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Google penguin updates past, present and future


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In April 2012, Google launched Penguin algorithm update - aimed at decreasing the rankings of websites that manipulated the number of backlinks pointing to them. This update, had a huge impact, changing the Internet we used to know for good.

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Google penguin updates past, present and future

  1. 1. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Christoph C. Cemper Google Penguin Updates past, present and future!
  2. 2. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox About Christoph C. Cemper SEO & Marketing since 2003 Founder & CEO of  LinkResearchTools  Link Detox  Impactana
  3. 3. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox ABOUT 20 (soon 21) SEO Tools in one suite • Domain & Link Analysis • Competitive Research • Link Audits • Penalty Recovery • Website Relaunch Support • Link Opportunity Review for risk of potential links
  4. 4. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox ABOUT 4 SEO Tools ONLY for Google Penalties • Link Detox • Link Detox Screener • Competitive Link Detox • Link Detox Boost
  5. 5. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox ABOUT Find content and people that make an impact. New Product for • Content Marketing • Video Marketing • Influencer Analysis Webinar June 29
  6. 6. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox WHAT IS GOOGLE PENGUIN? It‘s an automated Spam Fighter.
  7. 7. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Natural Links VS Unnatural Links
  8. 8. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox History of Google Penguin Updates THOUSANDS OF VICTIMS… Penguin 1 on April 24, 2012 (impacting around 3.1% of queries) Penguin 2 on May 26, 2012 (impacting less than 0.1%) Penguin 3 on October 5, 2012 (impacting around 0.3% of queries) Penguin 4 (AKA Penguin 2.0) on May 22, 2013 (impacting 2.3% of queries) Penguin 5 (AKA Penguin 2.1) on October 4, 2013 (impacting around 1% of queries) Penguin 6 (AKA Penguin 3.0) on October 17 (impacting around 1% of queries) Penguin Everflux – December 10, 2014
  9. 9. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox LINK BUILDING changed
  10. 10. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox What Penguin hates?
  11. 11. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Google Penguin hates ◦ Low Quality Links ◦ Over Optimized Anchor Text ◦ Keyword Stuffing ◦ Paid Links ◦ Automated Spam Links ◦ Link Directories ◦ Article Directories ◦ Free For All (FFA) EVERYTHING THAT IS EASY AND CHEAP This is unacceptable
  12. 12. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox What Penguin loves?
  13. 13. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Google Penguin likes Penguin likes Natural Links On Topic Links Diversified Anchor Text EVERYTHING THAT IS NATURAL YEAH!
  14. 14. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  15. 15. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox „MAYBE WON’T HELP, BUT WON‘T HARM"
  16. 16. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Cheaper cheaper cheaper CHEAPER CHEAPER CHEAPER CHEAPER CHEAPER CHEAPER
  17. 17. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Link spam tactic Press Releases with over- optimized anchor text
  18. 18. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Link spam tactic Link directory spam and paid sponsor links
  19. 19. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox „strong“ BLOG LINKS
  20. 20. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Link spam tactic Links with optimized anchor text in articles
  21. 21. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Link spam tactic Sidebar links with over-optimized anchor text
  22. 22. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Profile Links roses roses roses roses roses and…
  23. 23. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Link spam tactic Forum signature spam with optimized anchor text
  24. 24. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox@linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  25. 25. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox „HIGH PR“ BLOG POSTS
  26. 26. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  27. 27. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  28. 28. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  29. 29. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  30. 30. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Everybody does that…
  31. 31. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox And then…
  32. 32. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox@linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool What Penguin loves?
  33. 33. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox@linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  34. 34. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox the biggest change Penguin brought
  35. 35. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox past: price per LINK! Price per Link Price per Link Price per Link Price per Link Price per Link Price per Link Price per Link pro Link 11 Cent… COME ON!
  36. 36. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox now: risk per LINK! how might your link harm ?
  37. 37. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox GOOGLE PENGUIN PENALTY
  38. 38. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  39. 39. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  40. 40. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  41. 41. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox NEGATIVE SEO
  42. 42. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  43. 43. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  44. 44. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox What to DO?
  45. 45. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Link Risk Management
  46. 46. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Recover your site from a Google Penalty Protect from new bad backlinks and negative SEO Build Safe links with audited Link Detox Risk Ongoing Link Audit Process
  47. 47. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox with Competitive Link Detox Link Alerts Link Opportunity Review Tool
  48. 48. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Competitors´ strongest safe backlinks
  49. 49. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Competitors´ strongest safe backlinks
  50. 50. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Check your competitors´ new backlinks
  51. 51. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Check your competitors´ new backlinks
  52. 52. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Check risk of your new potential links
  53. 53. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Check risk of your new potential links
  54. 54. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Link Detox modes
  55. 55. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Check your potential backlinks
  56. 56. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Check your potential backlinks
  57. 57. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Link Detox Risk
  58. 58. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox with Disavow File Audit Relaunch Tool = Link Juice Recovery (LJR)
  59. 59. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Disavow File Audit
  60. 60. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Disavow File Audit
  61. 61. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox RECOVER LINK JUICE Website Relaunch Tool = Link Juice Recovery (LJR) ◦ Find links to missing pages ◦ 301 Redirect them in minutes!
  62. 62. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox The Future of Penguin
  63. 63. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox The Future of Penguin ◦ Penguin Everflux ◦ Ongoing Updates ◦ Updates per industry, language, country ◦ No more BIG BANGS ◦ Ongoing risk assessment and cleanup needed
  64. 64. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Interesting News
  65. 65. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox LinkDetoxOne.comEnglish, German, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, Portugese
  66. 66. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox BUZZ - IMPACT
  67. 67. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox BUZZ - IMPACT But also Spammy & Unnatural Links
  68. 68. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Impactana measures Impact (and Buzz of course, too)
  69. 69. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox ◦ Monitor your competition ◦ Learn what works and made an impact ◦ Look at the right numbers ◦ Buzz is distribution, volatile, easy to fake ◦ Impact is the long term effects that we‘re after ◦ Find and use best practices for your content ◦ Reach out to Influencers that made an impact Content Marketing that makes an impact
  70. 70. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  71. 71. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  72. 72. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox
  73. 73. @impactana @cemper @lnkresearchtool @linkdetox Thank you so much! ALL THE LINKS IN HERE