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Cellulosetek Presentation

CelluloseTek Process and Product

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Cellulosetek Presentation

  1. 1. Property of CelluloseTek LLC 1
  2. 2. Manufacturing Process ComparisonConventional Polymer Application CRF Fertilizer CelluloseTek Fertilizer Deposition Customized Film Customized CRF polymer film Property of CelluloseTek LLC 2
  3. 3. Process Description Polymer & Coating1. Highly customized polymer film2. Ability to coat a precise thickness3. Wide selection of polymers (recycled PE to PLA)4. Uniform coating thickness5. Multiple polymers in single coating layer6. 1%-20% coating in one go (no repetition)7. Biodegradation additives can be incorporated Manufacturing 1. High Speed continuous manufacturing 2. No solvent /no emission 3. Customized NPK+micro 4. Easy to scale up or add capacities Property of CelluloseTek LLC 3
  4. 4. Products CRF in Granular form Product Features1. Highly customized release rates2. Uniform coating thickness: Predictable release3. Blendable free flowing granules Property of CelluloseTek LLC 4
  5. 5. Products EZ Value Added CRF Product Features 1. Mulch with inbuilt CRF 2. Provides weeds control 3. Preserve Moisture 4. Zero fertilizer loss to non-target areas 5. Precise amount: no accidental over application 6. Easy to apply (premeasured amount) 7. Top dressed CRF that acts as incorporated 8. Low cost Application Nursery crops, CommercialVegetables, home gardening Property of CelluloseTek LLC 5