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This is a work done by Mayela, a student of the Master´s in Gestalt and her work in Technology.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  2. 2. What materials are differentobjects made from?What is the study of materials inScience? You could call it the study ofstuff! Just about everything you useevery day - the shoes you wear, thedishes you eat from, the CDs youlisten to, the bike or skateboard youride - its all made of different kindsof stuff.Understanding how that stuff is puttogether, how it can be used, how itcan be changed and made better todo more amazing things, evencreating completely new kinds ofstuff: thats what this unit is about.
  3. 3. The teacher needs your help! You’re adetective…Explore materials with these fun activities!In this unit “GROUPING AND CLASSIFYINGMATERIALS” you’ll learn about many things youuse every day! You’ll need a little notebook totake notes and a pen… Elementary! Like SherlockHolmes said.
  4. 4. 1.- Answer the question that you’d find in the introduction.2.- You have to observe 6 objects and write the name of thematerial. If you have doubts ask someone else. Write theanswers in your notebook then draw another object of the samematerial3.- Read the article that you will find in this page . Askyour parents, friends or neighbors to list at least 10 materialsthat they know.4.- Solve this crossword online Print this exercise and fill in the gaps.
  5. 5. 6.- Watch this video (write comments) Choose any object to write a paragraph about the correspondent materialand print it. You may add more information or images. Look at this sample:Text PatternThis _____________ is made of ______________.Many things are made of ____________________.For example: _______________, __________________and__________________.Use one of the materials below:Glass / plastic/ wood /metal / paper / wool
  6. 6. 8.- What’s it made of? Online Wordsearch What is your favorite material? Why? (notebook)10.- What did you learn? (print)
  7. 7. Find out what are the following objects made of…
  8. 8. Activity 1= 1 pointActivity 2= 6 pointsActivity 3 = 10 pointsActivity 5 = 15 pointsActivity 6 = 1 pointsActivity 7 = 6 pointsActivity 9 = 1 pointActivity 10= 10 pointsEXCELLENT VERY GOOD GOOD NEEDSIMPROVEMENTINSUFICIENTPoints40 to 50 31 to 40 21 to 30 11 to 20 10You’re a greatdetective!You might beWatson…Almost there… You can do itbetter!Try harder!