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Business Olympics 2012 Training Materials (Hennings/Elsesser)


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Business Olympics 2012 Training Materials (Hennings/Elsesser)

  1. 1. Your Guide to Business Olympics:Dress, S.W.O.T, Sales Pitch, & PwrPt.! Mr. Elsesser Mr. Hennings November 19, 2012
  2. 2. Mrs. Coloe Guest Presenter &Fashion Extraordinaire
  3. 3. • Judges will be grading your appearance• You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Your grooming and dress are important to putting your best foot forward.• You might want to coordinate your dress with your team members
  4. 4. • Suit with skirt appropriate length, no miniskirts• Pants suit or skirt with blouse and blazer• Pumps or appropriate business-like shoes, closed toe and low heel• Stockings• Minimal jewelry• Don’t overdo perfume• NO flip flops, sandals, sneakers, jeans, short skirts, jogging suits, tank tops, revealing clothing.
  5. 5. • Business suit• Dress pants, shirt and tie, no bowties• Dress shoes, dress socks• Belt should match shoes• Make sure dress shirt is neatly pressed• Make sure you are clean shavenNo hats, sneakers, t-shirts or jeans
  6. 6. Last Minute Fashion Tips• Make sure to try on your outfit BEFORE the event. If your clothing is too tight or too loose, don’t wear it.• Remember your clothes are your image, check the mirror and see what the judges will see
  7. 7. The Marketing Mix
  8. 8. The Marketing Mix (4 P’s of your Marketing Plan)•The Product • What is your product/service?•The Price • What are you selling it for? • Why did you choose that price point?•The Place • Where will your product be available? • How will you distribute your product?•The Promotion • How will you showcase/promote your idea?
  9. 9. ALL About S.W.O.T.• What is S.W.O.T? – Technique used for identifying and understanding: • Strengths • Weaknesses • Threats • Opportunities• Why do marketers use it? – Uncovers opportunities that can put you over the top. – By understanding the weaknesses of your business or product, you can manage and eliminate threats that could “sink your ship.”• So the bottom line is… – You can use the framework to craft strategies that can enable you to distinguish yourself from competitors and be able to conquer your market.
  10. 10. How to Use S.W.O.T.• Strengths: – What advantages does your product feature (that others do not)? – What do you do to perfection (core competency/advantage)? – What do people in your market (or product users) see as your most intriguing feature(s)?• Weaknesses: – What are people in your market (or product users) most likely upset about (or wish was different)? – Which areas are lacking? (What could be improved?) – What should you avoid? – What factors make lose you sales (or make your product users not buy and turn to a competitor’s product)?
  11. 11. How to Use S.W.O.T• Opportunities: – Where/What could be good opportunities facing you? – What were some of the things that happened that could be further expanded and/or developed? – Do any of your strengths open up new possibilities or opportunities for your product/business? – Can you create any opportunities by eliminating any of your weaknesses?• Threats: – What obstacles/challenges are you facing? – What is your competition doing that you should be worried about? (What are the alternatives to doing nothing?) – Could any of your weaknesses seriously threaten your business?
  12. 12. End Result of S. W. O. T.How can this help your product?
  13. 13. Closing The Deal!!!
  14. 14. The Sales Pitch1-2 minute pitch of your idea to get investorsinterested!• “Elevator Pitch”• Should include an “infomercial-style” commercial… think QVC or HSN – Provide product benefits – Be humorous but appropriate – Remember who your audience is – Everyone should be involved
  15. 15. All About The Sales Pitch… IS… IS NOT…• Your “last-ditch” effort • A typical product-centric to get your investors television/radio to react commercial• Short, clear, concise, a • A “media” presentation nd to-the-point • A speech that describes your products features• Packed with features and calls for NO and benefits of the product ACTION by your audience.
  16. 16. An Example of a BAD Sales Pitch
  17. 17. The Elements of a GOOD Sales Pitch
  18. 18. How To Conduct anELEVATOR SPEECH
  19. 19. DON’T
  20. 20. BaseballBaseball is a bat-and-ball sport played betweentwo teams of nine players each. The goal is toscore runs by hitting a thrown ball with a bat andtouching a series of four bases arranged at thecorners of a ninety-foot square, or diamond.Players on one team take turns hitting againstthe pitcher of the other team , which tries to stopthem from scoring runs by getting hitters out inany of several ways. A player on the batting teamcan stop at any of the bases and later advancevia a teammates hit or other means. The teamsswitch between batting and fielding whenever thefielding team records three outs. One turn at batfor each team constitutes an inning; nine inningsmake up a professional game. The team with themost runs at the end of the game wins.
  21. 21. DO
  22. 22. Baseball• A sport played with – Bat-and-Ball – 2 teams of nine players each.• The Goal: – Score runs • Hitting a thrown ball with a bat • Touching a series of four bases • Have the most runs at the end of 9 innings – Get 3 outs per inning
  23. 23. Baseball• How to Play: – Teams take turns hitting and pitching against each other – Players advance through the bases and end at home plate. • Hits • Walks • Steals • Other Rules – Switch between batting and fielding every 3 outs • Each turn equals 1 inning played • Nine innings make up a professional game.
  24. 24. DON’T
  25. 25. •Started training at the age of 16 at Dance Impressions and The Dance Zone•Had a previous background in gymnastics•Training consists of jazz, ballet, contemporary, and gymnastics, with some experience in hiphop, modern, tap, and theater•Favorite dance style is contemporary•Backup role on the hit film High School Musical•Johnson was paired up with Dominic•Only in the bottom two one week•Praised for her passion, enthusiasm, talent, personality, strong dancing and versatility in the differentroutines•First woman to win the show
  26. 26. DO
  27. 27. SABRA JOHNSON SEASON THREE WINNER• Background – Started training at the age of 16 at Dance Impressions and The Dance Zone – Used to do gymnastics – Experienced in jazz, ballet, contemporary, and gymnastics, with some experience in hip hop, modern, tap, and theater – Favorite dance style is contemporary
  28. 28. SABRA JOHNSON SEASON THREE WINNER• On Dance with the Stars: – Johnson was paired up with Dominic – Only in the bottom two one week – Praised for her passion, enthusiasm, talent, personality, strong dancing and versatility in the different routines – First woman to win the show
  29. 29. The Bottom Line• Don’t over do it• Be concise – Speak to the points!• Spread out your information between slides• Choose colors, pictures, animation wisely
  30. 30. We are here to help! Shark Tank• E-mail us Anytime! – – –