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Signal's Alice Herbison @ Drupal Camp Scotland 2018


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Signal's UX Designer Alice Herbison was asked to speak at this year's Drupal Camp Scotland, on the topic of how user research can be used throughout the project lifecycle. Missed it? You can check out the slides here.

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Signal's Alice Herbison @ Drupal Camp Scotland 2018

  1. 1. UX research throughout the project lifecycle
  2. 2. @alicegherbison
  3. 3. some helpful methods of investigation when they can be used on a project the kind of impact research can have
  6. 6. our assumption charity user = website user
  7. 7. research goal
  8. 8. research goal = what role does the website play in the lives of the people the charity helps?
  9. 9. never visited website got all information from Facebook mostly used phones to go online
  10. 10. collect assumptions set research goal use research to validate
  11. 11. no way we would have known true behaviour otherwise
  12. 12. tree testing
  13. 13. Tree Jack
  14. 14. TREE JACK
  15. 15. TREE JACK
  16. 16. have something to validate reach people remotely want to ignore UI get quick stats and robust sample size
  17. 17. THE DENTIST
  18. 18. research goal = 1. develop a deeper understanding of end user needs and expectations (and any localised differences) through direct and indirect feedback 2. identify and prioritise business needs
  19. 19. why does speaking with staff count as user research?
  20. 20. staff interviews
  21. 21. contact page giving wrong impression practice pages not highlighting NHS CMS setup makes updating difficult
  22. 22. speaking to staff can identify user needs
  24. 24. 39 key questions ?
  25. 25. things to fix explore further opportunities reassurance JIRA & prioritise UX team client to explore client happy
  26. 26. prioritised updates
  27. 27. contextual interviews tree testing usability tests staff interviews
  28. 28. stops you aligning design and content with the wrong user group check your IA is suitable find ways to improve higher level business processes and workflows lets business prioritise change
  29. 29. make things better
  30. 30. thank you!