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What Wine Importers want


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Wine Importers want better communication and support from the Wineries they represent. Here is their view and demands.
Only wine Producers who listen to their Customers will survive

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What Wine Importers want

  1. 1. It is not the strongest species to survive,neither the most intellegent, but the species that can better adapt to time changes
  3. 3. Who we are . Italy Fine Wines is the first Guide for quality Italian wines of the web era. It’s in full colors, in English, online, always updated and it’s sent to over 20.000 Wine Importers and Press in 140 Countries. Italian wine excellences, hidden gems, indigenous varieties, presented for the first time through an highly emotional format. Information belongs to web and it is not enough to be there. A first class communication is required to emerge form the ocean of information that every day reaches your Clients
  4. 4. ABOUT We asked 276 Wine Importers in Germany, Scandinavia, Canada, USA, China, Japan, UK and other Countries what they think about communication made by Wine Producers on the web. Why they need a lot of sales tools such as pictures, logos, labels, tech sheets and shelf talkers in formats they can download and adapt easily. The interview
  5. 5. Language. Wine Producers with a web site in English get attention than sites in local language only x1 Local language five times x 5 English better
  6. 6. TEXT +70% Short text and nice graphics get 70% more attention BE BRIEF
  7. 7. Images of top quality that can communicat value extra attention 290% get High Definition Your Winery Must communicate value IMAGES
  8. 8. IMAGE = VALUE 74% of Importers claim that the quality of image of the Winery is one of the fundamental elements in the selection of a new Vendor
  9. 9. VIDEO+ IMAGE Web Sites offering images and videos get 470% Extra attention
  10. 10. Text or Image? Pages with only text are viewed for ‘x’ seconds. The same content expressed with images get viewed 7 times longer 7 times Text+image text +7
  11. 11. slideshow Home Pages with a slideshow Get extra attention in the region of 2 minutes
  12. 12. 71% Less than 20% of Importers attend wine shows in Europe. 71% of Importers use internet to find information about new Wine Producers to acquire in their Portfolio -20%
  13. 13. Judgments . 83% of Importers believe that web sites of Italian Producers are less atractive than other Countries
  14. 14. Judg ment 55% s of Importers would not buy wines from Producers with a poor web site and support
  15. 15. Judg ment 92% s of Importers claim that Italian wine Producers are very slow in answering emails and queries
  16. 16. Judg ment 94% s of Importers claim that they receive constantly email and marketing materials from Producers of other Countries but not Italy.
  17. 17. Made in Italy, oh Yes Considering the wine history of a certain Country, the contribution of terroir and ‘Made in:’ from which Country would you add Wineries in your Portfolio? (choose only one Country) 40 38 35 30 27 25 20 14 15 12 10 6 3 5 0 FRANCIA ITALIA SPAGNA STATI UNITI AUSTRALIA CILE
  18. 18. Too expensive? From which Country the export prices are exaggerated? ( choose only one Country) 60 56 50 40 30 20 13 12 9 10 6 4 0 FRANCIA ITALIA SPAGNA STATI UNITI AUSTRALIA CILE
  19. 19. toPos or not to Pos How important are POS ( point of sales, tech sheets, etc) to support your sales? Not important [PERCENTUALE] Important enough [PERCENTUALE Very important [PERCENTUALE ]
  20. 20. Why no Pos? You believe that POS are not important. Why? They are poor [PERCENT UALE] They are not editable [PERCENTUAL E] They are not in my language [PERCENTUAL E]
  21. 21. Shelf Talk Talk How important for your Company are the Shelf Talkers provided by Wineries? Not important [PERCENTUALE] Important enough [PERCENTUALE] Very important [PERCENTUALE]
  22. 22. Communication, yes or not? From the Wineries in which Country you receive the best support? 34 35 30 25 20 22 19 17 15 8 10 5 0 0 FRANCIA ITALIA SPAGNA STATI UNITI AUSTRALIA CILE
  23. 23. Ciao! ItalyFineWines Via Carlo Jussi 145-d 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena BO-Italy contact info Phone: +39 340 8111852 Fax: +39 051 6252352 Email: Web: Gian Piero Staffa