Mobile, Minecraft and More


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Mobile, Minecraft and More

  1. 1. Mobile Minecraft, and More
  2. 2. Brought to you by
  3. 3. Brought to you by
  4. 4. Brought to you by
  5. 5. Laura Briggs Executive Producer
  6. 6. Introduction to the Inevitable Instructors Kae Novak @kzenovka Melody Collier @WoWandMintTea Trish Cloud @trishcloud
  7. 7. Minecraft on Mobile Devices Outside of school and learning Melody Collier, mouseymoose, and giraffe619
  8. 8. Let the Play Begin!! Things You Should Know about MineCraft and Survival Craft
  9. 9. Both Minecraft and Survival Craft have 2 modes of Play: Survival - You must gather resource blocks and fight mobs and monsters off. Creative - You have limitless resource blocks and no mobs or monsters to fight. Modes of Play
  10. 10. Movement in Minecraft In Minecraft you use directional buttons to move around the landscape: Jumping - Middle Button Left - Left Button Right - Right Button Forward - Top Button Backwards - Bottom Button Flying is only in Creative Mode and you must hold down Jump and Forward to go up.
  11. 11. Movement in Survival Craft In Survival Craft, you use a touchpad at the bottom left and right of the iPad screen to navigate and turn/ adjust the camera view. Tap Bottom Left Side once to Jump The touchpads can be configured with the traditional directional buttons similar to the ones in Minecraft.
  12. 12. Movement in Survival Craft The sneak button located mid way up the right side of the iPad screen is great to keep you from falling off or into things.
  13. 13. In both Minecraft and Survival Craft you use the resources around you to craft items. Your first step is to make a crafting table upon which you can “craft” your items and a furnace in which to smelt ore. With these two items and the resources available the possibilities are endless. Using Your resources to Craft Items
  14. 14. Observations of mouseymoose and giraffe619 Minecraft you can up-load pre-made maps. Minecraft you can group or collaborate in game with other players. Survival Craft has a more diverse population of flora, fauna and other kinds of life. Survival Craft overall textures and graphics are smoother.
  15. 15. Observations of a Parent who is an Educator Collaboration Patience Perseverance Vocabulary Knowledge base Understanding of Technology Willingness to try new things Compassion and Understanding for others
  16. 16. Mouseymoose and Giraffe619
  17. 17. in School Trish Cloud Minecraft and Mobile
  18. 18. ● Last year’s club: ○ spots filled up in two days ○ 60 students on iPads and mobile Minecraft ○ 30 on desktop Minecraft Edu ● This year’s club: ○ spots filled in 3 hours Highly Popular
  19. 19. Great for School
  20. 20. ● About half the cost of a regular Minecraft license ● Students love the collaborative aspect ● Teacher has a great set of controls ● Teacher can make assignments in game ● Same functionality as regular Minecraft just a modded version
  21. 21. Minecraft PE P P
  22. 22. PE Version ● Less expense (currently 6.99 in App Store) ● Easily loaded on multiple devices if using Configurator ● Younger students generally more comfortable with this version ● Easier for beginners to get the hang of movement ● No port issues ●
  23. 23. How Minecraft can be used in Math: the problem
  24. 24. The Solution:
  25. 25. Visit the Wiki for More Info
  26. 26. Discussion/ Questions
  27. 27. Mobile, Minecraft and More 2013/2014
  28. 28. Thank you! Chris Luchs Tanya Martin and Inevitable Instructors
  29. 29. Minecraft Open House Saturday September 28
  30. 30. Minecraft and More Online Event on December 6 and 7