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Ready Player One - Week 3 Discussion


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Published in: Education
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Ready Player One - Week 3 Discussion

  1. 1. Metagame Book Club Ready Player One: Week 3 Discussion
  2. 2. July 20 - August 12
  3. 3. Games & Simulations Network
  4. 4. Inevitable Betrayal
  5. 5. Chris, Kae, Kristina Panel
  6. 6. READY PLAYER ONE Level 2-3 Recap
  7. 7. Places
  8. 8. Level 2 Places
  9. 9. Columbus, Ohio
  10. 10. OASIS, Virtual Environment
  11. 11. Distracted Globe
  12. 12. Haptic Suit and Rig
  13. 13. Frobozz / Zork
  14. 14. Bladerunner Human Test
  15. 15. Black Tiger
  16. 16. Megadon City
  17. 17. Castle Anorak
  18. 18. The real unicorn Continue your quest by taking the test….
  19. 19. Q1: The Book What if students had to do a game / simulation instead of a test? How would this change the way we teach?
  20. 20. Q2: OASIS Immersion Rig How close are we to Wade’s Virtual Reality Life and Quantified Self?
  21. 21. Q3: Dystopian Literature or Super Better As have read ⅔ of the book so far.. ● What are some of the socioeconomic themes that are prevalent? ● How does this stack up against what you currently see in today’s media? ● What about other dystopian literature you have read?
  22. 22. Level 3 Places
  23. 23. Og’s Compound
  24. 24. Final Confrontation Only Wade Survives
  25. 25. People
  26. 26. Ogden Morrow ● Co creator of OASIS was the business face ● Friend of Halliday ● Helps Parzival, Aech, Artemis, and Shoto
  27. 27. Wade/ Parzival Survives the Hero's Journey Unlikely winner End of book behavior seems to show that Halliday’s purpose was achieved.
  28. 28. Sorrento Provides the drama and intensity Hauled away in Handcuffs Seems to set the stage for a sequel
  29. 29. Art3mis Level 2: heartbreaker Level 3: out of the game but still provides key counsel
  30. 30. Aech Relationship with Parzival changes throughout the story Aech is actually a gay heavyset black women that owns an RV to keep herself mobile
  31. 31. Diato / Shoto Diato, killed by the Sux0rz in RL Shoto gifts Beta Capsule to Parzival which proves to be what carries the battle
  32. 32. Discussion Questions
  33. 33. Q1: If you are playing Ingress, what level are you? Are you playing with other people? What are you enjoying about it?
  34. 34. Q2: What skills do video game players develop? Feel free to refer to the book, your own experiences or what you have observed. How would teach or maybe even coach is the right word if your games become part of the curriculum? Coaching can be tedious, with long hours of studying gameplay—not unlike the film sessions National Football League players sit through. “You’re taking notes. It’s really analytical,” says Ryan Towey, a 24-year-old trader in Chicago who coaches a team that plays Microsoft Corp. ’s “Halo,” a shooting game.
  35. 35. Q3: Ingress comes with a narrative. Would you call it an Alternative Reality Game (ARG)? Why or why not? What would be required for it to be an Alternative Reality Game (ARG)?
  36. 36. FAUXasis is Back! Monday: Final module All modules still available
  37. 37. Ingress Massively Mobile Multi-Player Pervasive Game
  38. 38. Dystopian Arcade
  39. 39. Download the Voxer App VOXER - email Trish Cloud VOXER ID to you can be invited
  40. 40. #Read4Fun Sunday at 7 pm ET #ShelfieWednesday Periscope Read a passage or a page…..
  41. 41. Last Question What did you enjoy most about the book and why?
  42. 42. Games and 3D Simulations: Dystopian Fears to Utopian Visions Closing Session with Dr. Cynthia Calongne (SL: Lyr Lobo) Wednesday August 12 at 8 pm ET
  43. 43. Imagine You as a Dungeon Master