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how to find and convert buyers

Published in: Real Estate
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  1. 1. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  2. 2. APARTMENT TENANTS Use the Criss-Cross to Call Renters in Apartment Complexes YOUR SCRIPT Hi! My name is Rick with Century 21. I am calling Because studies show that most renters would rather be homeowners. They are tired of wasting their money and making the land lord rich. If you could rent a bigger home for the same or less than you pay in rent, wouldn’t you? "I am Totally Committed to my Success" (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  3. 3. Effective Lead Generation (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  4. 4.  Set up an account on craigslist  You may want to use an alternative email created specifically for this purpose.  Find Source for Listings (see list below)  Save Photos  Choose four photos from each listing  Right-click photo and “save image as…”  Save in a folder where it can be found easily Use for our listings Try for more homes Use for new construction homes Post ads at noon and at 7pm Make sure to include your name and broker. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  5. 5.  Eyecatching Headline with a good hook  Ie School District, Unique Feature, Bargain. HUD, foreclosure, low payment, etc  A few good pictures (no more than 4)  Short Description  Call to action and phone # Use for our listings Try for more homes Use for new construction homes Post 2 ads at noon and 2 at 7pm Make sure to include your name and broker. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  6. 6.  DO  Post every day  Keep ads new and fresh  Use the best photos  Post at optimum times when possible (12pm and 7pm)  Use ads to get calls to set appointments  Always include your phone number multiple times in ad  DON’T  Don’t Use more than 4 photos  Don’t Include Address in ads  Don’t focus on one type of listing or price range  Don’t Skip a day "I am Totally Committed to my Success" (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  7. 7.  Answer all calls immediately  Use the Lead Conversion Script  SET APPOINTMENT TO MEET  Don’t get caught up in texting back and forth  If you receive an email ask for a phone number or don’t proceed  If they ask for an address say the following:  “The seller has requested that I accompany all potential buyers. I can show you the home at 10 or 3 today. Which is better?”  Then give them the address and confirm time to view. "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
  8. 8.  Monday – Post 5 “No Money Down” ads  Most homes under $300,000 will work if the buyer qualifies for the program. Look for USDA eligible properties to post as well  Tuesday – Post 5 “Lease with Right to Purchase” ads  Use the guidelines to find homes  Wednesday – Post 5 HUD Foreclosures  Easily found at  Thursday - Post 5 “New Construction Deal” ads  Find Homes in the Realty Pak – Use pics but don’t include builder name.  Friday – Post 5 “Lease with right to purchase” in APARMENTS/HOMES TO RENT section of Craigslist  Saturday – Post 5 Payment Ads  $100,000 = Buy for under 700 per month  $150,000 = Buy for under $1000 per month  $180,000 = Buy for under 1400 per month  Sunday – Post 5 High End Homes – (over $450,000) "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
  9. 9. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  10. 10. FLOOR DUTY…PHONE TIME…OPPORTUNITY TIME Be Prepared Use Script Get the Appointment "I am Totally Committed to my Success" (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  11. 11. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" Thank you for calling Century 21. How may I help you? (I am calling about a home at 123 Happy St) Oh yes! That must be a great home… we have gotten a lot of calls on it today. When would you like to see it? (I just have a question about it.) Ok. Let me pull it up on the computer. Can I get your name and number in case we are cut off? Thanks! I am pulling the info up now… How long have you been looking for a home? How many homes have you looked at? What methods are you using to find the homes. Are you working with a realtor? Are you renting or buying your home? Alright! I have the info pulled up. It really is a great looking house!! What would you like to know? (How much is it?) It’s _____... is that in your price range? (yes) Great! We should go see it before it is gone!! I can arrange my schedule to meet with you today around 3 or 4. Which one is better for you? (4 is best) Awesome! I will schedule this one and a couple of more in the neighborhood like it. I will call you back once I confirm the showings. BY THE WAY… are you PAYING CASH or will you NEED FINANCING? (Financing) No Problem! I will get someone to call you and take care of that before 4pm. I will call you back with the scheduling info. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  12. 12. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" SPEED + TENACITY + SCRIPT = HIGHEST CONVERSION RATE POSSIBLE ____________________________________________________________________________ Contact IMMEDIATELY!!! SET APPOINTMENT!! Call 6 TIMES Call on MINUTE ONE, MINUTE 10, MINUTE 30 , HOUR ONE, HOUR TWO, DAY TWO TEXT “I just got your information from Zillow. Can you talk?” – MINUTE 1, HOUR ONE, HOUR TWO If EMAIL ONLY - “I just got your information from Zillow. Is now a good time to speak?” – Send MINUTE 30, HOUR ONE, HOUR TWO. HOUR THREE - “The home you’re inquiring about is fantastic! When would you like to see it?” DAY TWO: Subject Line: Checking In - Message: I was just checking in to see if you needed anything from me today. Place in CRM/ZAP and set up auto follow up. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  13. 13. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  14. 14. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" My goal is to help you find the home of your dreams. I want to make sure that I only show you homes that meet your specific criteria. I call these the “DREAM MAKERS.” Of Course, I also want to make that I DO NOT show you anything you don’t want to see. So if there are features that you want to specifically avoid, DEAL BREAKERS, please let me know about these and I will avoid them at all costs. So let’s start with the basics: (DIG DEEP! Find the Pain!!) Tell me about why you are moving and what you want in a home. Area of town that is a MUST! Is it important that we are in a specific school district? Which one and why? Do you want to be close to work? Where is that? Just to be clear, we want ____ school district and not too far away from your job at ____, correct? What do you ABSOLUTELY have to have in a home? I am sure you have had experiences with your past homes that you would like to avoid. What would you say are DEAL BREAKERS or things we should stay away from when looking for your home? What is the VERY MOST you are willing to pay per month on the home of your dreams? Please keep in mind that I will do my best to avoid the deal breakers and I will NEVER show you home that is more than you wish you wish to pay. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  15. 15. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" Buyers will look at 100 homes before they buy... if you let them. This is a HUGE decision for them and there are just SO MANY HOMES TO CHOOSE FROM. They are afraid that they will "settle" if they don't see everything available. As a real estate agent, you must know how to handle this concern. You will waste countless hours and dollars in gas if you do not CONTROL THE SALE. Allowing the clients browse on their own, agents miss buying signs, body language, opportunity to ask "tie down" questions such as "does this feel like home?" or "can you see yourself living here?" A buyer's fear will kick in and, even though this home may be perfect, they will want to see more because they are frightened. The buyer may something like "I don't think we have seen enough homes yet." This is not a true objection, it is a stall. Here is how you can handle this: “John, Mary, I feel that you’re a little apprehensive because we found a great home so quickly. I don’t blame you for that. I hope you realize, though, in scouring the area for homes, I used your idea of the perfect home to narrow down the search. Rather than show you all of the homes available, I decided to show you only those homes that meet your wants, needs and budget. In watching you preview this property, I could see you were envisioning your family living here. That’s why I’d like you to consider placing an offer on this particular property rather than wasting your time searching and maybe lose this home that you really like." They want the home. They don’t want to lose this home to someone else. It is just that their emotions are jumbled up. As a good sales person, you will help your client make a choice that they want to make. You are the trusted professional. Your advice can calm them down so they can make the right decision. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  16. 16. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" 1. Find a home, submit offer, negotiate price, offer is accepted 2. When both parties sign and contract is executed, deliver contract and earnest money check to title company to be receipted. 3. Send copies of receipted copies to your buyer, listing agent, mortgage company 4. Send list of inspectors to buyer 5. Insist to schedule inspection immediately as to determine if any repairs to be down within option period (If buyer refuses to have home inspection, they must sign form stating they declined) 6. Compile list of desired repairs and complete an Amendment to the Contract (TAR 1903) 7. Write desired repairs in section labeled “In addition to any repairs and treatments otherwise required by the contract, Seller, at Seller's expense, shall complete the following repairs and treatments” (Use space provided. If more needed, refer to attachment to the amendment.) 8. If amendment is accepted and signed by seller, property will go into Pending status (PND) If sellers refuse to complete repairs, buyers may choose to exercise their option, or right to terminate. In which case, complete NOTICE OF BUYER'S TERMINATION OF CONTRACT (TAR 1902) and Release of Earnest Money (TAR 1904). Have buyers sign and then deliver to listing agent immediately. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  17. 17. "I am Totally Committed to my Success" TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Inspections, repair negotiation and cancellation must be completed with the option period. Do not procrastinate. 10. When option period is over and repair negotiations are settled, property will be in Pending status 11. Check in with Loan officer frequently to ensure you are on track to close on time or early. Speak with closer at the title company to make sure everything is in order. 12 Wait for closing 13. The day of or before closing, go with buyer and conduct a BUYER WALK- THROUGH to make sure the home is in acceptable shape. Have the buyers sign the BUYER WALK-THROUGH form. (c) Tankersley Training Inc
  18. 18. 15 WAYS TO GET BUSINESS  REFERRALS – Create, Add to and Maintain a List of people you know. Ask for referrals. Follow up consistently  BUSINESSES – Go into any business. Speak with the person in charge (or whomever is available) Introduce yourself. Ask if they know anyone who is moving. “When do you plan on moving?” Send note. Follow up consistently  BUILDERS – Visit builder reps. Build rapport. Take interest in their story. Send Note. Follow up consistently  OPEN HOUSES– Schedule open house. Acquire a ton of signage and balloons. Have entry forms for drawings. Make conversation. “Please let me know what you think of home so I can pass to owner.” Set appointments. Follow up consistently  BUILDER OPEN HOUSES -Ask builders to allow you to hold their specs open. Follow general open house steps above.  SOCIAL MEDIA – Post ads, open houses and general announcements on News feed. IM friends and say “Do you know anyone who may be moving?” (NO) “If you were buying or selling, or knew someone who was, would I be the agent you refer them to?” ALSO use the search bar in FB and TWITTER for the term “moving to San Antonio” you will find many leads!  CRAIGSLIST ADS- Post ads everyday. Be consistent and don’t let up. Use Buyer Conversion Technique to set appointments. Get info. Send emails. Follow up consistently  EVENTS – Be involved in community events, HOA, local schools. Set up booths with drawings for giveaways (get your lender to contribute) Call all numbers to generate interest. Follow up consistently.  YARD AND ESTATE SALES – Go for the deals and fun… but ask the sellers if they need real estate services. Are they selling because the want to move. Need to sell home. “If you WERE buying or Selling or knew someone who was, do you have a realtor you would refer them to?” (NO) “I would like to be the realtor you would use and refer.”  FARMERS MARKETS, FLEA MARKETS, SWAP MEETS – Usually very inexpensive to get booths or tables. Once you are set up, follow the instructions for #8.  LEADROUTER – You will get hot leads with phone numbers and warm leads with emails only. Call back and/or email immediately. Place in automatic follow up system. Follow up consistently  PHONE DUTY – Every lead call is GOLD. Use Buyer Conversion techniques to set appointments! Don’t take no for an answer. EVER!   EXPIRED LISTINGS - They NEED to sell!! Call everyday CONSISTENTLY. Use script. Set appointments. Be aggressive. Don’t take no for an answer. Follow up consistently. Target 5 Expireds per week (to start then increase to 5 per day) Go by their home, knock in the door and ask for the listing. (Use expired listing techniques) Send note. Follow up consistently.  FSBO – They NEED to Sell! 90% will actually use an agent. Target 1 per week. Go visit and offer the special report. Follow up consistently  RULE OF FIVE – Whenever you view listing, go to open houses, or show a property. Knock on the 2 homes next door to the home and the 3 across the street. “ I was just showing the home across the street. I have several buyers would like to buy in this area. Have you considered