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Presentation Cendoo tech eng


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Presentation Cendoo tech eng

  1. 1. Your personal internet butler CENDOO Presentation I October 2010 I english
  2. 2. WEB 1.0 The Static Web 1990 - 2000 WEB 2.0 The Social Web Interactive Web 2000 - 2010 WEB 3.0 The Semantic Web Web Of Meaning 2010 - 2020 Evolutionary steps of the internet Like going to a library static websites, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo Like a attending a meeting or a party user generated content, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Like having a personal web assistant personalized, understand the meaning, intelligent, relevant Oktober 2010 I deutsch I 2
  3. 3. Which information is relevant? As of 2008, we created more than 500 Exabytes of information. However, the tools are still not intelligent enough to filter, rate and find relevant information for us. 1900 1950 2000 20101970 1980 1990 500 Exabytes of information 1 Exabyte = 1 Trillion Bytes 1‘000‘000‘000‘000‘000‘000 October 2010 I english I 3
  4. 4. Facts & Figures 2010 October 2010 I english I 4 50 Mio. tweets each day = 600 tweets every second 2‘000‘000‘000 Videos viewed per Day on YouTube 131 billion search queries per month on Google, Bing, Yahoo. Worldwide search market is growing by 46% per year
  5. 5. Facts & Figures October 2010 I english I 4 • Between 1800 and 1900 the human knowledge doubled. • Between 1900 and 2000 it increased tenfold. • Today the human knowledge doubles every 5 years. • In 2050 the human knowledge will double daily.
  6. 6. Computer chips consist of millions of transistors. Each transistor is a switch with only two positions: Off and On (0/1). Each function in the computer today, every program, each letter is defined by the binary code consisting of Zero and One. It is a static system. The computer can only handle what was preprogrammed. Computer technology today 101000101001010010111010001010010010001 000100100100100100000010100010010101001 001010010011001010110100101010101010010 101010010101010101110001010001010101001 010101010010010010100100100101010010101 October 2010 I english I 5
  7. 7. Oktober 2010 I deutsch I 6 The human brain is radically different When we recall an information, we have several alternative associative routes to retrieve the memory. The access of a memory is an association. Association of images, emotions, patterns, notions. We are able to recognize similarities and to compare similar things. Our brains can spontaneously link information and form dynamic networks, to perform tasks or learn new things. mountain high Switzerland Austria Alps covered with snow stones & rocks
  8. 8. Semantics is the study of meaning The words alone don‘t convey any special meaning, the signification is not visible. When the words are set in context or in relation, like a human brain does, suddenly the words mean something and conveys different messages. •Book •Song •Person •Article Book Song Person Article refers to reads loves starts with discusses a writes October 2010 I english I 7
  9. 9. CENDOO develops an unique, intelligent butler for the Internet which is based upon the technology of ai-one. CENDOO is your personalized, virtual butler – he does jobs on your behalf. CENDOO knows the your wishes and interests and can just like a real butler get things done for you in the Internet. CENDOO learns to do what you „wish“ him to do, getting smarter with each use. CENDOO 1010001010010100101i1010001010010010001 00010010010010010know01010001001010100 1001010010011001what1010010101010101001 0101010010101010101you00101000101010100 101010101001001001mean0100100101010010 1 October 2010 I english I 8
  10. 10. Biologically inspired intelligence combines creativity and logic like a human brain. The novel semantic technology of ai-one consist of elektronic cells, which can each have ca. 2‘000 states. And like in the brain, each cell can spontaneously connect to each other and form dynamic networks, to perform tasks or learn new things. The technology - a change of paradigma Creativity, music and intuition Analytical thinking, science and mathematics October 2010 I english I 9
  11. 11. Red Herring awarded the Swiss high tech company ai-one AG on January 18, 2010 with the prestigious Global 100 award as one of the Top 100 tech-startups in the world.  In August 2010, World Finance Magazine awards ai-one inc. best IT innovation company of the year. The technology - established & awarded October 2010 I english I 10
  12. 12. Hitherto Today we spend uncountable hours in the Internet daily just to search for relevant information or to do a task! User October 2010 I english I 11
  13. 13. 2010 Now however, you give CENDOO the instruction, and he retrieves the requested information, does jobs on your behalf - jobs which you had to do yourself until now. CENDOO takes care of your various profiles in social networks and keeps you up to date according to your settings. User CENDOO October 2010 I english I 12
  14. 14. research evaluate organize order communicate search manage profiles compare make recommendations recognize trends What can the CENDOO butler do for you? October 2010 I english I 13 Provide your butler information about yourself; your business, your family, your interests. Place orders to your butler, simple tasks or large workflows. Rate the butler results to make sure your CENDOO learns.
  15. 15. CENDOO Internet October 2010 I english I 14 User 1. I instruct CENDOO to find the requested Jaguar vintage car. 2. •CENDOO combs the Internet for the Jaguar vintage car. •Compares recommendations and experiences on the Internet •CENDOO communicates directly with the butlers of others users 3. CENDOO does not find an exact match of a vintage car with the desired features. However, CENDOO proposes, a silver vintage Jaguar with black leather. This proposition comes directly from a butler of another user. Example 1 I am looking for a Jaguar vintage car, silver, red leather.
  16. 16. Example 2 I am in Tokyo and i have terrible headache. User CENDOO Internet 1. I instruct CENDOO to find something to relieve my headache. 2. •CENDOO recognizes the location by GPS •Searches for locally available medicine •Compares recommendations and experiences on the Internet •Finds route to next pharmacy 3. CENDOO shows a locally available medicine to relieve my headache. CENDOO routes me to the next pharmacy and shows me the name of the medicine in Japanese. October 2010 I english I 15
  17. 17. Internet access today Your IP address is logged which allows identifying and tracking you. Computer User Internet October 2010 I english I 16
  18. 18. Internet access via CENDOO: Only CENDOO is logged, when you access the Internet with your own butler application. CENDOO ensures privacy and security: Anonymous or open dialog, depending on settings or on the instruction. CENDOOUser Internet October 2010 I english I 17
  19. 19. Individual life and communication spheres We each have various needs in communication. But how can we communicate today in a secret, trusted or open way in the Internet, and furthermore in the right way (secret, trusted or open) in the different conditions? Private experiences knowledge information data bases Trusted friends relatives known Web sources emails, info by third parties trusted data bases Public Internet radio / TV periodicals books libraries secret trusted open October 2010 I english I 18
  20. 20. Privacy and security CENDOO knows your different data gateways and communicates according to your preferences: anonymously or openly. Trusted Public secret trusted open October 2010 I english I 19 Private
  21. 21. CENDOO communication network CENDOO butlers know the interests and preferences of their users and can communicate purposefully among each other to find answers which search engines as yet can not. User A CENDOO A CENDOO B User B Internet October 2010 I english I 20
  22. 22. CENDOO is unique in 4 ways: • CENDOO completes tasks on my behalf including multi-stage workflows. • CENDOO solves the trust and privacy problem by selectively communicating anonymously. • CENDOO delivers results, which normal search engines can not. • CENDOO takes care of all my various profiles in social networks and Internet pages. October 2010 I english I 21 CENDOO changes how we communicate in the Internet, it simplifies communication and makes it more intelligent and more secure.
  23. 23. Milestones June Release of CENDOO version 1.0 January 2011 First CENDOO presentation at the SemTech in San Francisco (USA) Completion of the iPhone app CENDOO news Development of a software development kit (SDK) with platform for worldwide developers and industries August October December April October 2010 I english I 22
  24. 24. Presentation I October 2010 I english CENDOO AG Schindellegistrasse 71 8808 Pfäffikon SZ Switzerland T: +41 43 501 30 45 F: +41 43 501 30 46 Contact