONSISTENT  BE INTERACTIVE  WHEN IT COMES TO YOU... LET OTHERS DO THE SELLING!  BE EVERYWHERE!!Facebook for your BusinessIf you do not have a facebook profile by now then by all means you mustdo so immediately. Networking is vital to the real estate business. There isno better networking platform than facebook. You should and canconnect with classmates, past clients and co-workers, family and friends. Itis also very easy to connect with new people daily.Sell without being annoying is your job on facebook. DO NOT use it as aplace to pitch listings a constantly ask for business. You will never build agood database this way.You must ENGAGE with your network, “like” status updates, comment onother status updates and above all… be friendly. Make it a habit toengage with 9-10 connections every day. 32
  33. 33. Facebook BannersThe best way to allow your connections to know who you are and whatyou do is to replace your picture with a PROMOTIONAL BANNER. Once theBanner is in place you can speak interact, have fun, discuss, andcomment on anything other than business and your friends will always bereminded that you are in real estate. THIS IS HOW YOU GET REFERRALSWITHOUT BEING “UNFRIENDED.”FACEBOOK TIMELINEFacebook will soon be changing every personal profile to the newtimeline format. This is actually GREAT NEWS for agents. We can nowUpload a “cover” photo that stretches across the top of the page.This cover can be an existing photo or an image can be created inPublisher or Photoshop that reflects a marketing message.KEYS TO FACEBOOK SUCCESS  Create a nice, professional banner that shows who you are and what you do.  Add friends and interact daily  Do not try to SELL!  Create a business page and post good, valuable information 33
  34. 34. Create 4” x 11” BannerYou can useMS PUBLISHERWORDPOWERPOINTAdobe PhotoshopOr any other publishing softwareOnce banner is created, right click and SAVE ASPICTURE…. Scroll over existing facebook picture and click CHANGE PICTIURE. Browse For the Image you just created and it will automatically upload 34
  35. 35. Hover over photo and click“change cover” Choose a pic online or upload one. IT IS THAT EASY! 35
  36. 36. LINKED INLINKED IN PROMOTES ITSELF AS A MEANS TO: Find past and presentcolleagues and classmates quickly. LinkedIn makes staying in touchsimple. Discover inside connections when you’re looking for a job or newbusiness opportunity.Your network is full of industry experts willing to shareadvice. Have a question? Just ask.IN REALITY ….LinkedIn, the business network for professionals, is more than a livingresume. It‟s a reputation engine, a visual representation of your businessnetwork‟s reach, and a place to express your business capabilities. --ChrisBrogan, leading online marketing expertGET RECOMMENDEDUsers with recommendations are three times as likely to get inquiriesthrough LinkedIn searches. Ask your colleagues and past clients onLINKEDIN to speak up for you — get endorsed.TWITTER BANNERYou can do the exact same thing with your TWITTER profile as withFacebook. Just use the same banner and add it into your TwitterBackground settings.KEYS TO TWITTER SUCCESS:  Create a banner  Follow people daily and they will follow you back (if they do not follow you, unfollow them)  Consistent Interaction  Post links on twitter to: o Linked in profile o Items and Article of o Facebook Page interest o Website, blog, etc o Videos o Listings 36
  37. 37. Click on your name andchoose “Settings” Choose “design” Choose “change background image” Upload your banner and choose save changes 37
  38. 38. VIDEO MARKETINGIt is no secret that Google loves video. Do a search for almost anythingthat can be shown through a video and you will notice that YouTube,Google Video, Yahoo video and other high volume video websites areabsolutely dominating the front page of google. What you might notknow are these amazing behind the scene video marketing facts.VIDEO MARKETING FAST FACTS* 52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog,eMarketer)* 38% of Google Universal Search results included video (Comscore)* More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NYTimes)* The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes a day watching video* Because video is so popular, video links often show up way before othercontentHere is a HUGE STATISTIC that should make you decide to incorporatevideo into your marketing plan immediately:According to, 73% of home sellers say they would prefer touse a real estate agent that uses video yet only 12% of all agents have ayou tube account!You Tube ChannelVideo will be extremely important to your marketing plan. In today‟s world,consumers are much more likely to watch a 2 minute video than to read apage of text. We will discuss the importance of video marketing in a laterchapter, however it is important to your online reputation that you createa YOU TUBE CHANNEL for yourself.When you create videos, they will appear in your channel. Consumers,such as potential sellers and buyers will be able to find your videos easilyand see that you are High –tech, innovative and are a “cut above” theaverage agent. 38
  39. 39. Create Lots of 2-3 minute videos pertaining to your business  Listings  SELF PROMOTIONAL  Foreclosures  Mortgage and Market  Property Tours information  Neighborhood tours  Promote Your Videos Using  Points of interest Social MediaPromotional VideoSELF-PROMOTIONAL / INTRODUCTORY VIDEO SCRIPTYou need to introduce yourself to the 21st Century buyer. The best way todo this is to record a 60 second video of yourself as you express pitch yourservices to the world.Make a promotional video and place it on Youtube:Hi, my name is ________________ with______________________. I‟ve had the greatpleasure of assisting hundreds of Buyers andSellers in the ________________area, and I wouldbe honored to help you, or any of your friendsand family. I use my extensive knowledge of thelocal market, along with all the latesttechnology to help my clients achieve theirgoals. Call or e-mail, and let me show you how Ican help with your real estate goalInformational videosOnce you have your promo video up on youtube, you will want to begina series of informational videos such as “MARKET UPDATES.” You can dothese yourself or have a loan officer do them. You may also ask inspectors,title reps, appraisers or any other related field to make a quick,informational video that you can share on YOU TUBE.The purpose of all of promo and informational video is to create theperception that you are a ONE-STOP-SHOP and are a valuable resourceand leader in your real estate market. It is all about BUILDING YOURONLINE REPUTATION. 39
  40. 40. Promoting Your VideoOnce your video has been uploaded to Youtube, you can post the URL toindividual videos on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Your Website, Blog, andanywhere else where you can embed video.You can also email the links to friends, SOI, past clients, current clients,potential clients. You can even put links in your email signature as well asyour business card. Show the world how awesome you are by puttingvideo everywhere!KEYS TO YOUTUBE SUCCESS:1. Buy a nice yet inexpensive, hand held camcorder. (FLIP and Kodak are great)2. Do a self-promotional introductory video3. Video all listings ( a 2-4 minute tour of the home.)4. Video foreclosures5. Video Neighborhoods in your farm area6. Video builder models7. Video mortgage tips8. Video Home buying/selling tips9. Video other agents listings (with permission)10. Video points of interest in the city11. POST EVERYTHING ON YOUTUBE12. Make sure that you complete the description when posting13. Share your youtube links with everyone from facebook to family and friends. 40
  41. 41. Login to youtube with your Google account info. Fill in profileChoose Upload Upload a video or create one with your webcam 41
  42. 42. Video is uploading Complete description REMEMBER to use keywords A link will be created for your video 42
  43. 43. EMBED A YOUTUBE VIDEO INTO YOUR BLOGGER SITE View the video Click the “:share” button below the video player Click the “Embed” button Copy the HTML code provided 43
  44. 44. Go to Blogger site and open a post,page or create a new onePost the code in the body of thepost or page 44
  45. 45. QR CodesWhat is a QR Code?QR codes are basically barcodes that when scanned with a smartphonewill direct the user to an online link that you embedded into the code. QRcodes can be created by various free online programs.There are MANY USES for QR (quick response codes). The first one you willwant to take advantage of is pointing the QR to you promotional Video.The QR code can be saves as an image file (jpeg, gif) and placed onbusiness cards, sign riders, fliers and any other print advertising.If you want to really stand out from the competition, have a QR printed onthe back of your card that when scanned will open your promotionalvideo.More QR InformationQR Codes are now being created by virtual tour programs, propertywebsites and flier programs. When scanned, these codes will open upvirtual tours, fliers info and websites. However, probably the leastexpensive and effective method is to make your own videos and createQR codes.There are several qr code generators online. Just do a search for “qr codegenerator” to find one that will work.Here are the steps:1. Go to goqr.me2. Select the type of code you wish to make (URL is the one you want)3. Copy the youtube link to your promo video4. Paste the link into the code creator field5. Download the code that was instantly created6. Use the code as an image on cards, fliers and other print materials 45
  46. 46. CREATE A QR CODE USING YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOPlay Desired Video Copy the link for the video 46
  47. 47. Go to GOQR.ME and Choose the URL tabPaste the video link into the field A QR code is created that you can download or copy 47
  48. 48. Best Uses For QR Codes1. Lawn Signs – This would be the most obvious usage. Link the QR codeto a video of the home or virtual. You may want to consider having it sentto a lead capturing web page. Consumers like to get as muchinformation as humanly possible before calling a real estate agent. Byplacing the QR Code on your sign riders you will be providing yourprospects, those driving around looking for homes to buy, with all of theinformation needed about that property instantly. Price, interior photosand community info are typically things that a lawn sign does not provideand by leveraging a QR Code you are really giving the consumer whatthey want when they want it.2. Business Cards – Record a video that you upload to YouTube that is100% specific to the fact that they got your business card and scanned it.Then use a qr generator to generate the QR Code. So for example thebeginning of the video should say “Thanks so much for taking the time toscan the QR Code on the back of my business card it was great meetingyou in person…”3. Direct Mail –If you are looking to generate leads and new business youmay also consider doing a video unique to the mail campaign similar tothe above business card strategy. So for example you are mailing toStone Oak…start the video with “One of the things I love about working inthe Stone OAk area are the people…” Then obviously let them know thatwhen the time comes to list they deserve to work with a Realtor wholeverages the latest online and offline marketing.4. Property Flyers – Considering all of the information about the listing isalready on the flier, this is another opportunity to leverage video. Link theCode to a video tour of the home, virtual tour slideshow video, or singleproperty website. 48
  49. 49. Real Estate Based SearchesIn building your Online reputation, you will want to make sure you have astrong presence in the online real estate community.Start the process by completing profiles in the following online programs:TRULIATrulia is a free service for Consumers looking for a place to buy or rent,want to know what its really like to live in a neighborhood or just want toperuse available properties.. Trulia connects people who live nearby tothe newest listings and best deals on the market.There is a free profile for real estate professionals and a forum calledTRULIA ANSWERS where any real estate agent can answer consumerquestions in their area.ZILLOWZillow is a home and real estate marketplace dedicated to helpinghomeowners, buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents, mortgageprofessionals, landlords and property managers find and share vitalinformation about homes, real estate and mortgages. Assisting consumersmake home-related decisions and connect with real estate professionalsSign Up for the free profile to get connected to your own listings and besound in real estate searchesACTIVE RAINActiveRain is best described as the real estate industry‟s answer toMySpace or FaceBook. Launched in June 2006, ActiveRain is a freenetworking site for real estate professionals across the United States.Members are categorized by geographic location and create profilescontaining a photo, general information regarding specializations, andmore. It takes about five minutes to set up a profile and there are over7,500 profiles in the network with more added daily.Sign up for an account and start sharing your ideas and thought on yourown Active Rain blog or join peer groups fro ideas and motivation.OTHER IMPORTANT VENUES FOR YOUR PROFILE 49
  51. 51. 51
  52. 52. BUYER LEAD GENERATIONONLINE CLASSIFIEDSEarlier we discussed online listing syndication. Many online real estateclassifieds such as oodle, backpage, trulia, zillow, hotpads and othersalllow for automatic syndication. It is imperative to utilize any and allsyndication programs at your disposal to post to these valuable sites.However, the most important online classified does not allow forauto-syndication.CRAIGSLIST is the most viewed online classified in the country. Ads areplaced manually in the appropriate categories.An agent can create ads from scratch to post on craigslist or useprograms that will create ads for them. We have already mentionedsingle property sites realbird and eproperties. Both programs havecraigslist ad generators as does visual tour. You can also get a freeaccount with POSTLETS.COM that will create a professional ad to beposted on craigslist.POST WITHOUT LISTINGS?There are many ads that can be created without using listings. Try thinkingout of the box. Here are a few examples:1. Free Foreclosure List2. List of Townhomes3. List of Condos4. Homes near a golf course5. Homes in a specific area6. New Construction Homes7. Fixer upper homes8. Investment Properties9. Short Sales10. Distressed PropertiesYou should create a library of ads and add to the collection often. Withmany ads to choose from, you can post twice per day on craigslist (noonand 7pm). Just copy your ad and paste. (See section on Craigslist for stepby step and ad formatting) 52
  53. 53. OTHER AGENTS LISTINGSMost agents would have no objection to allowing someone to markettheir listings. Here are the steps to advertising for buyers utilizing otheragents listings:1. Target a few listings that are priced right, in good areas, with a goodturnaround2. Get permission from the listing agent3. Create a craigslist ad for each listing4. Save the ads in a word doc format5. Post 2 ads daily, twice per daySINGLE PROPERTY WEBSITESSingle Property Websites Are made to showcase one and only oneaddress. Every property has a personality that a property site can spotlight.With all of the search sites available, homes and properties get groupedwith other listings enabling them to get lost in the mix. In todays mediarich world every property for sale deserves its very own website. SingleProperty Websites are the best way to showcase a home. Imagine youare trying to buy a property and you discover a gorgeous high definitionwebsite with full screen pictures, virtual tours, area information, documentsand more. You would probably be quite impressed with the informationprovided and are much more likely to request more information. Thesesites are highly effective for winning listings and attracting buyers. They arealso amazingly easy and inexpensive. There are two great sites that will domost of the work for you.www.Realbird.comwww.ePropertysites.comTEXT MESSAGE MARKETINGThe sites mentioned also offer “Text message riders” for your for sale signs.These riders will offer consumers a way to text a property specific numberfor more information. The consumer will get automatic information and 53
  54. 54. the agent will CAPTURE THE LEAD. Text riders are extremely effective incapturing leads.MOBILE MARKETINGIf you do not have a smart phone and the ability to check your email fromyour phone...make these changes immediately. Hot leads will many timesbe sent via email. You MUST be able to get the lead and call backimmediately or it will grow cold and never amount to anything.FACT:WEB LEADS MUST BE CONTACTED IMMEDIATELY UPON CAPTURE!!If you wait over 10 minutes to contact your leads, they will be cold andmost likely not return your correspondence whether phone or email.Every platform you use online should have the capability to capture leadinformation and deliver it to your email is the most visited real estate website in the world. It‟spopularity is garnered from the fact that has every listing available in oneplace, it is easy to use and most of all FREE to consumers. If you have alisting, it is on The basic information about the property isimported from the MLS feed as well as four photos. However, there is onemajor component missing on the basic listing. THERE IS NOLEAD CAPTURE.REALTOR.COM SHOWCASEIn order to make work for you, it is necessary to subscribe tothe “Showcase Program.” This showcase provides the agent‟s contactinformation and a “get more info” feature that CAPTURES LEAD INFO anddelivers it to the agent‟s email. 54
  55. 55. Once subscribed to this feature, you will need to complete your profile assoon as possible. Make sure your email and phone number are correct.To enhance lead capture, the Showcase program offers thefollowing features (will impress your sellers as well):1. 25 photos2. Virtual Tour3. Video4. Headlines5. Text Descriptions6. Open House Advertising7. No advertisements8. Home, Neighborhood and School info9. Agent‟s Other ListingsLISTING SYNDICATIONReal estate listing syndication is the process of getting a listingsinformation displayed on other sites around the Internet. This can be amanual task, but is more effective if somehow done with an automatedprocess. When you syndicate your listings, the sites usually have a“contact agent” or other lead capture features designed to deliver leadsto the agent immediatelyMost local real estate sites, whether brokerage or agent owned, havetheir listings on their site and However, many do not havethem on major highly-traffic sites like:   Yahoo Real Estate  Oodle  Vast  55
  56. 56. SYNDICATING SITESThere are others, but these are some of the more popular sites on whichwe can have our real estate listings displayed through syndication. Youcan go to each of these sites and manually enter your listings information.Some website providers do it for you, such as Point2Agent. What do youdo if your site provider doesnt do this, and youd like to do it in a moreeffective way than manual entry?There are some sites out there that provide syndication of your listingsonce youve entered the information just once. Some are free, and someoffer this service as part of a larger package of marketing services. Youenter your listing, usually with photos and all details, and these sites get itsyndicated to a list of sites. Check them out carefully, as well as the sites towhich they syndicate.    RealBird  ClassifiedFlyerAds   Realyo.comDont waste time in getting your listings syndicated to as manyacceptable major sites as possible. Then prepare a list of those sites,"syndication list", and take it into your listing presentations. Never lose alisting again just because an agent or broker is touting the traffic to theirlocal site.VIRTUAL TOURSWhy would you want to include a virtual tour in your home marketingefforts? Better asked, why wouldnt you? Nowadays, buyers dont evenlook at online listings if they dont include a virtual tour. Did you know that?How Do Virtual Tours Work?Virtual tours take you inside the home and give you a 360-degree view.Some are interactive, meaning you click the mouse and it takes you tothe ceiling, the floor, the walls, leaving no inch of the room unviewed. 56
  57. 57. Others are flat-screen views put together to give you a moving image thatyou watch but do not control.An agent can accomplish creating a professional grade virtual tour, videofor YouTube, listing syndication to and over 40 sites just utilizingthe Visual Tour virtual tour software.There are many other virtual tour software programs, but visual tourprovides a full spectrum of features. The agent merely needs to take nicephotos and upload them into the software. With Visual tour an agent may:1. Create Panoramic Images from single shot photos2. Convert tour to a video3. Change music and voiceovers4. Upload tours to craigslist, facebook, twitter, you tube and multiple othersitesSeller Lead GenerationTo increase business and make more money you will want to have asobtain and carry as many listings as possible. The listings will generatemore buyers, sellers and opportunity.One way to “kick-start” your listing inventory is to target sellers in need of ashort sale.Short Sale ListingsA short sale is a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling theproperty will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against theproperty and the property owner cannot afford to repay the liens fullamounts, whereby the lien holders agree to release their lien on the realestate and accept less than the amount owed on the debt. Any unpaidbalance owed to the creditors is known as a deficiency. Short saleagreements do not necessarily release borrowers from their obligations torepay any deficiencies of the loans, unless specifically agreed to betweenthe parties. 57
  58. 58. A short sale is often used as an alternative to foreclosure because itmitigates additional fees and costs to both the creditor and borrower.The trick is to find DISTRESSED PROPERTIES and offer the short sale solutionto the owner. There are several classes and designations an agent canacquire to help learn the short sale process. The purpose here is to help infinding the leads.Go to your county clerk website and look for property search orforeclosure notices.In Bexar County the link is Steps are simple: (see also page __ in the appendix) 1. Go to the county clerk site 2. Search for foreclosure notices 3. Scan the foreclosure notices available 4. Choose some with a “sale date” a few weeks away 5. Go visit the owner and offer a short sale solution 6. List the property as usual 7. (Follow any separate guidelines as learned in your short sale training) 58
  59. 59. Go to County ClerkwebsiteAnd Register as auser. (It‟s free!) Under the “Searches Available” heading, choose the Button labeled “DATE/DOC” 59
  60. 60. Enter the date range you wish to search. Then choose foreclosures in the “Search From” drop- down field. Click GO SEARCHClick on the VIEWIMAGE buttonA copy of theforeclosure notice willappear in a newwindow. 60
  61. 61. Navigate through allnotices by clicking “NEXT IMAGE” PRINT OR SAVEIMAGES USING THE BUTTONS ON THIS SCREEN. 61
  62. 62. Just Listed/Sold ListingsOne of the best ways to find more listings is through a technique called“just listed” and “just sold” marketing.The premise is simple. You or your office has just listed or sold a home. Youcall everyone in the surrounding area to let them know about the listing orsale. Let your prospects know that you need more homes to sell and ask ifthey would consider selling theirs.The script is very simple:“Hi. My name is Rick with ABC Realty. I am calling because I (we) have justlisted a home in your neighborhood on 123 Apple St. As a result of ourmarketing we have generated a lot of interest in the area and need morehomes to sell. Have you thought about selling yours?”The same is true for “just sold”“Hi. My name is Rick with ABC Realty. I am calling because I (we) have justsold a home in your neighborhood on 123 Apple St. As a result of ourmarketing we have generated a lot of interest in the area and need morehomes to sell. Have you thought about selling yours?”All you need to have TONS of number and prospects to call each day isan active listing and a CRISS-CROSS DIRECTORY. (This is a resources thatwill give you names, addresses and phone numbers of residents within agiven parameter.You can definitely BUY resources such as Cole‟s Directory or you can usethe FREE RESOURCE in this example to obtain Just Listed/ Sold phonenumbers.In San Antonio, you can use the Public Library resources at TO FINDING RESOURCES ( Also See Appendix page __) 1. 2. Click on DATABASES 3. Scroll through the directory for REFERNCE USA 4. Enter your name and library card # 62
  63. 63. 5. Under „Active Databases” choose U.S. Standard White Pages 6. Choose “Custom Search 7. Choose Geography and then Radius 8. Enter Street Address and .5 in the “number of miles” field You will the see a list of everyone within a half mile of your listing. (be sure to comply with all “do not call” regulations) Go to and click on DATABASESChoose “ReferenceUSA” from the listChoose “US StandardWhite Pages” 63
  64. 64. Choose :Custom SearchGeographyRadius Fill in Address and Zipcode Desired number of Miles around the address Click VIEW RESULTS You now have a list of names and phone numbers!! 64
  65. 65. FSBO Listings(See expired Script in the Appendix)For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) sales declined to 10 percent of salestransactions in 2011, down from 14% of sales in 2003. 40% of FSBO salesoccur when the seller knows the buyer, since a real estate agent is notusually needed in those types of transactions. Small towns and resort areastend to have the highest rates of FSBO sales, with only 7% of suburbanarea transactions being FSBOs. Typically FSBO sellers have lower medianincomes and are more often singles, especially single males. Every homeseller must eventually decide whether to hire a REALTOR® or to sell thehome on their own. But even after they decide to go solo, FSBOs can stillbe convinced to your expertise.For Sale By Owner Leads can be found in several places on the internet 1. CRAIGSLIST - See Appendix) 2. 3. FSBO.comYou may also subscribe to a paid service such as LANDVOICE.COM to getcompiled FSBO leads sent to you regularly with addresses and phonenumbers that have been scrubbed against the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY.This is a small expense for the time it will save. 65
  66. 66. 66
  67. 67. Expired ListingsWORKING EXPIREDSWorking expireds is one of the easiest sources of inventory for a savvy realestate agent. Most homeowners who have experienced the marketingprocess without a sale are disillusioned by the lack of satisfaction from theinitial listing agent, making it an easy addition to your inventory when youhave the right system in place...and you know what you are doing!LIST TO LAST… AND GROW FAST!!No Matter if it is a Sellers‟ Market or a Buyers‟ MarketIf you have Listings – You Control the Market!The Easiest Listings to get RIGHT NOW are… Expired ListingsAs a real estate professional, you need to be working on expired listings.Such listings are becoming more common and available due to thechanging real estate economy and an inability on the part of agents tostay ahead of trends.The Best way to get the expired leads daily is through a paid service suchas land voice or redX.comYou may also obtain them yourself by doing the following: 1. Search expireds on the MLS 2. Obtain seller name from MLS or Tax Appraisal Website 3. Look up name and addresses using an online phone directory a. b. 67
  68. 68. CraigslistOne of the most vital pieces to an agent‟s marketing efforts is the properuse of Craigslist.When used correctly, it can be a resource for:Seller leadsBuyer leadsSearch Engine OptimizationTo find Sellers on CraigslistGo to CraigslistClick “ real estate for sale”Choose “real estate-by owner” from the drop-down boxClick SearchTo find Buyers on CraigslistCreate 12 Unique “Niche Ads” with eye catching headlinesDay 1 – Post 2 ads at Noon and 2 ads at 7pmDay 2 – Post the next 2 ads at Noon and the next 2 at 7pmDay 3 – Post the next 2 ads at Noon and the next 2 at 7pmDay 4 (and every day after) Renew 2 ads at Noon and 2 more at 7pmSEOEvery ad you post should direct the viewer to your LEAD CAPTURINGWEBSITE. This will do wonders for your website visits and Search EngineOptimization.Best Practice for Craigslist AdsAccording to site analytics, 63,216,431 people used Craigslist in the monthof September. With stats like these, agents cannot afford to neglectimplementing Craigslist real estate marketing strategies into their businessThere is a right and wrong way to use craigslist.Since Craigslist closely resembles a form of traditional classifieds basedadvertising, a majority of users choose to utilize this real estate marketingtactic by simply running basic ads with no or a very poor call to action. 68
  69. 69. We cannot expect visitors to contact us directly. Instead, online marketingstrategies require us to be proactive instead.For instance, if you were to spend 15 minutes scanning over local postingson Craigslist, you would typically find a lot of listings that rattle off a bunchof features and benefits of a particular home, with perhaps a link to awebsite or property search tool.However, the problem with this approach is that 95% of the population isdoing the same exact thing! Unless that prospect is ready to buy or sell onthe spot, your ad could quickly be glimpsed over with no action beingtaken. The difference with using Craigslist real estate marketing strategiesis that you must focus on lead capture instead of simply advertising yourgoods and services to a huge marketplace.Your Craigslist AdGripping Headline: What makes your listing or offer unique? Focus onfeatures, benefits, and pain points that will grasp your audience‟sattention. Headline must be compelling to get people to even open yourad.Image/Banner Ad: Once a person opens your ad, the very first thing thatshould draw their attention is an image or banner ad with a very strongcall to action. The offer should be something that will speak to youraudience and cause them to click over to your landing page.You may get more creative as you develop your Craigslist program. Donot lose site of the importance of Headlines and Lead Capture.An example and instructions for making the ad can be found in diagram22. 69
  70. 70. SETTING UP A CRAIGSLIST ACCOUNTClick “my account” 70
  71. 71. POST A CRAIGSLIST AD Locati Headl on ine Paste Ad or type 71 text here
  72. 72. 72
  73. 73. PIECING TOGETHER THE CRAIGSLIST HTML AD CODE Copy Code<center><a href="http://www.YOUR_LINK.COM" rel="nofollow"><img src="httpYOUR_IMAGE_LINK.jpg"></a></center><br> Copy and paste YOUR Copy and paste the website/landing page url PHOTOBUCKET here Image url here IMPORTANT! The Photo Bucket will have [IMG] at both ends of the URL. [IMG] rsley/DownPaymentAsstVideo.jpg[IMG] DELETE IT! rsley/DownPaymentAsstVideo.jpg 73
  74. 74. How to get image links for your ads: PHOTOBUCKET Open PHOTOBUCKET account Fill in all Fields then “sign me up!”CLICK SIGN UP or AUTO SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK You‟re In! 74
  75. 75. Select Photos to upload Choose the file and click OPEN Upload is Complete! Click the image to Expand We will be NOTICE YOUR IMAGE IS HERE! needing the IMAGE URL located here labeled IMG CODE Just click and it will show 75 copied.
  76. 76. PIECING TOGETHER THE CRAIGSLIST HTML AD CODE. Copy Code<center><a href="http://www.YOUR_LINK.COM" rel="nofollow"><img src="httpYOUR_IMAGE_LINK.jpg"></a></center><br> Copy and paste YOUR Copy and paste the website/landing page url PHOTOBUCKET here Image url here IMPORTANT! The Photo Bucket will have [IMG] at both ends of the URL. [IMG] rsley/DownPaymentAsstVideo.jpg[IMG] DELETE IT! rsley/DownPaymentAsstVideo.jpg 76
  77. 77. Avoid Craigslist PitfallsThere are various nuances that you must also be aware of when postingto Craigslist, in order to ensure that you keep your account in goodstanding and gain the most exposure possible. Here are 3 of the toppitfalls and how you can best avoid them.Getting Flagged – Regardless of how relevant and well written yourCraigslist real estate marketing ads are, there will always be instanceswhere an anal competitor or even Craigslist reviewer will flag an ad forwhatever reason.Unfortunately, this can happen anytime an ad is flagged more than once.Thankfully, you can always post more than one ad throughout the day.Plus by maintaining an active account, you will be able to repost eachsubmission whenever this issue arises.Being Ghosted – Another huge hurdle to overcome with Craigslist is theinfamous “ghosting” technique. Instead of notifying you whenever theyfeel something doesn‟t jive, they will simply not show your ad copy withinany of the searches. So your Craigslist real estate marketing ad mayappear to have been posted, but if you run a search within 30 minutesand it‟s still not there, then it most likely has been ghosted. This canhappen to any ad at any time, and there is not really any rhyme or reasonto Craigslist‟s algorithms. We will cover solutions for this along with #3below.Blocking Your IP – Although this is very rare, from time to time Craigslist willcompletely block your IP address if they feel you are not following theirpolicies. Again, you may unjustly have this happen to you (typically notthe issue), only because they are trying to protect their system fromspammers.If for whatever reason their system feels that you fall within that category(usually due to over posting), then anything you try to post from thatspecific IP will never show up in the searches. It doesn‟t matter if you opena new account with a different email address, because they will betracking your IP.So here are a few things to keep in mind.First, be sure to space out your submissions throughout the day. Post nomore than 2-3 ads per local area for your Craigslist real estate marketing.Also, be sure to change up the titles, copy and the html you are using aswell. 77
  78. 78. If you plan on submitting a lot more to cover various markets, then it maybe best to run campaigns from a couple different accounts. Keep in mindthat you‟ll need to telephone verify and you can only use a number once.So consider partnering with other agents in your office.Finally, if for whatever reason you end up having your IP flagged, thendon‟t panic! If you feel that the punishment was unwarranted, you canalways try contacting Craigslist directly to get this issue resolved. It may benecessary to have your IP reset as well, but by following their guidelineswhen posting, Craigslist real estate marketing ads, you should be able toavoid this.Google VoiceGoogle Voice enhances your existing phone service. It was introduced inMarch 2009 and allows free calling and text messaging in the U.S. andCanada. It also offers low rates for international calls. Google Voice hassome great features for real estate professionals.1. Voice mail notifications. Voice mail notifications alert you via emailwhen you have missed a call or have a new voice mail.To enable this feature in Google Voice, click on the gear icon in the upperright corner of the Google Voice screen and select “Voice settings,” thenselect “Voicemail & Text,” then click on the “Email the message to:”option, and enter your email address. You can also enable alerts to senda text message to your mobile phone.2. Create a Google Voice label and filter. After enabling voice mailnotifications, you can create a label in Gmail (give it a name like “GoogleVoice” or “voice mail”) to manage all of your Google Voice emailcorrespondence. Next, create a filter in Gmail so all of your Google Voicemessages are delivered directly to that label. This will not only organizeyour messages, but also gives you the ability to quickly search yourmessages.3. Google Voice player. The Google Voice player allows you to listen tovoice mail right from your inbox.To enable this gadget, click on the gear icon and select “Mail settings” (orclick on the “Settings” field), then click “Labs,” then find the “GoogleVoice player in mail” tool in the list and click “Enable.” Voice mailrecordings can play on mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad. 78
  79. 79. 4. Share voice mail. With Google Voice you can forward and sharemessages. Just log into your account, select the message you would liketo share, click “more” and select “Email.” If you have enablednotifications, you can also email messages from Gmail. This is a greatfeature, especially if you want to share an important voice mail with aclient or colleague.5. Voice transcription. Google Voice will transcribe your voice mail to text,allowing you to read voice mail as well as listen to them. Google statesthat “transcriptions aren‟t perfect,” and they‟re not. However, it‟s a handyfeature if you‟re in a meeting and cannot take a call. You can also searchtranscriptions just as you would email.To enable this option, select “Voicemail & Text,” and click on “TranscribeVoicemails.”6. Call or text from your browser. Google Voice allows you to call or textdirectly from your browser. Log in to your account and click on the “Call”and “Text” buttons below the Google Voice logo.7. Call Widget. The Google Voice Call Widget allows visitors to yourwebsite or blog to call you. The widget is easy to enable and embed.Select “Call Widgets” on the Google Voice “Settings” menu, click “Add anew Call Widget,” select the applicable settings, and click “Savechanges” when done. You can then copy the snippet of code providedand embed it in your website. A visitor can click the widget and enter aname and number, and Google Voice will connect the call. You can seethe Call Widget in action here.8. Groups. As stated in a Google Voice description, you can customize “aspecial greeting for your family, or have your co-workers ring separatephones.” Upload or manually add contacts to Google Voice andorganize them into custom groups. You can then record unique voicemail greetings for each group, which is extremely advantageous. Realestate professionals can create groups for buyers, sellers, co-workers, etc.,to help optimize communications.9. Call Screening. Call screening is a valuable feature in Google Voice.To enable this, select “Calls” on the “Settings” menu and select“On” for “Call Screening.” Pressing “2″ during an incoming call willsend the call to voice mail. At any point during the call, you can press “*” 79
  80. 80. to join the call. You can also choose to block any caller as you see fit. InGoogle Voice, just select the message, and then click “more” and select“Block caller.”10: Record Call. Pressing “4″ during a conversation will record the call.The participants on the call are notified that the conversation is beingrecorded. Recorded conversations are available in your Google Voiceinbox on the Web and in your mobile app. 80
  81. 81. 81
  82. 82. 82
  83. 83. 83
  84. 84. ZipForm OnlineZipFormOnline provides the tools necessary to create and access yourforms over the Internet. It Is the Official Forms Software of the NATIONALASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and a REALTOR Benefits(SM) Partner.ZipForm offers MLS Integration, Association Partnerships, Special Agentand Broker Tools and Packages, Desktop and Online Programs, OnlineConcierge Services and Electronic Signatures. It is an easy-to-use realestate contract software program that will help increase productivitywhile decreasing the amount of time spent doing paperwork..With ZipFormOnline, you can go beyond the confines of the office andclose the deal anywhere the opportunity arises. There‟s no need to carrydisks or thumb drives, lose an important form because your disk isdamaged or mistakenly work with the wrong version of an in-processcontract. Use your laptop, or any computer with an Internet connection,to securely access your up-to-date forms, print them, e-mail them andclose the deal.How to Use: Connect to the Internet, log-in to ZipFormOnline, choose theappropriate forms and input the necessary information. ZipFormOnlineallows you to easily create new contracts or store and edit in-processtransactions.Docusign(NAR members have access to 5 free envelopes per month. See Diagram19 for step by step set up as well as how to integrate with Zipforms)DocuSign is the fastest way to get a signature. With DocuSign, anyonecan send documents for electronic signature in a flash. You indicatewhere you want your clients to sign and address it like you would an emailthats it! When your client receives the email notification, they will bewalked through a few simple screens to select their electronic signaturestyle and sign the document. You will receive an email notification whenthe form is signed. Your contracts will almost seem to close themselves! 84
  85. 85. How it WorksIt is very simple. Print your Documents to a DocuSign Digital Envelope, andlet the wizard guide you! Your customers need only an email address anda browser to sign. Signature stamps are created automatically and 85
  86. 86. Online Marketing PresentationA huge part of your credibility and reputation online will depend on yourability to stand out or differentiate yourself from the competition. A greatway to do this is to create a KILLER marketing plan, put into a professionalPowerpoint Presentation and upload it to an online slide show program.The most basic slideshow program is SLIDESHARE.NET. isanother presentation format that is more dynamic and provides morepresentation options. If you would like the look and feel of an E-BOOK, usea free program ISSUU.COM to create, store and share your presentation.It is important to present your tech skills in an impressivepackage that can be shared in print, email and online.Steps to a KILLER Online Presentation 1. Highlight the Things That Make You Stand Out 2. Keep it Short (No More than 15 pages) 3. Make Colorful yet Classy 4. Save in Power Point 5. Upload to Slide Rocket, Slideshare and 6. Put Finishing touches to make it “pop” 7. Use Laptop or Ipad to present 86
  87. 87. 87