Impressive, Effective Client Management Support for 4 Years and Counting


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Learn how Synchronicity business coaching firm has been using Central Desktop for over 4 years to organize and manage clients, and manage large scale projects that include the launching of two new websites.

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Impressive, Effective Client Management Support for 4 Years and Counting

  1. 1. Impressive, Effective Client Management Support for 4 Years COMPANY NAME and Counting Synchronicity INDUSTRY The Challenge: Lack of Organization in Managing Clients Consulting Coaching is the ultimate collaborative experience so it seemed only natural that Synchronicity would use a collaboration platform to share information with its clients. Synchronicity needed a place to share HEADQUARTERS files, set up tasks and milestones, and essentially keep its clients organized and focused on their goals. Without a collaboration tool, Synchronicity felt disorganized and not in control of client projects and Mississauga, ON progress. WEBSITE Synchronicity needed a collaboration platform that would help keep their clients organized. Additionally, Synchronicity specifically needed a solution that could organize tasks by attaching them to milestones. ABOUT The Solution: Central Desktop as a Client, Task & Project Management Solution SYNCHRONICITY Synchronicity Business After evaluating more than 10 different collaboration platforms, Synchronicity finally found Central Desktop to suit its client management needs in 2005, becoming one of Central Desktop's first customers. Coaching is a Synchronicity set up separate workspaces for each of its clients and used that space to share files, and consulting firm that set up tasks and milestones. Synchronicity also incorporated Central Desktop into its sales process by specializes in using Central Desktop to share files with prospective coaching business clients. As a result, Synchronicity often impressed “We played a lead role in executives and small potential clients by making it clear from the beginning developing a two and a half that the company had structure and an organizational business owners process. day boot camp for a large utilizing HWL financial services firm. We methodologies. Lastly, Central Desktop played a critical role in several of would not have been able to Synchronicity's large-scale projects. Recently, the complete this project without company launched and Ready to try Central (specialty news and Central Desktop.” Desktop information portals for those seeking advice on personal and business issues) using Central Desktop as its project management interface to keep all the moving parts ~ Bob Simpson, organized. President c sdsads For more information, contact Sales at 866-900-7646 or