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Support of ministry of health Serbia to AS Center


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Support of ministry of health Serbia to AS Center

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Support of ministry of health Serbia to AS Center

  1. 1. -C‘-H1AP3AOG1AM1b«vat MIWMX“XN“°~'F -“WI W"‘°~' can-51 ; (R, mggu{; ;)m, c. LuE)fl0f V001? | .‘ImG uh'1‘lH HNJAIDS, ‘+0 0 F um/ M . ... .. >. ... 20 . -’-7-3 ma 5EorPAn - BELGRADE Republic of Serbia MINISTRY OF HEALTH No: 500-01-432/2015-12 Date: 27.03.2015. Address: Nemanjina 22-26 11000 Belgrade AS Centar -Mr D jurica Stan kov- Majke Jevrosime 21, I 1000 Belgrade Dear Sir/ Madame, The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the partners involved in the unified national response to the epidemic, adopted the National Strategy for HIV infection and AIDS (2011-2015), which has as its main objective the prevention of HIV infection, other sexually transmitted diseases and the provision of support and treatment for people living with HIV. AS center for youth empowerment of people living with HIV and AIDS, from Belgrade participated in the implementation of the national program "lmproving the quality of life of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and is supported by the Ministry of Health and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria GFATM, from Geneva. AS center with their hard work contributed to the strengthening of democracy , rule of law and building a unified system of social support for people with HIV, with an active, dedicated and responsible part in the process of creating and implementing decisions and policies in all areas and at all levels of management Serbia and the European level. The Ministry of Health supports the AS Center in applying for projects to improve social protection systems, which aim is to improve the social status and quality of life of people living with HIV and actively provide the objectives of the National Strategy for HIV infection and AIDS. We hope that AS Center will answer in the best way to the requirements for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and protection of fundamental human rights in accordance with
  2. 2. the Serbian, European and intemational legislation with raising awareness about sexual and reproductive health, health security, the prevention and combating of corruption, violence, stigma, discrimination, torture, sexually transmitted infections and HIV. MINISTER Zlatibor Lonéar, MD l . .. . >