Website Design Firm Streamlines Communication with Virtually Based Team


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Learn how website design firm Beyond Indigo streamlined communication and file sharing for their virtually based team with Central Desktop.

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Website Design Firm Streamlines Communication with Virtually Based Team

  1. 1. WEBSITE DESIGN FIRMSTREAMLINES COMMUNICATIONSAbout: Beyond Indigo Solution: Central Desktop Helps Organize Teams and ClientBeyond Indigo offers print and online marketing solutions Managementincluding custom websites, interactive tools, SEO plans, social In order to effectively manage its client projects, Beyond Indigomedia campaigns, logo design packages, eNewsletters, blogs needed a robust online collaboration solution that would allow itsand brochures. The company has three primary businesses, employees to communicate with each other regularly and keepBeyond Indigo Pets for animal care professionals, Beyond each other updated on project statuses. Beyond Indigo alsoFunerals for the grief support community and Beyond Indigo required other specific capabilities such as the ability to manageEquine for the equine market. internal and external users, a template/cloning feature and the ability to archive Beyond Indigo selected Central Desktop as its collaboration tool and implemented the solution within a few hours. BeyondChallenge: Project Management for a Virtual Company Indigo then established a procedure for using Central Desktop within the company, which included cloning workspaces for newBeyond Indigo is a virtually-based company that typically clients, a how-to training session to introduce clients to Centralhas 10-15 employees working on creating a new Website – a Desktop and a process for internal and external communication.process that takes at least 3 months to complete. Each personwas responsible for a different aspect of the new Website such By centralizing all communication and data within Centralas graphic design, content development and programming, Desktop, Beyond Indigo was able to dramatically increase itsso communication between all parties was particularly critical efficiency and productivity. The company heavily utilized thein keeping the project on track. The client was also involved, discussion threads feature to communicate with each other, asproviding content and asking questions throughout the process. well as the calendar to track the various stages of a Website launch. Additionally, by giving Beyond Indigo’s customersIn the early stages of the company, Beyond Indigo used an access to Central Desktop and allowing them to be involved inExcel spreadsheet to track projects, but as the company grew the process of building their Websites, the company was alsoand the number of clients continued to increase, they quickly able to improve its client satisfaction rates.saw the need for a communication tool. Central Desktop has become a valuable communication tool for Beyond Indigo and is so integrated into its procedures that the company cannot imagine running its business without it. “I could not run my business Big Wins without Central Desktop. It gives us the freedom to • Streamlined internal and external be anywhere in the world communications and still be in contact with • Increased team productivity and efficiency projects and our client base.” • Yielded a higher ROI because projects were ~ Kelly Baltzell, M.A. completed faster President • Increased client satisfaction by allowing customers to be in constant contact 866-900-7646 |