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Tips to Optimize Local Business and Get More with Google


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Local audience is the key to success in local market and this is not possible without having best local optimized SEO Services. We help you to optimize your website locally and boost your local sales. Call at +91-782-774-2414 today or e-mail at

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Tips to Optimize Local Business and Get More with Google

  1. 1. An SEO PresentationAn SEO Presentation By Rahul Kumar
  2. 2. Tips to Optimize Local Business and Get More with Google To reach out more to your local audience is really a tricky job. You will have to put your extra attention in doing some local optimization work for your business. I am back here with some local business works and how local business can get more out of Google.   Google Places for Business is one of the best services of Google that helps business owners to add information's about their services, contact information's with geographical locations. This helps business owners to reach more to local audience and let them update about business services and more.
  3. 3. 1. Optimize Your Google My Business. 2. Go with PRO. 3. Get listed in the other top local directories like. 4. Link Building for your Local Keywords. 5. Local Marketing on Facebook.
  4. 4. 1. Optimize Your Google My Business 1. Optimize Your Google My Business: It allows users to easily find information about your services through Google Search and Maps. You can claim & manage your business page easily. The one of the best part is. It is free optimization work. You won’t have to pay to anyone a single amount. You will have to only follow Google Places Quality Guidelines. Browse more about the quality guidelines by visiting hl=en.
  5. 5. Key terms to optimize your Google My Business Page: A. Be sure that you represent your business and you have all authority to manage the Page. B. Put your correct details there. C. Put your address with your Street with correct postal codes. D. Choose your category wisely. E. If possible put some reviews by telling your customers that if he/she really satisfied with service. F. Write Meaningful Descriptions. G. Include Rich Content.
  6. 6. 2. Go with PRO 2. Go with PRO: Create Call Only Campaign with your Google My Business Page and you will easily find to your local users. Ad words may be in your list or not but to go with Google PRO to My Business Page will sure give you many chances to get connect with your local users.   May be you know or not but the fact is 70% Mobile users directly go with call option and give you a call once they will find you in Google.
  7. 7. 3. Get listed in the other top local directories like A. Yelp B. Bing Local C. Yahoo Local D. Best of the Web E. Hotfrog F. Foursquare, etc websites.
  8. 8. 4. Link Building for your Local Keywords 4. Link Building for your Local Keywords: Once you are okay with your local business listing on many local directories then don’t forget to do some link building work for your local keywords. Take back links from: A.Related Local Business. B.Local Bloggers. C.Competitor Back links. D.Participate in Local Events. E.Local Charities.
  9. 9. 5. Local Marketing on Facebook 5. Local Marketing on Face book will too help you lot in reaching to your local audience. Be sure to optimize your business and put your correct details there. These are some basic and major terms to do local business works. If I missed some point then please put your valuable comment and let me update too. I will sure work on it and improve the post with rich contents.
  10. 10. Facebook Marketing
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