New to 90 or Nearly 90


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Inevitable Instructor Weekend Webinar
Inevitable Betrayal Educators' Guild

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New to 90 or Nearly 90

  1. 1. New to 90 or Nearly 90 Inevitable Betrayal
  2. 2. Overview• Now what?• Item Level, Valor Points, Reputation• Research and Optimization• Gold, Expenses, Crafting and more
  3. 3. Grats on 90.. Now What?• Congrats on getting to 90• There are a few things you can do once you hit 90: • End-game Raiding • End-game PVP • Focus more on Achievements and Making Gold • Start another character
  4. 4. Grats on 90.. Now What?• End-Game Raiding – The hardest and most challenging PvE experience• End-Game PVP – The highest level of PvP available • With 5 level 90s, can queue for rated battlegrounds and earn PvP honor for the guild• Focus on Achievements / Gold – no longer have to level and are typically much higher than most areas
  5. 5. End Game Raiding• Progression: • Heroic Pandaren Dungeons • Looking For Raids (LFR) • Join as member / alternate for 10 player guild runs
  6. 6. Item Level (iLVL)• Is the average item level you are wearing or have in your bag. Activity Minimum Item Level Average Item Level of LootRandom Heroics 440 463Mogu’shan Vaults LFR 460 476Heart of Fear LFR 470 483Terrace of Endless Spring 470 483LFRThrone of Thunder LFR 480 502
  7. 7. Item Level• If you are not at a 440 item level,• Run scenarios for chance at 463 I level gear• Proving Grounds quest from the Arena of Annihilation Scenario guarantees a 450 Item Level weapon• Gain Valor Points for completing Scenarios
  8. 8. Item Level• Typically recommend a minimum item level around 476-480+ for 10 player normal raids and 25 player normal raids• All gear drops in Heroics and LFR are random• Quick way to get the gear you want is to build up Valor Points
  9. 9. Valor Points• Used to purchase high item level gear from various factions in MoP• 489 Item Level Valor Point gear is now half price• 522 Item Level Valor Point Gear is full price
  10. 10. Valor Points• Gain Valor Points from:• Faction Dailies• Scenarios• Random Heroic Dungeons• LFRs• Killing bosses in 10 man normal
  11. 11. Reputations• MoP has instituted a lot of needed 489 gear that require a revered reputation with a Pandaren faction to purchase• Most reputations are built by completing Dailies• Once you get Revered, can buy a commendation that grants all your toons double rep points
  12. 12. Must have Reputations• Exalted • Golden Lotus – Gives you a free 489 Neck • Klaxxi – Gives you a free 489 Ring
  13. 13. Must have Revered Reputations• Shado-pan• August Celestial• Dominance Offensive• Wrathion / Black Prince – gives you +500 Int/ Str/ Agi gem
  14. 14. Optional Exalted Reputations• Cloud Serpents – can ride a cloud serpent mount• Shado-pan – can get an onyx cloud serpent and tiger mount• Lorewalkers – get a disc mount
  15. 15. Optional Exalted Reputations• Each faction has a mount that you can buy.• Gear and mounts can be viewed by going to the faction Quartermaster.
  16. 16. New Reputations• For the Isle of Thunder:• Shado-pan Assault• Sunreaver Onslaught
  17. 17. Research• Once you hit 90, Research becomes extremely important• Need to research • Class • Role • Dungeons • Raids
  18. 18. Class Research• Need to know Class abilities for the Role you are fulfilling• Buffs• 3 min and 5 min cool downs (CDs)• How can you help the group be successful? (Battle Rez, Heals, Shields, etc?)
  19. 19. Class Research• What food buffs are best for you? • + Str, Agi, Int, Spirit, haste, crit, hit, etc.• What potions / flasks are best for you?• What enchants and gems are best for you?
  20. 20. Role Research• Know your Role!• What helps you be a better healer/dps/tank? At 90, you are expected to have mastered playing your toon and be an asset to the group.
  21. 21. Role Research• Know what Aggro is• How does your role generate Aggro?• How do you drop Aggro if you are not a tank?
  22. 22. Dungeon and Raid Research• Look for YouTube videos• Use the in game Dungeon Journal• Check out Icy-veins• Lots of resources
  23. 23. Dungeon and Raid Research• What is your job for each fight?• How can you help keep everyone alive?• What is the basic strategy for success?
  24. 24. Optimization• How do you optimize your character?• Stat Priority – find your top three stats• Gems – should build priority stats• Enchants – should build priority stats• Reforging – should build priority stats
  25. 25. Optimization• To get started:•• Site will get you started• Research, Practice & Tweaking will make you successful
  26. 26. Gold Generation• Dailies generates about 20 gold• Dungeons generate about 50-75 gold• LFR generate about 100 gold
  27. 27. Gold Generation• Auction House
  28. 28. World of Goldsinks• Things are expensive at 90• Flight / Riding • Artisan – 4,000 gold if Exalted • Master – 4,000 gold if Exalted • Wisdom of the Four Winds – 2,000 gold if Exalted
  29. 29. World of Goldsinks• Mounts are expensive• Blizz uses mounts as a way to take gold out of circulation to control gold supply
  30. 30. World of Goldsinks• Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak Starts at 120,000 Gold
  31. 31. Crafting• Crafting is expensive , a lot of mats are created on a 24 hour cool down• High level crafting can cost thousands of gold to make one item
  32. 32. Crafting• What can you do to help? • Select Disenchant instead of greed on items you can’t use. Put the enchanting mats into the guild bank • If you are a gatherer, put a few stacks in the bank or ask crafters what they need.
  33. 33. Crafting• Biggest items needed:• Golden Lotus• Trillium ore• Sha crystals and enchanting mats• Primordial Gems• Prismatic Scales• Blood Spirit - 496 crafting• Haunting Spirit - 522 crafting
  34. 34. If you want to raid with us There is a test. We are Inevitable Instructors afterall :D
  35. 35. Inevitable Assessments•1) Run the corresponding LFR with a raidleader and a guild raiding member of yourclass.• 2 person evaluation o Class o Overall Raid
  36. 36. Inevitable Assessments•2) Call Mogu-Shan Palace Heroic Dungeon• Call a guild 5 person o It doesnt matter what class, should be able to tell each person what to do o Ex. Tell tanks what to pull, what to watch out for in boss fights, ccing, etc.
  37. 37. Inevitable Assessments•3) Run a LFR or Heroic Dungeon withguildies and explain the recount data Will need to explain each screen and provide in depth discussion on those that are important to your class/ role Also discuss areas of improvement for yourself and how you plan on improving
  38. 38. Inevitable Assessments•4) Situational Awareness Test• Will have a dungeon / LFR run recorded and then narrate your account of the run and justify your actions.• (Why did you do what you did?)
  39. 39. Inevitable Assessments•5) Know Your Class• Meet with a Raid leader and guild raiding member of your class and discuss your spell choice, gems, enchants, equipment, group and personal buffs, etc.
  40. 40. Questions / Discussion