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Schengen visitor visa


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Schengen visitor visa

  1. 1. Schengen Visitor Visa (source: Manila Visa)A Schengen visitor visa has similar functions as the tourist and business visas. Their onlydifference stems from the fact that a visitor visa is issued to relatives, friends and acquaintance ofpermanent residents or citizens of a Schengen territory.Visitor visa applicants are relieved from the burden of showing evidence of their financialresources and accommodation because sponsorships are allowed.SponsorshipFor sponsorships, the sponsors are usually required to provide an invitation letter or a declarationof commitment. Either of the two can be presented. However, the declaration of commitment isgiven more weight when issuing an approval. Here, the sponsor makes a pact with theirgovernment. They ensure that their beneficiary shall not depend on public funds for financialsupport or accommodation. Although, there are certain Schengen territories where only aninvitation is requested.While sponsorship is allowed, the visitor visa does not grant permanent residency. Neither doesit allow its holder to settle in a Schengen territory.Basic requirementsThe requirements needed for the application are the following:  Valid passport  Passport photos  Proof of sufficient financial means and accommodation  Declaration of commitment or invitation letter,  Detailed itinerary  Proof of relationship between the sponsor and petitioner  Travel insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000Financial resourcesAlthough sponsors can take care of their beneficiary’s expenses, the latter must alsodemonstrate that they can support themselves. This will strengthen the application and removesthe impression of total dependency to the sponsor.
  2. 2. The travel insurance is also an important requirement that should not be disregarded. Its absencemay lead to an immediate denial.Plane tickets and hotel accommodationIf accommodation is not provided by the sponsor, applicants simply need to present areservation. The same rule applies to plane tickets. Embassies are not responsible for anyexpenses acquired prior to the release of the visa decision.Visit Philippines VISA for More info about Immigration and VISA