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Why You Should Have a Digital Marketing Strategy? | Web Brain InfoTech


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You should have a digital marketing strategy for your online business to increase your business ROI and engage your potential customers. We provide best internet marketing services at best prices. Hire us to run your campaign. Contact at +91-782-774-2414.

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Why You Should Have a Digital Marketing Strategy? | Web Brain InfoTech

  1. 1. Why You Should Have a Digital Marketing Strategy Are you looking to start your online business?  Looking to get customers from the virtual world? If your answer is YES then it's time to pick best digital marketing company to give you best results with your online business. The digital marketing can bring you more customers than the traditional marketing or running your business just for your regular customers while ample of customers waiting for you to contact them on Search Engines.
  2. 2. 7827742414 m Design a Successful Digital marketing Campaign forYour Business We believe in structured strategies to make a customer cycle for Businesses (New Customers and Returning Customers). Unlike other companies, we don’t just focus on traditional SEO strategies but follow the proven methods.
  3. 3. 7827742414 m What is Digital Marketing? • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Online Ads (PPC/CPM) • Email Marketing • Social Media • Conversion Optimization • Data Analysis
  4. 4. 7827742414 m Our Digital Marketing Services Include: • On page Optimization: To make website more Google friendly, User friendly and fix all the errors those Google don’t like. • Off Page Optimization: To promote website in the virtual world with Blogs, Articles, Press releases,Typographic Images, Brand Images, Image Blogs, Offers, Celebrations etc. • Content Marketing: To promote website with engaging content on Business Directories, Forums, Business portals, Social Media Profiles. • Branding: To brand the business with typographic images, News, offers Reviews, Reputation Managements, and Query Replies etc.
  5. 5. 7827742414 m • Social Media Promotion: The social Media Promotion includes the regular Snippets and micro blogs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora etc. • Loading Speed: To decrease the loading speed of the website so it will open quickly on the users end. It will also decrease the bounce rate of visitors. • Bounce Rate: To keep an eye on the Google Analytics accounts and Google Webmaster Accounts to check every aspect that cause bounce rate and work to reduce it.
  6. 6. 7827742414 m What is SEO? • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • The efforts revolving around trying to get a site/page to show up (rank) or increase rank within a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  7. 7. 7827742414 m SERP 1 2 3 4 Shopping Images
  8. 8. 7827742414 m SEO vs PPC PPC SEO
  9. 9. 7827742414 m SERP a bit deeper SEO Search phrase in the title of the page
  10. 10. 7827742414 m Result Elements Title URL Description
  11. 11. 7827742414 m Which do you use?
  12. 12. 7827742414 m Why is Google the best?
  13. 13. 7827742414 m History of Search • Lycos, Dogpile, Excite • Altavista circa 1995 • Google circa 1998/2000 The authority algorithm
  14. 14. 7827742414 m SEO Ranking Factors 45% 10% 45% Content Code Links/Social
  15. 15. 7827742414 m Code
  16. 16. 7827742414 m Code • No Tables • Fast • Semantic Code • Hierarchical
  17. 17. 7827742414 m Specific Code • Meta Keywords • Title • Meta Description
  18. 18. 7827742414 m Content
  19. 19. 7827742414 m Keywords • User terms vs marketing terms • Often Questions • Title a page and write to it • EX: Keyword “Adopt a Pet” • Where can I Adopt a Pet?
  20. 20. 7827742414 m The King of On-Page • <Title> • URL • <h1>
  21. 21. 7827742414 m Other important Locations • <h2>,<h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6> • <img src=”keyword” /> • <img alt=”keyword” /> • <li>keyword</li> • <b>, <strong>, <i>, <em> • <p>keyword</p>
  22. 22. 7827742414 m Links/Social
  23. 23. 7827742414 m Back to Authority • Popular/Authoritative sites are worth more • Very difficult, any easy/paid link strategies get found out
  24. 24. 7827742414 m Social is the new player • Shares • Likes • Comments • Followers • RTs/Mentions • Links
  25. 25. 7827742414 m Authority Still Matters • A mention or a follow from an influencer will do more than a mention or a follow from me
  26. 26. 7827742414 m SEO Ranking Factors
  27. 27. 7827742414 m Remember, SEO has a place SEO SocialLinks EmailWOMOffline Ads
  28. 28. 7827742414 m Questions? We’re Hiring!
  29. 29. 7827742414 m Contact us  today to know more about our Internet Marketing Services
  30. 30. 7827742414 m Dist r ibut ed by Web Brain I nf oTech Media Cont act : Company Name: Web Br ain I nf oTech Cont act Person: Rahul Email: inf o@webbraininf ot Phone: +91-782-774-2414 Address: 40, 1st Floor , Hasanpur Village Cit y: New Delhi St at e: Delhi Count r y: I ndia Websit e: www.webbraininf ot