Internet Business Firm Simplifies Task Management and Boosts Client Relations


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Learn how manufacturing internet business firm b2bdot0 streamlines task management and improves client relations with Central Desktop as a Basecamp Alternative.

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Internet Business Firm Simplifies Task Management and Boosts Client Relations

  1. 1. Simplified Task Management and Improved Client Relations for COMPANY NAME Manufacturing Industry b2bdot0 The Challenge: Needed a Basecamp Alternative INDUSTRY Manufacturing, b2b2dot0's need for a collaboration platform began even before the company was officially founded. As Internet Business a start-up preparing to launch, b2b2dot0 needed a solution that would enable them to share and collaborate on various product, sales, marketing and financial plans. Sam Bayer, CEO and Founder of b2b2dot0, was very familiar with Basecamp and used it initially; however, he quickly realized that it HEADQUARTERS was insufficient for his needs. He felt Basecamp's biggest limitation was its inability to manage tasks by Raleigh, NC being able to assign dates to them. b2b2dot0 also knew it would need a tool like Central Desktop to manage projects and clients post WEBSITE launch. b2b2dot0's target customers are typically multinational, several hundred million dollar http://www.b2b2d manufacturing companies. In order to manage large-scale implementation projects with such large companies, b2b2dot0 knew it would need a project management tool. ABOUT b2bdot0 The Solution: Central Desktop as a Critical Part of b2bdot0’s Business b2bdot0 provides a After a few trials with other collaboration software, b2b2dot0 came across Central Desktop and was web-based immediately impressed with its capabilities. Initially, it was implemented internally but b2b2dot0's use of Central Desktop continued to evolve after that. eCommerce solution for the manufacturing Using Central Desktop as both a Web based project industry. b2bdot0’s management and client management tool, b2b2dot0 set up workspaces for each of its clients, which included “The benefits of Central solution integrates milestones and associated task lists. These workspaces Desktop are priceless. It’s part with SAP to provide were used as a central place to share files, track time of the fabric of our company. seamless eCommerce spent on projects, and in general, maintain an ongoing, open dialog with b2b2dot0's team. This resulted in very We could not function functionality faster, high customer transparency and trust. b2b2dot0's clients without Central Desktop.” less expensively and also liked being able to access reports in Central Desktop and essentially track results on their own at any time. with lower risk than ~ Sam Bayer, CEO building a custom b2b2dot0 also set up a highly-customized product website or heavily roadmap workspace that all customers are invited to, customizing existing which houses all of the company's product feature requests. Within this workspace, clients have access to b2b2dot0's full product roadmap, including software products. information about the requests' origins, a timeline for when they'll be implemented and estimates of effort and value for each feature. Customer feedback on this workspace has been very positive since it allows them to feel involved in the product development process. Ready to try Central Desktop By exploring various ways to use Central Desktop, the platform eventually evolved into an essential part of b2b2dot0's business and the company's everyday activities. c sdsads For more information, contact Sales at 866-900-7646 or