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World War I - Workbook Activity


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World War I - Workbook Activity

  1. 1. Name:__________________________________________SC Standards Review 7-5.1World War IRead pages 181-188 for help. 1) Identify the following people, places, and terms (write on the back of this paper or on a sheet of notebook paper) Archduke Franz Ferdinand Balkan Peninsula nationalist group Woodrow Wilson militarism Vladimir Lenin Central Powers Allied Powers neutrality trench warfare civilian propaganda Bolsheviks 2) What were the underlying causes of World War I? 3) What was the “spark”, or immediate cause, that ignited the war? 4) Describe the alliances of WWI. 5) Describe the new weapons of war and their impact on the human costs of World War I. 6) How did German actions push the United States to join the war on the side of the Allies? 7) What events led to an end of the Russian monarchy and the Russian withdrawal from WWI?