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The Art of Body Language


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The most powerful tool for communication is our body. 90% of our communication is non-verbal. By being more focused on our body during conversations, negotiations or even in non-spoken occasions we can increase our level of impression and chance to take control of the situation. It's not a game but it is easy to adapt.

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The Art of Body Language

  1. TheArtof Body Language
  2. can you grasp the soul just looking into eyes?
  3. can you read their mind?
  4. 93% of our communication is non-verbal
  5. #1 Eyes never lie Most people will say that someone cannot look another person in the eyes and lie, but that is a myth. Paul Ekman’s research found that pathological liars have no problem staring someone in the eyes and lying.
  6. #2 Touching Shows Dominance Another body language misconception is that people in power show their dominance over others by touching them. Research has shown the opposite. It is often the person of lower status that touches first. Research has also proven that women are more likely to initiate touch than men.
  7. #3A Smile Means Happiness We often associate smiles with happiness but again, that is a myth. People may smile for many reasons including when they are fearful, in contempt, feeling dejected, and unhappy.
  8. #4 Crossed arms means resistance It simply can be because someone likes this posture or looking for an alternative posture after being in open body postures for a long time.
  9. #5 Putting your hands behind your back is a power gesture Actually, most people find the gesture untrustworthy. If we can’t see what someone else’s hands are doing, we’re suspicious.
  10. #6 Nose touching and mouth covering are universal signs of deception Researchs couldn’t find a correlation between deception and nose touching and mouth covering as well.
  11. HOW can we use our body?
  12. 30seconds Youhave to introduce yourself
  13. Rules of Body Language
  15. be powerful & confident
  16. use your eyes
  17. be strong
  18. familysinceritysocialformal decide distance carefully
  19. shake hands sincerely (under any circumstances)
  20. your hands talk
  21. your hands are messengers
  22. stay focused
  23. posture eyes hands powerful three
  24. DON’Ts
  25. stop playing with your hands & fingers
  26. don’t
  27. never
  28. only when you are alone
  29. it’s ok to imitate
  30. but responsibly
  31. power doesn’t need words
  32. does it?
  33. your face is a part of your body language
  34. control it
  35. it’s not a game
  36. be conscious about your body
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