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Seven Steps To PMP Certification


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Seven Steps To PMP Certification

  1. 1. Seven Steps to PMPA. Pre- Requites for PMP:To obtain the PMP credential, you must first demonstrate that you are eligible by meeting thefollowing eligibility requirements.1) Category 1:" Baccalaureate / equivalent university degree." 4,500 hours of Project Management Experience. 3 years of Project Management experience within thepast three year period prior to the application, 36 unique (nonoverlapping) Months of ProjectManagement experience." 35 contact hours or Project Management education." Exam Fee-Non-members of PMI: $555." Exam Fee -Members of PMI: $ 405 (for being a Member - $129).2) Category 2:" High school diploma / equivalent secondary school credential." 7,500 hours of Project Management Experience. Five years of Project Management experience withinthe past eight- year period prior to the application. 60 unique (nonoverlapping) Months of projectmanagement experience." 35 contact hours of Project Management education." Exam Fee -Non-members of PMI: $555" Exam Fee -Members of PMI: $ 405(for being a Member - $129).B. Benefits of certifications are as follows:1. Recognition and Promotion within the organization you are working as Organizations todayare striving to get certified Professionals in Project Management to keep up with the competitors2. Worldwide Recognition as PMP® has been ranked as the 4th hottest certifications amongst allcertifications in 2006 according to a recent study done by www.certcities.com3. Client Worldwide prefer certified project managers for their projects as such employers tooare interested to get Certified PMP’s.
  2. 2. 4. PMP’s are getting the best salary in the world and you can do a salary survey too to see theresults.Let me tell you the STEPS towards PMP Certification so that you are fullyaware of the process:STEP 1: Attend a 35 Contact Hours Project Management Training program - Celtem 4 Days workshopfees Rs 12,000+ tax (Early Bird Discount: Rs.11,500 all inclusive of taxes for per participantsSTEP 2: We provide you with an attendance certificate which will give you 35 Contact Hours Credit –This is mandatory before you can go for PMP Examination.STEP 3: (OPTIONAL STEP) Get a PMI Membership online through PMI website - Fees $129 (Paymentthrough Credit Card)STEP 4: Apply for PMP Examination Online through PMI Website: Offline support would beprovided by Celtem Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.STEP 5: PMI will send you an approval email confirming that your application has been approved(but just keep in mind that it may still go through audit process). You get a one year window fromthe approval date to appear for the PMP Exam.You go back to the PMI Website and login with an id provided to you and password and makean online payment as given below:PMP EXAM FEE FOR NON PMI MEMBERS - $ 555PMP EXAM FEE FOR PMI MEMBERS - $ 405STEP 6: Now you have to find a PROMETRIC CENTER nearest to your location and schedule yourexamination. You can go to and find the nearest PROMETRIC CENTER. Get your 4hour slot exam day / slot booked so that you can appear for the examination (A prometric center inBangalore also)STEP 7: You go to the PROMETRIC CENTER AND GIVE THE EXAM - RESULTS ARE GIVEN AFTER THEEXAM. There are 200 questions out of which 25 are PRE-TEST Questions. Scoring will be done on175 questions and you will need to score at least 106 to get through. Questions are of multiplechoice types and there is no negative marking.Preparing for the exam!!Our four-day PMP® Exam Prep Workshop is based on:" PMBOK® Guide-Fouth Edition, Version 2004 covers all 5 Process Groups," 9 Knowledge Areas" 42 Processes of Project ManagementThis four-day workshop prepares PMP aspirants for PMP® certification exam and empowers ProjectManagers to achieve successful & predictable project deliveries by adopting best practices in project
  3. 3. management.For effective learning experience, we have designed a ‘Learning Kit’ which includes:- Project Management Handbook for PMP® Prep- Project Management Workbook (Participants will do exercises on case-study with projectmanagement templates)Classroom Simulation Exams" Tests on each session" Exam Simulation CD with Question Bank" 35-Contact Hours Certificate (A pre-requisite for appearing PMP® certification examination)These things will help the PMP aspirants in getting through the PMP certification exam, but alongwith that the participants should be dedicated towards gaining this knowledge and updatingthemselves in PM domain.The total time of preparation required varies depending on the experience and prior knowledge ofthe different students. Ideally, the participant should be able to prepare for the PMP Certificationexam with 35 hours of training from the workshop and with a good clarity over the concepts.The training program will be covering the entire aspects of the certification exam-explaining eachstep and also the steps to face the exam successfully. We have a success rate of 94% in PMP exams!REGISTRATION PROCESS: You can register online at