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Prop presentation


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Prop presentation

  1. 1. Prop List
  2. 2. For our music video we will useheadphones that have the logo of asuperhero in our performance element ofthe video. This will then link to thenarrative of our music video, whichinvolve the bullied boy turning in to hisown superhero. He will also have logo’s ofother superhero’s on his books and bagto link the two together.
  3. 3. The key in the videowill have to be largerthan a normal keyand moreextravagant. Wewant to do this todraw the audiencesattention to the key,so that they noticewhat the boy isdoing and createsmore suspense ofwhat the key actuallyopens.
  4. 4. The silly string will be usedas a weapon of whichhelps the boy defeat thebullies. At the same time ofthis being a weapon it isalso comic, which goeswith the style of the musicvideo. It makes theviolence in the videoslightly lighter and gets theaudience to take it lessseriously. It is also achildish product, whichhighlights his youth andchildlike imagination ofwhich he creates his ownsuperhero.
  5. 5. The utility belt wehave taken from thesuperhero batman.This links batmanand our music videocharacter togetherand it will be used tostore his weaponsthat he uses todefeat the bullies.
  6. 6. Books will be used toemphasize the bulliespicking on the maincharacter. They alsorepresent a type of escape,as does a superhero. Thissymbolism will link togetherour narrative part of themusic video. Papers andfolders will also be thrownaround by the bullies.
  7. 7. DJ decks will be used for ourperformance element of ourmusic video. We have castsomeone that knows how touse them, so that it looksbelievable. They will also bewearing the superheroheadphones to link theperformance element to thenarrative of the music video.
  8. 8. Desks and chairswill also be used toemphasize themise en scene ofthe classroom. Italso sets the schoolenvironment andsets the type ofages of thecharacters.
  9. 9. The main character will be wearing a backpackwith a superhero logo on it, this will link thenarrative and the performance together, asthe DJ headphones will also have a superherologo on them.
  10. 10. The boy will also have a superherowatch to make him childlike but alsoto adhere to the theme of superhero’sfor our music video.