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Presentation cendoo butler short english


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short CENDOO butler presentation, from push to pull, from web 2.0 to web 3.0, from guessing and searching to asking and receiving.

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Presentation cendoo butler short english

  1. 1. V 27.06.10 I english
  2. 2. CENDOO BUTLER CENDOO develops an unique, intelligent Butler for the Internet which is based upon the technology of ai-one. The Butler is a automatic service – he does jobs on my behalf, jobs which otherwise can only be done by a human. The Butler learns to do what I „wish“ him to do, getting smarter with each use. The Butler knows my interests and preferences and becomes my virtual twin.
  3. 3. CHANGE OF PARADIGMA Biologically inspired intelligence (BII) Creativity Logic Holistic thinking, intuition, Analytical thinking, language, creativity and music science and mathematics Biologically Inspired Intelligence combines creativity and logic like a human brain. The novel semantic technology of ai-one consist of elektronic cells, which can each have ca. 2‘000 states. And like in the brain, each cell can spontaneously connect to each other and form dynamic networks, to perform tasks or learn new things.
  4. 4. WE NEED A CHANGE WEB 2.0 WEB 3.0 PUSH PULL Today we get pushed more than The semantic technologies understand 500 Exabytes of information. the meaning of information and so we > Overload of ambigous information only get exactly what we are looking for. guessing & searching asking & receiving
  5. 5. WE NEED A CHANGE We do need new intelligent semantic technologies and tools which are be able to pull the exact information we are looking for. Semantic Web = Unambigous It‘s time for your internet butler!
  6. 6. CENDOO BUTLER Hitherto: Me
 Today we spend uncountable hours in the Internet daily just to search for relevant information or to do a task!
  7. 7. CENDOO BUTLER 2010: Me
 Now however, we give our personal Butler the instruction, and he retrieves the requested information, does jobs on my behalf - which otherwise I need do myself. He takes care of my various profiles in social networks and keeps me up to date according to my settings.
  8. 8. CENDOO BUTLER The Butler ensures privacy and security Anonymous or open dialog depending on settings or on the instruction
  9. 9. CENDOO BUTLER Example: I am in Tokio (Japan) and i have terrible headache. - Butler recognises place by GPS - Search for local available medicine - Compare recommondations and experiences on the internet I give my butler the order to find - Route to next pharmacy something to relieve my headache. My butler delivers a local available medicine to relieve my headache. The butler routes me to the next pharmacy and shows me the name and price of the medicine in japanese.
  10. 10. THE TECHNOLOGY – a strong partner Red Herring awarded the Swiss high tech company ai-one AG on January 18, 2010 with the prestigious Global 100 award as one of the Top 100 tech-startups in the world.  The award of the global media company Red Herring lists the year's most promising private technology ventures from around the world. In professional circles the award is considered as the ultimate prize for innovative technology and is thus highly coveted. PROVEN TECHNOLOGY Police / Forensic Intelligent Dialogue Robot Signature Analysis Skin Analysis / Medicine
  11. 11. CENDOO BUTLER The Butler is unique in 4 ways: 1.  The Butler completes tasks on my behalf including multi-stage workflows. 2.  The Butler solves the trust and privacy problem by selectively communicating anonymously. 3.  The Butler delivers results, which normal search engines can not. 5.  The Butler takes care of all my various profiles in social networks and Internet pages. The Butler changes how we communicate in the Internet, it simplifies communication and makes it more intelligent and more secure.
  12. 12. NEXT MILESTONES Development of the butler prototype and two iphone applications as POT & POC. Next CENDOO milestones ... June July August September October First Butler presentation on the SemTech in San Francisco (USA) Development of a Release of butler Software Development Kit (SDK) version 1.0, rollout with platform for worldwide to the market developers and industries
  13. 13. CONTACT CENDOO AG Gehrenstrasse 3 8810 Horgen Switzerland T: +41 43 501 30 45 F: +41 43 501 30 46 E: W: