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Managing emotions


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Managing emotions

  1. 1. Managing Emotions
  2. 2. Experiencing Emotions at Work • We get frustrated with bosses giving more work when they don’t understand how much work we already have. • We get upset with co-workers who don’t do their jobs. • We get angry with irate customers who don’t realice we are only trying to help.
  3. 3. Recognizing Emotions and moving through them Quickly 1. Recognize you’ve got something to do with it. Consider EMOTION as energy in MOTION. 2. Understand laws exist about emotions just like there are laws about physics. Every emotion you have is a result of some thought that preceeded your emotion. 3. Accept that any choice to change how you feel will always come after the fact.
  4. 4. Possible Solutions 1. Reconsider beliefs that produce harm to anyone, including yourself. 2. Keep a journal, a record of your emotion. Use it to bring your unconscious to conscious. 3. Talk with friends. Don’t talk with people who gossip and just reinforce the idea you are a victim. 4. Read books and listen to audio recordings. 5. Get counseling.
  5. 5. Nine Steps for Mastering Emotions Managing Emotions 1. Awareness of Doing an emotion 1. Honest description of an Emotion’s purpose. 1. Acceptance or response/ability for your emotions.
  6. 6. Managing thoughts 4. Identification of Facts Vs. Beliefs 5. Identification of Beliefs about yourself 6. Acceptance of Responsibility for your thoughts.
  7. 7. Managing Behaviors 7. Identification of your Desired Behavioral Goals. 8. Relationship between your Present Behavior and Your desired goals. 9. Acceptance of Responsibility for Behavior