COMPANY NAME             Non-Profit Organization Streamlines Processes and Stays
   Friends of Villa
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Non-Profit Organization Streamlines Processes and Stays Organized with Collaboration Tools


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Learn how non-profit organization Friends of Villa Grande streamlines processes and stays organized with Central Desktop's collaboration tools.

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Non-Profit Organization Streamlines Processes and Stays Organized with Collaboration Tools

  1. 1. COMPANY NAME Non-Profit Organization Streamlines Processes and Stays Friends of Villa Grande Organized with Collaboration Tools INDUSTRY The Challenge: Running a Virtual, Volunteer-Run Operation Non-Profit One of the biggest challenges for a volunteer-run organization like Friends of Villa Grande is that it is difficult to coordinate the group and keep its members focused. Executive Director Roberto Esteves, HEADQUARTERS who has had past experience working with non-profits, said that it "can be like herding ducks." Villa Grande, CA In addition to keeping the volunteers involved, FoVG was also responsible for keeping its Board of Directors regularly updated about its activities. Roberto realized early on that he would need an online WEBSITE collaboration solution that would allow FoVG's remote members to work together virtually and keep the non-profit organized. http://www.villagr The Solution: Central Desktop Improves Organization and Communication ABOUT FRIENDS OF VILLA GRANDE After receiving a positive recommendation from a friend, Roberto selected Central Desktop as Friends of Villa Grande's collaboration tool. The workspaces were set up in a few minutes and all ten members of Friends of Villa FoVG's Board of Directors, as well as the organization's committee chairs, were invited in to Central Grande (FoVG) is a Desktop. non-profit The organization used Central Desktop to save all of its organization that was official documentation, bylaws, grant applications, “Central Desktop has been a founded in July 2007 support letters for funding sources and meeting minutes so that they could be easily accessed by FoVG's members. lifesaver for us. I don’t think to preserve and Central Desktop was also used to manage projects, such the organization could’ve protect the property as creating flyers, newsletters and brochures. The process of copy writing and editing was simplified by having a grown as big or looked as in Villa Grande known central place for members to work on each brochure. competent as it does without as Patterson Point. it.” The group’s purpose Friends of Villa Grande previously used an Excel is to restore and spreadsheet to manage its member database but switched over to use Central Desktop's database feature. The ~ Roberto Esteves, maintain the natural database kept a record of members' names, contact Executive Director features of the information, volunteer hours and donations. When a new donation was logged in the database, FoVG's treasurer property of the and secretary were notified via email so that they could benefit of residents, send out an acknowledgement letter and look out for the payment. friends and visitors. Because Central Desktop was able to streamline Friends of Villa Grande's processes, the organization Ready to try Central was able to spend more time working on projects rather than coordinating administrative tasks. Roberto Desktop said, "I couldn't imagine doing my job without Central Desktop. I'm only a part-time volunteer, despite my highfalutin title. Having Central Desktop is like having another full time staff person working for us!" c sdsads For more information, contact Sales at 866-900-7646 or