Britney spears media presentation


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Britney spears media presentation

  1. 1. BritneySpears
  2. 2. Early Life • Was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. • Stared in a Broadway musical called “Ruthless”. • Was also a contestant on the TV show “Star Search”. • She had originally envisioned “Sheryl Crow type music, but younger more adult contemporary" but record producers thought it made more sense for her to produce pop music. • Her first single “Hit me baby one more time” was released when she was only 16 years old. • Her debut album “…Baby one more time” was released early 1999.
  3. 3. Debut album “…Baby one more time” Image• First music video:• “Catholic school girl” image was used for the video suggesting innocence.• Displays a normal teenage girl at school, suggesting to the audience her young age. Also is a simple, typical high school set up which American girls at the time could relate to.• Song peaked at number one and was there for 2 weeks. It is the 25th most successful song of all time in British chart history.• Album sold 26 million copies world wide.
  4. 4. Second album “Opps!...I did it again” Image•• Focus of the music video is her dancing rather than a real narrative.• Male relationship is introduced to the audience, representing her growing up.• More sexualised image, wearing less clothes but reasonably still innocent. • 20 million copies of the album were sold worldwide.
  5. 5. • Third album “Britney” Image• More sexualised image, wearing less clothes. Shows off her body which attracts a male audience which previous songs lacked.• Tattoo representing her growing up and changing the typical “Catholic school girl” image.• Focuses on dancing and shots of her body. Had no narrative, compared to her previous videos that had a vague story line.• Wearing more make up leads audience to focus on her beauty rather than talent. •Transition from “Bubble gum pop” sound to “Teen pop” image. •Album sold 12 million copies worldwide.
  6. 6. Fourth album “In the zone” image•• 3 different hair colours used and 4 different scenes, representing her growing up and changes of personality.• More sexualised as is in almost a see through outfit and shows her playing different roles in men’s fantasy. •Shows a less innocent side and a more a “bad”, “rebellious” and “dangerous” image. •10 million copes of the album sold worldwide.
  7. 7. Fifth Album “Blackout” Image•• Completely destroyed the innocent image that she had before.• Showed her wearing less clothes than ever before and wearing fake tattoos all across her body.• Black hair colours shows the audience a completely different side to what they had seen before and was the first result after she shaved her head.• Song and video represents her come back after her rehab.• The use of the blonde hair represents the image that she used to give off to the media in contrast with the black hair which shows her darker side. • The first line “It’s Britney• Black hair in the video and on bitch” became iconic. the cover represented a whole new image. •Sold 3.1 million copies of the album worldwide.
  8. 8. Sixth album “Circus” Image•• Song had a innuendo that caused controversy.• Video was an attack on the media and showed that what they see is not the truth. Her previous image was displayed at the end of the video with the idea of a perfect family, as she had two kids of her own and her blonde hair identifier.• The use of the news program showed her attack on the media and proved that the image she had been playing was not the truth.• Video has a proves a very sexualised image but more subtle than her previous videos.• See her wearing more clothes as she starts to get older.
  9. 9. Seventh Album “Femme Fatale” Image