Your First Raid


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Your First Raid

  1. 1. WHAT IS A RAID?Raids are the end game content for eachupgrade in World of WarcraftThey show up at:Lvl 60: Classic WoW - Molten CoreLvl 70: Burning Crusades - Black TempleLvl 80: Lich King - Ice Crown Citadel (ICC)Lvl 85: Cataclysm - Dragon SoulLvl 90: Pandaria - Thunder King
  2. 2. WHAT IS A RAID?Blizzards Perspective:This should be the most difficult challenge in thegame and continue to challenge until the nextexpansion / upgrade.If not enough groups are completing, we willreduce the difficulty to allow more to completeand maintain subscriptions
  3. 3. WHAT IS A RAID?Players Perspective:Success in a raid requires collaboration andcommunication.Raid gear and completion is a symbol of statusthat not everyone should have.
  4. 4. WHAT IS A RAID?Players Attitude VARIES from:Raiding is only for the serious and committedplayer... TO...Raiding is a fun way to keep interest betweenexpansions.
  5. 5. RAIDING BEST PRACTICES Come Prepared! There is prep work to be done!
  6. 6. EQUIPMENTIn addition to being optimized to your class and role, equipment should be• REPAIRED This is each player’s• GEMMED responsibility to accomplish before the raid• ENCHANTED• REFORGED
  7. 7. EQUIPMENTFor help optimizing your gear, use tools like
  8. 8. ADD-ONSDeadly Boss Mods• Gives alerts that are class, role and boss specific• Required for raidingRecount• Gives real-time and summative assessment of each players performance in an encounter• Good for all players to have
  9. 9. CONSUMABLESFOOD that has an appropriate buff for your classPOTIONS that gives us an appropriate buff for your classHaste or Protection PotionsMana PotionsHeal Potions
  10. 10. KNOW YOUR ROLE Tanks and heals must be kept alive. Otherwise weTank all get wiped. Main target of enemyHealer Heals everyoneDamage per Second (DPS) Does the most damage
  11. 11. Further BreakdownTank Main Tank Off TankHeals Tank Heals Raid HealsDPS Melee Ranged
  12. 12. KNOW YOUR CLASS AND ABILITIESExpectation that you know how to play your class and have mastered all the special abilitiesA good starting point - at a glance class - detailed class guides
  13. 13. KNOW YOUR CLASS AND ABILITIESEach player is expected to have all the required Glyphs and Talents for their classAlso expected to know and apply any raid
  14. 14. RESEARCH THE ENCOUNTERSSuccessful raiding requires everyone to do their researchVideos:Fatboss (YouTube)
  15. 15. RESEARCH THE ENCOUNTERS• Know what to avoid• Know what to target Purple Bad!• Know how you can help
  17. 17. BAD RAID ETIQUETTE Dropping Out During RaidRaid Cant Continue if You Drop Out
  18. 18. BAD RAID ETIQUETTE Multi-tasking during the raid See LeeRoy Jenkins Video
  19. 19. BAD RAID ETIQUETTENot adjusting your play style to fit the Raid Continuing to do the same thing wrong each time
  20. 20. TYPES OF RAIDS
  21. 21. Types of Raids• Casual• Social• Retro• Dedicated• Gear or Tier• Serious• Hard Core
  22. 22. Casual The Raid takes place whenever there seems to be enough level 90s with minimum ilevel on. Group will figure out targeted Raid as they go along.SOCIAL - Series of raiding times set for people to sign up as convenient. Raid leader or invited guest guides the run and explains fights as needed. Emphasis is on social interaction and completing the Raid and gear is secondary.
  23. 23. SOCIALSeries of raiding times set for people to signup as convenient.Raid leader or invited guest guides the runand explains fights as needed.Emphasis is on social interaction andcompleting the Raid and gear is secondary.
  24. 24. RETRORetro Raids usually have one of the three goals.Social - allow a diversity of levels in a guild do a social activity togetherAchievements - allows guildees and guild to get achievements• may be taken at a casual pace• or could be a speed runTraining - allows lower levels to learn to raid and a particular guilds raid etiquette
  25. 25. Dedicated (Progressive)Emphasis is on knowledge creation within the Raid group.Focus on Hard Fun, Flow and Fiero within the Raid GroupThe flow state in this type of raid is known as "Finesse“Collaborates to increase the ilevel of each member such as group VP runs, group dailies, etc.Regular group of raiders work as a team to achieve progression.
  26. 26. Dedicated (Progressive)Pre-raid strategy meetings and raid de-brief meetings, and share resources to ensure all players have needed food and potions for raid.Regular attendance is expected and size is limited to 12 to 13 members to allow for absences and not interrupt scheduled raids.Raiders unable to make set raids are expected to contact the raid leader ahead of time to allow for substitution or timely cancellations.All members are expected to do research on their class and contribute to discussion of raid strategy.
  27. 27. Gear or TierThe primary purpose is to obtain high end gear.The focus is for quick, efficient and optimizedruns to obtain desired gear for each player.Raid group will not be consistent and is more about whoever needs gear.
  28. 28. SERIOUS (Progressive)Raid 2-3 nights a week at set times.Regularly scheduled raid meetings withdesignated raiders (10 to 13). Each raider isexpected to supply their own potions, foodand high ilevel, Aggressive performancestandards for dps and heals apply and highattendance is mandatory. All players areexpected to know their class, research theraid encounters, and know their role in thefight.
  29. 29. HARDCORE (Progressive)Raid 3- 4 nights a week and focus onprogression. Required regular raid meetings,high performance, designated raiders (10 to13), high attendance standards, serious toneduring raid. Will not bring in PUGs to raid.Emphasis is ranking on the realm andachievements.
  30. 30. Raid ExpectationsYou will be fully equipped.You will be stay for the full designated time period.You will schedule the time to play without interruption just like if you were playing in a F2F baseball game or other activity like playing in a band.
  31. 31. Confessions of a Raider• Sometimes I get so focused on things that I forget to watch my feet.• High DPS does not mean much when you are dead• Wiping is fine as long as it does not happen for the same reason and that we learn
  32. 32. Confessions of a Raider• DPS is only easier if you are a slacker.• It’s all about Optimization in raiding • Tank – Optimize self healing and damage mitigation • Healing – Optimize healing and minimize overhealing • DPS – Optimize damage done and minimize damage taken
  33. 33. Confessions of a Raider• Key to raiding is to master the mechanic and then optimize• There are two ways to be successful: • Finesse – All about mastery • Brute Force – All about being Overpowered
  34. 34. Questions / Discussion