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Week 4 Overview - Games MOOC 3


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Week 4 Overview and Activities
This week, we are looking at ARGs and also features that can be part of an ARG or stand-alone game project. So we'll be discussing mysteries, puzzles and scavenger hunts.

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Week 4 Overview - Games MOOC 3

  1. 1. Games BasedLearning MOOC
  2. 2. Apps, AR and ARGs
  3. 3. APPApplication software of a mobiledevice. This could be a smartphoneor a tablet.
  4. 4. AR• Augmented Reality creates a layer of virtual reality over the real world environment using a computer generated sensory input through a GPS enabled application that can be sound, video or graphics.
  5. 5. ARGAn alternate reality game (ARG) is aninteractive narrative that uses thereal world as a platform and usestransmedia storytelling to deliver astory that may be altered byparticipants ideas or actions.
  6. 6. Social Network Knowledge Construction SNKC
  7. 7. SNKC• Level 1 – Identify the Network• Level 2 – Lurk• Level 3 – Contribute• Level 4 – Create• Level 5 – Lead
  8. 8. Week 1Fun, Flow & Fiero
  9. 9. Keller’s ARCs Model of Motivational Design• Attention• Relevance• Confidence• Success
  10. 10. Week 2 Apps &Possibilites
  11. 11. 7 Ways Games Reward the Brain1) Use an experience system2) Multiple long and short term aims3) Reward for effort4) Rapid frequent clear feedback5) Element of uncertainty6) Window of enhanced attention7) Other people
  12. 12. Week 3 IF and ARInteractive Fiction and Augmented Reality
  13. 13. Intro to Week 4
  14. 14. Gamer DispositionJohn Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas Harvard Business Review
  15. 15. Gamer Disposition• They are bottom-line oriented.• They understand the power of diversity.• They thrive on change.• They see learning as fun.• They marinate on the "edge."
  16. 16. Week 4 ARGAlternate Reality Game
  17. 17. Bootstrapping.....ARG and ARGlike Examples Recording
  18. 18. Week 4Mysteries, Puzzles and Scavenger Hunts
  19. 19. Scavenger Hunts• PBS Historical Detectives• Jane McGonigals “Find the Future”• SCVNGR Location based game - what types of clues and puzzles could you set up using this?
  20. 20. Mysteries• "Who? What? Where? When? Why? The 5 Ws of the Mystery World – Tuesday 7 pm MT• What sort of mystery could you give your students to solve?
  21. 21. TEDTalk Scott KimPuzzle Maker
  22. 22. Discussions• Gamer Disposition• Components of a Scavenger Hunt• Write a Mystery• ARGNet
  23. 23. AsynchronousSynchronous
  24. 24. Monday – Noon MT Weekly Overviews YouTube Channel
  25. 25. Wednesday – 7 pm MST• TWEETCHAT #gamemooc• Gamer Disposition
  26. 26. Tuesday – 7 pm MSTVasili GiannoustousDIY Mystery
  27. 27. Live Events Online• Google Hangout on Air Overview Monday Noon MT• DIT Mystery 7 pm MT Google Hangout and through Second Life.• Tweetchat #gamemooc Wednesday 7 pm MT
  28. 28. Social Media• Twitter - #gamemooc• Flickr – Games Based Learning MOOC• diigo – Apps AR and ARGs
  29. 29. What to Do?• Week 4• Weekly Activities• Events• Discussion
  30. 30. Games BasedLearning MOOC #gamemooc