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Internet marketing for baby booomers and beyond w o notes


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Internet marketing for baby booomers and beyond w o notes

  1. 1. Internet Marketing for Baby Boomers and Beyond Think. Do. Review. The Internet made simple.@mahoneyinternet @minetmarketing #thinkdoreview
  2. 2. What do you have in common?• retirement communities• medical rehabilitation center•• an assisted living facility in-home care company or Who are• individual professional Seniors only communities you?• Travel and recreation• Financial services• medical centers and offices• hospitals
  3. 3. Feeling a little... lost, overwhelmed?
  4. 4. Or perhaps have just too much on your plate?
  5. 5. What is this about? • searches done locally last month in relation to hospice care providers: 324,000 • number of results when searching for ‘hospice care providers’: 9,210,000IN the US only: • 40% of Facebook users are over 35 • 23,939,880 between 35-44 • 17,865,100 between 45-54 • 10,838 between 55-64 • 6,450,360 over 65
  6. 6. How to Get Started in 3 Basic Steps
  7. 7. Why
  8. 8. • What are your goals? How willStep 1 you measure the success of those goals?(increased revenue, lower cost per lead, higher conversion rate) • What are the consequences of not reaching those goals? (layoffs, out of business, cut in pay) • What is happening in your industry? • What resources do you have? (time, money, people) • Who is your best customer?
  9. 9. What Some Examples: are 1. Raise visibility and awareness in the overall market by increasing social media reach by X the 2. Drive X more traffic to the website 3. Generate X # of leads for sales 4. Increase new sales by XXX%goals? 5. Cross sell XXX% current XYZ customers 6. Reduce overhead costs by streamlining and automate sales and marketing tasks to maximize sales representatives time.
  10. 10. Goals and Consequences
  11. 11. Industry• What changes are happening in your industry?• Is it more or less competitive?• How is the competition attracting customers?• Where do you stand?
  12. 12. Resources? • Budget= $1500- 5000 per month • Software tools: $250-2000 • Ad spend: $500-1000 • Outside Services= $1000 and up • Time= min 5 hours per week • People= who has the knowledge, experience, or ability to learn within the organization? Who can you collaborate with in sales to align the marketing messaging and report results with?
  13. 13. Your BEST customers (It’s not everyone.)
  14. 14. Step 2 • Wireframe • Design • Development • Content Creation • Social Media • E-commerce • Campaign Creation and launch
  15. 15. Tools & Tactics for Step 2 PPC Advertising Video Plays, Advertising Interactive Video E-commerce CMS, SEO, Social Media monitoring & response, Lead Nurturing, Blogging, Marketing Analytics Forums, Advertising, Networking, SEO SEO, Networking, Customer Service
  16. 16. How will you use the tools?• Online Advertising. Capture immediate low-hanging fruit with targeted online PPC campaigns while building the SEO and social media presence.• SEO. Optimize the current site for target keyword phrases to appear to Google search.• Social Media. Not many are engaging effectively on social media. Social media will enable you to find new customers, connect with current ones, and increase SEO. (Search is now more based on social)• Blogs. Educate consumers with expert advice. Regular blog articles drives traffic with SEO and social media.• Email marketing. Cross sell current customers and nurture new leads with timely follow-up.• Online Video. Convert more traffic with short video to raise awareness and connect with audience.
  17. 17. • Web Traffic SourcesStep 3 • Blog Analytics • SEO Ranking • Social Media Reach • (Campaign) Click Through Rate (CTR) • Conversion Rate (CR) • Cost per Lead (CPL) • Lead to Customer Rate (LCR) • Average Order Value (AOV) • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  18. 18. Tools for Step 3
  19. 19. Testing & Optimization (What’s bad can be good, what’s good can be great...) The goal of education is not just knowledge, but action. It is only through experience that we go from knowledge to understanding. • A/B testing • Multivariate testing
  20. 20. What now?
  21. 21. You can start today.Email me at for an initial marketing audit and consult.Or ask about our private training programs for you, your staff, or your association group.Visit my online calendar and pick a time to chat that works with your schedule: Think. Do. Review. The Internet made simple.