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Games and Sims Network 2014 -2015


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ISTE Games & Sims Annual Plan 2014 - 2015
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Games and Sims Network 2014 -2015

  1. 1. Games Game Based Learning Game Design Game Studies Gamification
  2. 2. Games Playing Games Talking to Students about Games Games as conveyors of Digital Literacy and Citizenship Game Based Learning Choosing the right games for your classroom Using the right games in your classroom Game Design Understanding Fun, Flow, and Fiero, Understanding Game Mechanics Students as game designers Teachers as game designers Game Studies Game narrative and metagame Applying to CCSS reading and literacy competencies Gamification Using Game Mechanics Badges, leaderboards, points and levels Focus
  3. 3. UPCOMING EVENTS November • Rise of the Horde & Power of Myth December • Hour of Code Week Spring 2015 • Massively Multi-Player Classroom • Minecraft UnSymposium Summer 2015 • Art of Game Design • Game Camp
  4. 4. #Metagame ONLINE COMMUNITY Google Hangout / YouTube Twitter #metagame and #gbl #Metagame Book Club @GmSimNetwork Minecraft World of Warcraft Flickr