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Growing a uk cell therapy industry delivering health & wealth, presentation by Cell Therapy Catapult Chief Business Officer Matthew Durdy


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Matthew Durdy, Chief Business Officer discusses the role and work of the Cell Therapy Catapult

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Growing a uk cell therapy industry delivering health & wealth, presentation by Cell Therapy Catapult Chief Business Officer Matthew Durdy

  1. 1. Growing a UK Cell Therapy Industry Delivering Health & Wealth Matthew Durdy, Chief Business Officer December 2013 Catapult is a Technology Strategy Board programme
  2. 2. The Cell Therapy (and Regenerative Medicine) Opportunity *US Market data •  •  •  •  •  • 2
  3. 3. Why a Catapult? •  Learning •  Excellence •  Leadership •  Efficiency •  Risk taking 3
  4. 4. Assets -Facilities and Teams •  Facilities •  Business Team •  Business development Capacity for 80-100 people •  Health economics •  Clinical research cluster •  Business models •  Global location •  1200 sq m on 12th floor •  •  Translational Labs and Team •  Process development •  Analytical development •  GMP process proving •  Clinical Trial and Regulatory Team •  Regulatory •  Clinical operations 4
  5. 5. Management Team and Board Keith Thompson Chief Executive (Director, Scottish National Blood transfusion Service, Serologicals) Dr John Brown, CBE, FRSE Chairman BTG plc, Acambis, CAT Dr Natalie Mount Dr Stephen Ward Chief Clinical Officer (Director Pfizer, Neusentis. Cambridge, UCL) Chief Operating Officer (Director, Stabilitech, Onyvax. Southampton, Imperial) Matthew Durdy Chief Business Officer (Director, Aqix, Biotec, CDC. Oxford, Chicago) Professor Johan Hyllner Chief Scientific Officer (Director, Cellectis, Cellartis, Vitrolife) Headcount: 65 Professor Marc Turner Non-executive Director Edinburgh, SNBTS Professor Michael Whitaker Non-executive Director NE Stem Cell Institute Tim Edwards Non-executive Director Chairman, Bio Industry Association Dr Zahid Latif Non-executive Director Technology Strategy Board Nick Higgins Non-executive Director Consort Medical, Intercytec 22/11/2013 5
  6. 6. Catapult Themes Risk Catapult is a Technology Strategy Board programme
  7. 7. Management of Perceived Risk Example Nature Solution EU Regulation Not Understood Expert Advice Economics Not Clear Prepare Data GMP Not done Expert partner Therapy Not proven Share Risk? 7
  8. 8. Catapult Themes Funding Catapult is a Technology Strategy Board programme
  9. 9. Commercial Development Plan ? Start Commercial Development Plan Tasks •  Innovation •  Quality •  Data Product •  Substance •  Process •  Regulation •  Information Group •  Identity •  Quantity •  Diagnostic Need •  Patient •  Clinician •  Payer •  Seller 9
  10. 10. Funding for cell therapy in the UK Govt. Support Medical Charities Commercial Development Plan Financial Investment Corporate Venturing 10
  11. 11. Successful commercialization depends on both regulatory approval and optimal market access Quality Safety Efficacy REGULATORY APPROVAL 11 Comparative Clinical & CostEffectiveness; Budget Impact MARKET ACCESS
  12. 12. Lab - Pilot - Scale Catapult Multi Functional development Pod Commercial Scale Catapult GMP Proving Lab T e c h t r a n sf e r 12
  13. 13. Collaboration 1+1 = 3 Client knowledge + Expert capabilities = Better outcome Up to 80% UK Technology Strategy Board Funding available for collaboration with SME Partner Project Input Funding Ratio TSB Grant SME £1m 60% £0.6m Catapult £1m 100% £1.0m Total £2m £1.6m 80%
  14. 14. Sharing the outputs and opportunities 14
  15. 15. Partners •  Cooperation on manufacturing platforms •  Project sourcing and funding •  International collaboration 15
  16. 16. Project Examples •  Share of expertise •  Support for in house projects •  New delivery device to reduce injection pain •  Phase 2 clinical trials •  Scale up, Assays, Freezing and distribution of cells Large Cap Company •  Manufacturing partner, Regulatory, Clinical trial design and delivery •  Immunomodulation •  Regulatory, Clinical trial design, business models 16
  17. 17. Activities Proof of Principle •  Scientific, clinical, regulatory, commercial Non-clinical •  Safety, toxicology, GMP proving, assays Suitability •  Commercial Development Plan Clinical •  Safety and efficacy, investible data Platform •  Generic issues and large collaborations 17
  18. 18. Working models and finance Nature of project Paid for by: Carried out by: Ownership of outputs Finance Core Project Catapult Catapult Catapult £70m/ 5 years Contracted Development Client Catapult Client £10m/ Per year Grant or Catapult and partner Catapult and partner Outputs shared Industry Collaboration £10m/ Per year 18
  19. 19. Gateway Criteria
  20. 20. Building the portfolio hESC Blood Bone & Cartilage Cardiovascular Dermatology/Wound Healing Diabetes Gastroenterology Immunology Liver Metabolic Neurological Oncology Ophthalmology Respiratory Other iPS MSC Immune Cell Other Somatic
  21. 21. Outputs Life changing therapies Investible propositions Industry changing innovation Skilled leaders UK leadership
  22. 22. Summary: The Cell Therapy Catapult Strong first year of growth Matthew Durdy Laboratories and teams up and running, 60+ Twitter: @CTCatapult Large and small collaborations Global interaction Industry success is our success
  23. 23. Researchers Industry Cell Therapy Catapult NHS Catapult is a Technology Strategy Board programme Investment