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Trump's decision: The US withdrawal from Paris Agreement


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my summary of Trump's decision: The US withdrawal from Paris Agreement

Published in: Environment
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Trump's decision: The US withdrawal from Paris Agreement

  1. 1. Trump galvanized all opposition fronts in an unprecedented way. Republicans boldly positioned themselves as ’anti-science’. US withdrawal broke a huge fault which triggered a tsunami wave of climate action. US non-state actors openly stands very strong behind the Paris Agreement. The US marginalized itself and sets back from international climate leadership. Litigations and liability claims will hit sky high in the US. Leadership vacuum is started to be filled by others: EU, China, France, Germany already at the cue. Climate action efforts will resume at state and private sector levels in the US. Market forces are at low carbon side. Climate movements gain more ground at all fronts. All over the world… According to Article 28 of the Paris Agreement, the US withdrawal can not happen before 4 Nov 2020. A day "after" the next presidential elections. Trump admin will always be remembered with their historic irresponsibility and their move will be reversed sooner or later. US funding cuts regarding climate science, finance and governance will be compensated by other actors.