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  1. 1. Celys Irizarry Sepúlveda PO BOX 1662 Boquerón P.R. 00622-1662 Cel. (787)-374-9867/ (787)-375-4059, emails: and Education: 12/2014 Master in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at the UPRM 12/2009 Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering At the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (UPRM) 2002- 03 CROEM student (school specializes in science and math) Special Courses: Environmental Chemistry, Landfill design, Chemistry Applied to Sanitary Engineer & lab., Hydrology, Water treatment & Pollution Control, Seminar (Bioremediation of Oil Spills), Water and Wastewater Treatment, Groundwater, Hydrology, GIS applied to Agriculture & Natural Resources, Physico-Chemical Treatment of Water, Fundamentals of Transport and Remediation in Subsurface Environments, Pollutants Transport and Water Resources Systems. Activities: 2008 Leader of the Environmental Team in the 2008 ASCE Southeastern Conference. 2007 Member of the environmental team in the 2007 ASCE Southeastern Conference. 2007-09 PRWEA member. 2003-05 Community service: leader of a juvenile group. Awards: 6/13-6/14: Intelligent Diagnostics in Aging Civil Infrastructure summer 2011 KC Donnelly Externship by the National Institutes of Health Sciences Superfund Research Program 6/11-5/12 UPRM / DoE-SR Research Scholarship 2008 3th Place Envirosurvey Competition at the 2008 ASCE Southeastern Conference. 2002- 03 3th Place Science Fair, Mayagüez District 2002- 03 2 nd Place Science Fair, Mayagüez Region Experience: 4/2016 American Heart Association, Heartsaver RCP y DEA Certification 2/16- 6/16 Temporary Field Technician, Lead at National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) Domain 04. Research organization founded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) 12/14- 7/15 Research Technician at CECIA, Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German 8/14-10/14 Work at USDA-NRCS, Soil Science Division for the RaCA project in collaboration with UW-Madison. 6/14-11/14 Volunteer at USDA/NRCS, Mayaguez Office in the implementations of Conservation Practices. 12/12-12/ 13 Collection of Groundwater and tap water samples at Northern Coast and karts regions at PR. 3/ 2012 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Construction and General Industry Outreach Training Program 8/11 Participant in the National Pollutant Discharge System (NPDS) Permittees’ Workshop
  2. 2. 6/11- 9/11 Work at the PR Department of Health (PRDoH) and EPA federal agency to collected and categorize historical water quality data. Then, it was analyzed it using ArcGIS tools. 2010-2014 Historical Data Assessment of Contamination and Development of Groundwater Sampling Schemes for Chlorinated VOCs and Phthalates Contamination in the North Coast of Puerto Rico, Using GIS. (PRoTECT – NIEHS by Grant Award Number P42ES017198). 8/10-12/10 General Chemistry Laboratory Instructor 8/10-12/10 Development of a GIS spatial distribution of Patillas and Guamani Irrigation System in Southern Puerto Rico. Advisor: Dr. Luis Perez Alegria. 1/10-5/10 Model the groundwater flow of the lower aquifer system of the Northern Coast of Puerto Rico. Advisor: Dr. Ingrid Padilla. 1/10-5/10 Comprehensive Bio-Utilization of Coffee Processing Wastes. Advisor: Dr. Yang Deng. Funded by the UPRM Bio Science and Engineering Initiative. 8/09-12/09 Synthesis of bimetallic zero iron nanoparticles. Advisor: Dr. Yang Deng. Funded by NSF EPSCoR. 8/09-12/09 Delineates Rio Guanajibo’s Watershed using MapWindows GIS and HEC-HMS. 1/09-8/09 Design of Water Supply, Sewer, Storm Water, and Flood Control Systems of a site development and prepare an Environmental Evaluation permit. Advisor: Prof. Ismael Pagan Trinidad. 8/07-04/08 Evaluated possible sites for the construction of a well, 2008 ASCE Southeastern Conference. Advisor: Eng. Eileen Rivera Summer 2008 Worked at CCG Company doing research and creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Calibration of Water Quality Equipments following regulatory rules and QA and QC of the EPA and other environmental agencies that regulates the Calibration Procedures. 8/06-04/07 Design, development, and construction of water purification filter using common kitchen utensils at the 2007 ASCE Southeastern Conference, University of Tennessee-Knoxville 8/02-5/03 Mayaguez District and Regional Science Fair. Research about: The effects of coffee wastewater when discharged to a river or body of water 1997- 08 Administrator of a family Guest House. Abilities: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, AutoCAD, SurvCADD, Power Point, Eagle Point, EpaNet, MapWindow GIS, Arc GIS, HEC-HMS, Visual Modflow, QUAL2K and InfoStat (IS). Handle survey equipment’s like Total Station, Trimble and Garmin GPS, Level, Rode, Inclinometer, Compass, Measure Wheel and Altimeter. Perform pH, Turbidity, Color, Absorbance UV, Hardness test, Specific Conductance, COD, DO, Acidity,
  3. 3. Alkalinity Residual and Total Chlorine tests and use multi- parameters like Hydro-lab. Collect CVOCs, Phthalate, Anions, Cations and PCPs samples at groundwater and tap water sites. Collects samples for TC/Ent Indicators, Nutrients, pH, Turbidity, Cryptosporidium Filtration, Salmonella; Free and Total Chlorine in distribution systems and source surface water. References: Available upon request