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WD-40 Saves Time with Online Document Management


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Learn how WD-40 used Central Desktop's document management tools to create a highly organized document management system and maintain brand consistency across each WD-40 product.

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WD-40 Saves Time with Online Document Management

  1. 1. WD-40 SAVES TIME WITH IMPROVED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENTAbout: WD-40 Company Solution: Improved Document Management withWD-40 Company is a global consumer products company Central Desktopdedicated to delivering unique, high-value and easy-to-usesolutions for a wide variety of maintenance needs of “doer” and Paige Perdue, Director of Digital Marketing, along with the help“on-the-job” users by leveraging and building the brand fortress of WD-40’s digital marketing agency, Geary Interactive, managedof the company. The company markets three multi-purpose the process of evaluating various file-sharing solutions. Theymaintenance product brands – WD-40®, 3-IN-ONE® and BLUE began a very thorough search for a new tool including surveyingWORKS® – and eight homecare and cleaning product brands. WD-40 employees about which features they would most like to see in the tool. After reviewing five different solutions, 40 selected Central Desktop for its robust feature set including functionality such as search, thumbnail view, file preview and theChallenge: Replacing a Legacy Custom Built Extranet ability to print files directly to a FedEx Office location.WD-40 was previously using a custom built extranet to share After WD-40’s files were migrated into Central Desktop, thefiles with its sales team. The extranet was available for the sales solution was rolled out to the entire company. Each of WD-team to access and download sell sheets, program calendars, 40’s products was set up with its own branded workspaceproduct spec sheets and other marketing collateral. WD-40 had that housed information such as sales collateral, logos, marketbeen using the extranet for 6 years but began to find that it was research and press clippings in separate folders. Additionally,quite dated with very limited functionality. WD-40 had a workspace for information not related to a specific brand, as well as a general area with for forms, product claimWD-40 considered switching to SharePoint because its support documentation, reports and a new product developmentUK office used it, but ultimately decided that SharePoint area.was too expensive and didn’t have a lot of the flexibility theteam required. WD-40 then decided to begin the process of Organizing WD-40’s files this way made it incredibly easy toevaluating other tools to find a replacement for its custom built locate specific files. Paige estimates that using Central Desktopextranet. allows employees to find a file at least twice as fast compared to using WD-40’s previous extranet system. Going forward, WD-40 plans to gradually roll out additional Central Desktop features that will help consolidate the company’s tools for maximum efficiency. “Using Central Desktop Big Wins saves our marketing team • Created a highly organized document time because people can management system for marketing materials self-serve. They don’t have to come to us to look for • Locating a file became twice as fast files anymore” • Thumbnail view and file preview made it easier to locate the correct file quickly ~ Paige Perdue, Director of • Branded workspaces for each WD-40 product Digital Marketing helped maintain brand consistency 866-900-7646 |