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Credential for Centuar Research india


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We take this opportunity to introduce you Centaur Research (Market Research Fieldwork Company) headquartered at Mumbai, India. Centaur Research is a full service marketing research consultancy passionate about helping companies to make right decisions in order to grow their brands and business making a difference to meet the objectives and the need for change.
Centaur Research specializes in qualitative and quantitative market research fieldwork. Our team of in-house recruiters, interviewers, moderators , project managers and research Analyst make us the perfect partner to handle any projects across the globe.

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Credential for Centuar Research india

  1. 1. CENTAUR RESEARCH Credentials and Capabilities Full service Market Research Fieldwork Partner
  3. 3. MISSION .Delivering Value through Knowledge andInnovation , Customer satisfaction and loyalty toprovide Best Return on Investment. VISIONTo be the Most Respected and Trusted MarketingResearch Network.
  4. 4. .. Team 2 Zonal Heads 3 Research 3 In House Managers Moderators 8 Project Managers 2 Content 36 Full Time2 Research Field Directors Writers Executives 2 BD Managers 2 In House 5 Research 3 CRA Interviewers Analyst
  6. 6. . Service OfferingsQualitative Research Quantitative Research Tabulation ,Analysis,IDI / FGD Charting & PPT Global CATI/CAPI Satisfaction Survey Online Research
  7. 7. Sports & Leisure LogisticsHealthcare& Pharma Agriculture Media
  8. 8. Qualitative ResearchC Research brings forth a powerful suite of Qualitative MarketingResearch services to understand the depth and range of consumerattitude and behavior.We excel in conducting all types of qualitative researches. Focus Group Discussion. Dyad/Triad interviews. In-Depth Interviews. Conflict Groups. Online Depth interviews & Mini-Group discussions . Focus groups. Creative Groups & Extended creativity groups. workshops. Ethnographic Approaches. Bulletin boards.
  9. 9. . Research QuantitativeWe offer various quantitative Marketing Research methodologiessalient to markets and consumersThe results delivered are crisp, focused and clearly actionable. Face to face interviews. Telephone Interviews. CATI/ CAPI. Case Histories/Diaries. CAWI/ SMS based/ PDA CAWI (Computer Aided based data collection. Web interview). Eye Tracking. Phone to web surveys. Perception Analyzer. On-line panels.
  10. 10. Online ResearchWe are the leading online panel provider across South East Asia withproprietary research only panels. With Specialized B2B & Healthcarepanels we always ensure that the panelist are highly engaged.Expertise in the sampling techniques enables our samples to be inline with the National Representative Sample.Local presence across Asia enables us to target low incidence groupeffectively and efficiently.
  11. 11. Healthcare Division Pharmaceutical & Bio technology : We continually execute projects in Oncology, DrugDelivery, Biotechnology, Ophthalmic, and Chronic Diseases to developtimely, strategic market intelligence in the form of quality data. Medical Device : The medical device studies are done in various specialities likeCardiovascular Devices, Orthopaedic Devices, Home Care, Surgical & InfectionControl Products, General Medical Devices, Hospital Supplies & Products, andWound Care/Management Products market sectors to develop timely, strategicmarket intelligence for business development. Healthcare IT : To be a part of the growth story, C Research already has, and is fastdeveloping capabilities in this niche field. Hospital Research : We do projects in hospitals at national and international levels. Such asAnaesthesiology, Dialysis, Infectious diseases, Intensive Care, Oncology, Painmanagement, Surgery, Thrombosis, Transplantation.
  12. 12. . Pre Field Services Desk Research SurveyQuestionnaire Pre- Field Programming Preparation Services Recruitment Services
  13. 13. Field Quality Protocols1.Manpower Planning :Interviewer force is deployed based on the scope of the study and theskill required for the same.2. Translation:Translation into local language, if required is done by well experienced inhouse staff. Translations are checked by the senior field executive andthe researcher before giving it for DTP.3.Project Briefing:Research briefs field teams on the project specifications, questionnaireand sampling. Project briefing to field Executives is conducted by theexecutive.
  14. 14. Field Quality Protocols4.Mocks Call sessions:Extensive mock sessions are carried out individually for every interviewer and wouldneed to pass this test before assigning the project.5.Quality Control during field work:Every interviewer is accompanied for 5% of their work to check the quality of their work.100% scrutiny of questionnaires is done to ensure logic checks, completeness etc.40% of every interviewer’s work would be randomly selected and would be back checkedeither in person or through telephone by the supervisors. Only if found satisfactory wouldthey be considered as complete and valid interviews.6.Reporting to Client We provide the client with regular progress reports, throughout the duration of thestudy, as desired. A reporting format is designed as per the requirement of the study.
  15. 15. Post Field Quality Protocols1. Scrutiny• 100% scrutiny of the questionnaires for completion, logic and other projectspecific checks.• Re-checking of at least 30% of the scrutinized questionnaires by Tabulationsupervisors.2. Coding•Write offs done on 5-10% questionnaires, across centres for all open endedresponses.• Detailed code-list developed by researchers.• Coding of open end responses as per the code list developed by theResearcher.• Checking of coding in at least 10% questionnaires by TabulationSupervisor.
  16. 16. Post Field Quality Protocols3. Data Entry:• Data entry / punching by dedicated external suppliers• Checking of data cleaning programme written by the analyst.4. Data Cleaning:• Data cleaning by data cleaners so as to ensure zero logical and punching errors.• Re-checking of the final cleaned data by the supervisor and the analyst.5. Table Generation/ Data Deliverables:• Tables generated as per researcher’s analysis plan• Thorough checking of all the tables for its bases, weighted figures etc.• In case of complex analysis, thorough checking of output by seniors.
  17. 17. Mystery shopping & Services A network of " specialized mysterious clients" spread throughout our National Territory and our continuous monitoring allow us to manage complex projects from a logistic point of view and fulfil the goals. These Research tools are efficient complement to the process of managing the overall quality. Mystery shoppers receive a detailed briefing for every project. Additionally mystery shoppers are trained personally or by phone. Results can be delivered in a detailed chart report with in-depth analysis. Data can be delivered in all known formats.
  18. 18. Data Collection MethodologyFace to Face-Random Telephonic/CATI /CAPIUsage & Attitude study, Web based interviewsConsumer & Buying Behaviour studyFace to Face-Purposive CLT,s(Central location tests)Opinion poll, Day After Recall Census operationsCustomer Satisfaction StudyEmployee Satisfaction StudyMystery Shopping Exit/Intercept interviewsFGD,s (Focus Group discussions) Diary / Panel/Tracking StudyIn-depth interviewsSocial and Rural Research Auto Clinic / Other ClinicObservation Concept and Product Tests
  19. 19. Collect quantitative data using all commonmethodologies
  20. 20. . in a detailed & chart reportDeliver data • Besides common data formats like SPSS or Excel, we are offering a detailed chart reporting for quantitative Novo research projects: Lilly • Provide meaningful charts Sanofi instead of pure data that is USV hard to be interpreted. Sun • Deliver a chart report in your individual corporate design. • Easily integrate the charts into management presentations. • Necessary measurements and -25.00 -15.00 -5.00 5.00 15.00 25.00 actions can be derived easily.
  21. 21. Quality Deliverance 100% in house Field team Having a large on roll team helps in conducting field research in atimely and cost effective manner. Field Interviewers have minimum 1 years Healthcare research studiesexperience. Field Interviewers are selected based on their past therapy areaexperience. 100% back check To ensure quality deliverance, we willingly offer our clients. 100% digitally audio recorded interviews. Over sampling is common practice in the majority of our projects.
  22. 22. Management Summary We are a market research firm for quantitative and qualitative marketresearch located in Mumbai , India. We are supporting companies in all steps of their market researchproject from design, data collection to data analysis. Specially for India, As a fieldwork service provider we are offering firstclass data collection with our own field of trained mystery shoppers andinterviewers and our own online access panel. For quantitative research we are offering all common methods of datacollection: CATI, CAPI, CAWI, paper and pencil. We are working objectively, customer-focused, goal-oriented andeffectively. Our work is based on reliability, trust, professionalism and a highquality of assessment. Therefore, all information we receive from our clients remainsconfidential.
  23. 23. DirectorsName and Designation Educational Experience Research areas workedDesignation Qualification inMr. Chandrashekhar Director, M.Sc, MBA-IB > 9 years Pharmaceuticals, FMCG,Kh Business Durables, Social Research.Mr. Kamal Kanta Director, B.Tech, MBA- >10 years Financial Services,Sahoo Research Finance Analytics ,Technical studies.
  24. 24. Centaur Research foot prints in India Chandigarh New Delhi Jaipur Guwahati Ahmedabad Ranchi Nashik Kolkata Mumbai Bhubaneswar Pune Hyderabad Vizag Goa Chennai Bengaluru Cochin Madurai
  26. 26. Thank YouCENTAUR RESEARCHVenus CHSL,Evershine Millennium Paradise,Thakur Village, Kandivali -East,Maharashtra.MUMBAI. Pin 400 101.INDIA. Tel/Fax: +91-22-2886 8155 Email: